This is the last chapter! I hope you enjoyed it!

Blaine got up, holding Finn's hand to pull him to his feet, and he didn't let go of him until they were both in the shower, and Finn couldn't believe how adorable a simple gesture like this could be. For the second time that day, he was overwhelmed by a deep feeling that could only be love.

Blaine turned the shower on, letting water fall over him, leaving him wet and slick and so attractive. He put both hands on Finn's ass to pull him closer, under the shower head. Their bodies were pressed together, their cocks brushing against each other, and Finn couldn't get hard again this soon, but it wouldn't take him much longer.

Water droplets clung to every curl of Blaine's hair, falling off to get lost on his chest, tracing every muscle, and this one drop there was resting on Blaine's bottom lip, begging Finn to lick it off.

Finn grabbed Blaine's face in his hands and leaned down to kiss him, noticing that Blaine had to stand on tiptoes to do so. Blaine's tongue was warm against his, and the kiss was slow – they were taking their time to explore and taste each other now that they weren't in such a hurry, now that they weren't missing each other so much.

Finn let go of Blaine's face, letting his fingers run from his neck to the curve of his ass, following the shivers he was provoking down Blaine's spine. Blaine gasped in Finn's mouth, digging his fingertips in Finn's skin. Loving the reactions, Finn kept going, gently teasing him by caressing the small of his back, not quite touching his ass.

Blaine bit on Finn's lower lip, letting out a deep moan.

"Finn, you're driving me crazy... Please, I want you so much..."

Finn chuckled. "Already up for round two?"

Blaine pressed his body against Finn's, to make him feel his arousal. Finn nibbled on his ear, loving how easily he could tease him.

"Tell me what you want," he whispered in Blaine's ear.

Blaine moaned. "I want you... in me," he said softly.

Finn couldn't stop the look of disbelief that appeared on his face. Noticing it, Blaine looked away, obviously embarrassed.

"Sorry, I – I shouldn't have, I know it's too soon," he said, stepping back.

"No – no, it's alright!" Finn exclaimed. "It's just, I've never done this before, I don't know how –"

"I'll guide you through it," Blaine said with a reassuring smile.

"Have you ever –?"

"No, but I've read about it, and I've tried – I mean, alone."

Finn felt a burst of arousal go through his body at the thought. He pulled Blaine closer and groaned in his neck:

"So what are we waiting for?"

Blaine chuckled.

"Maybe it's best not to try this in the shower, at least for the first time."

Finn reached over Blaine's shoulder to stop the water. Grabbing Blaine's hand, he got out of the shower, and headed to Blaine's room, leaving a wet trail behind them – he was in too much of a hurry to bother with towels.

He dropped down on the messy bed, pulling Blaine on top of him, and kissed him hungrily. Finn was so turned on his hips were bucking up by themselves. His painfully hard cock brushed against Blaine, who took a sharp breath.

"Finn, I – I need you, now," he moaned.

Finn could barely stop shaking at the thought of what they were about to do.

"Tell me what I have to do," he whispered.

Blaine rolled to his side to reach into his night table, taking a bottle and a small box from the top drawer. Lying on his back, he took Finn's right hand and coated three of his fingers with lube from the bottle. He kissed Finn tenderly before looking at him calmly.

"Try with just a finger first," he said softly.

Finn probably looked totally panicked, because Blaine stroked his cheek slowly.

"Don't worry, you'll be great."

"I don't wanna hurt you."

"If it hurts, I'll tell you, and we'll stop. Don't worry; just do what I say, okay?"

Finn nodded and took a deep breath. Propping himself up on an elbow, he felt his way down, trying to ignore the fear building inside of him.

At last, he felt something different under his touch.

"There it is," Blaine whispered. "You need to enter slowly."

Finn pushed his middle finger slowly against the tight ring of muscle, until he felt it loosening up. He pushed a little more, until the tip of his finger was in, and stopped as Blaine drew in a sharp breath.

"Are you okay?" Finn asked, panicked. He was trying to think of what he'd done wrong when Blaine answered.

"Yeah, it just takes a little getting used to. Go on, still slow."

Finn tried to calm down and slowly pressed his finger further in the tight entrance. Half his finger was now in and Blaine looked like he was now used to the intrusion. Finn pushed until his whole finger was buried inside, making Blaine moan.

"Alright?" Finn whispered.

Blaine nodded before leaning up to kiss him.

"Try moving it."

Finn wriggled his finger in the tight space as much as he could, which wasn't much since Blaine wasn't stretched enough. After a while, Finn's finger could move a bit more freely, and Blaine seemed to enjoy it a lot.

"Add another," he panted in Finn's ear.

Finn added more lube on his index finger to make sure, and took out his middle finger before pushing both of them back in. Finn gasped at the same time as Blaine: he was amazed by the tightness around his fingers. He could barely move them and he actually wondered how his cock was even supposed to fit in there.

Trying to move his fingers, he pushed them further in, and brushed something that made Blaine moan and buck his hips.

"Are you okay?" Finn asked, worried.

Blaine panted so much he had trouble answering.

"Yeah – that spot there, again, more, I need – "

"Here?" Finn asked, teasing the spot he'd found.

Blaine arched his back, grabbing Finn's shoulders. His head was thrown back on the pillow, his eyes were shut and he was repeating yesyesyes over and over again.

Finn knew enough about gay sex to know that he'd probably found Blaine's prostate, and judging by his reactions, he should probably stop if he didn't want him to come before they'd actually done anything.

As much as he loved seeing Blaine like this, he pulled his fingers out. Blaine whined at the loss, falling back on the bed. Finn kissed him softly while he coated a third finger in lube. He pushed the three of them back in and moved them around, to make sure Blaine was stretched widely enough.

He still doubted his cock could fit in there, but he decided he'd have to trust Blaine who was now clinging to his neck, telling him it would do.

He stroked Blaine's prostate a few more times before taking his fingers out, to turn him on even more. As soon as his fingers were out, Finn froze. This was it, the big moment. Blaine was all ready for him – almost begging Finn to take him – and now Finn didn't know if he could do it. He was scared, because he didn't want to hurt Blaine, but also because everything about it was unknown. He'd never done anything like it. The last time his dick was in something that wasn't a mouth or a hand was with Santana – and okay, he did not need to think about it right now.

He had to get back in the moment.

He looked deep in Blaine's eyes, and he saw the lust in them, but he also saw so much love and trust that he knew, at this moment, that he could do it, and everything would be okay. He took a deep breath and kissed Blaine, a kiss that meant everything: I love you; I'm so glad I'm doing this with you; and I want you so much.

Blaine took a condom from the box on the night table.

"Ready?" he asked Finn.

Finn nodded, before he realized that he wasn't hard enough anymore.

"Could you – " he asked Blaine.

Blaine understood immediately, taking Finn's cock in his hand and stroking it. He clung to Finn's neck with his other hand, pulling him close to kiss him. The kiss was desperate, messy and just plain dirty: exactly the kind that always managed to turn him on. It worked perfectly: soon enough, Finn's cock was hard and throbbing in Blaine's hand, and he needed more.

"Blaine," he moaned, "I need –"

Blaine was already rolling the condom on and coating him in lube.

"Okay?" Blaine asked.

Finn nodded – his worries were forgotten, he just needed some friction because he felt like he was about to burst. He got on top of Blaine, holding himself up with one arm. Holding his cock, he fumbled carefully, trying to find Blaine's entrance again. A sharp gasp from Blaine told him he found it, and he pushed in slowly. He only had the head in, but already the sensations were overwhelming. He stopped to give Blaine time to get used to the intrusion.

They were panting in each other's mouth, eyes locked together, and the moment was just amazing. Finn was feeling more than he'd ever felt before. The words came, and he did nothing to stop them, because he knew it was just right.

"I love you," he said softly.

Blaine started grinning uncontrollably.

"I love you too," he replied. "So, so much."

Finn kissed him quickly, and pushed in again, ever so slowly. Blaine's grin changed into a moan, and he grabbed Finn's hips to pull him in, deeper and deeper, until Finn was completely inside of him. Finn let himself fall on top of Blaine – he knew he liked to be pressed in the mattress and Finn needed to be closer to him, even closer than he already was. Blaine wrapped his arms and his legs around him, and the shifting made his cock hit Blaine's prostate.

Blaine moaned at the touch and he clenched around Finn's cock. It was so tight, Finn thought he was gonna come if he didn't start moving soon. Propping himself up on his elbows, he pulled out if Blaine, until only the head of his dick was still in. Blaine whined at the loss and grabbed Finn's ass to pull him back in. Finn pushed in slowly, trying not to hurt Blaine. He hit his prostate again, and Blaine dug his fingernails hard in his back.

"Faster, Finn," he begged. "I need – harder – "

Blaine's begging gave Finn more confidence: he knew he wasn't about to hurt him, and if he did, Blaine would tell him. He pushed a bit further to tease Blaine's prostate before pulling almost all the way out, watching Blaine writhe and whimper under him. Staring straight into Blaine's eyes, he slammed back in, falling into a fast pace, guided by Blaine's gasps and moans as he came undone under Finn.

Finn kept his rhythm going until he felt something warm and wet hit his chest. He looked down to see both of them were covered with Blaine's come.

Blaine was shaking, riding down his orgasm and clinging to Finn, who leaned down to kiss him. Seeing Blaine like this was incredible; Finn couldn't hold much longer. He thrust in a few more times, feeling his orgasm rise inside of him, before it burst out. His arms let go and he fell down on Blaine, coming hard as ever. He felt Blaine clenching around his cock, which made his orgasm even more amazing.

He stayed like this, lying on top of Blaine, for a long time after that. He was too exhausted to move – his already soft cock was still buried inside of Blaine and it felt so perfect, he never wanted to move. Blaine's fingertips were exploring Finn's back, making him shiver. He nuzzled Blaine's neck, just breathing him in, feeling their two hearts beating in harmony.

"I never want it to stop," Blaine whispered in his ear.

Finn kissed him softly, looking deep into his eyes.

"It won't."