As a maid in a famous five star hotel Misaki had come across alot of bizzare things, but nothing as bizzare as the bleeding man on the floor. MxU

The wheels of my housekeeping cart creaked as I pushed it down the carpeted halls. Why do they make these things so big? I wondered You could hide a dead body in this thing! As I walked past paintings of elegant women and upright men, who seemed to be scrutinizing me down their aristocratic noses. I was dead tired, my fingers were raw from scrubbing and my apron and face were covered in dust. But, alas, my job was not done. I had also walked in on a man changing, a girl rocking out to loud Korean music and an old couple making out.
Working at a famous five star hotel, I had seen a whole load of strange things, and I was pretty used to it by now. Almost nothing fazed me.

"Room Service" I croaked, knocking on the next door. If I was like any other girl my age, I would be very happy about this job. Cleaning after celebrities and having a chance to look in their private stuff. But I wasn't like any other girl, and frankly; this job sucked.
There was no response from the room so I decided no one was inside. I slipped my card into the slot and waited for the small buzz that meant the door was unlocked.

The room was dark, which was typical for an empty room. But the air was thick and smelled slightly metallic. It was kinda suffocating. I flicked the light on and the room came into view. It was absolutely horrifying. Sheets were crumbled and halfway on the floor, the mattress was askew, a glass of water had spilled on the side table and was dripping onto the floor.
Actually, dirty rooms were better then seemingly clean rooms. In dirty rooms you could see exactly what was dirty and exactly what needed to be fixed. But in clean rooms the dirty things were concealed so you had to look to find them.

I surveyed the room one more time then turned to the cart in the hall and took out the supplies I needed.
"I'm gonna make mon-aay-it'll be sun-aay- I'll buy myself a bun-aay-it'll be so fun-naay" This is what I do when I clean: make really bad songs. For all my talents I was horrible at poetry and rhyming.
"Heh" Someone chuckled. It was probably in my head. I shook off the creepy feeling and continued tucking the new, crisp bedsheets on the bed. I maneuvered around the bed to fix the other side. The smell of metal was stronger. I looked down at the floor and screamed.


He was half way under the bed and he was bleeding all over the carpet.

OH MY GOD. I felt myself hyperventilating. His face was covered in blood, most coming from his nose, but some also from his split lip. His shirt was ripped and his torso was bleeding. I felt the bile rising in my throat.
"Oh crap. Oh god. Oh man!" This totally topped my list of "Weird Things I've Seen In The Fukunaga Hotel" it totally beat that time I saw the old lady in the chicken costume dancing to the makerana.
What was I doing? Was I retarded?
"Ugh!" I smacked myself on the forehead. "I have to call the cops!" I started for the door when something grabbed my ankle. It was...
I let out a huge, blood curdling scream.
"Shh" The guy let go of my ankle. It was now streaked with blood. "Don't call the cops" He said. It seemed like he needed alot of energy to just mutter those words.
"Whaa?" I asked.
"No-cops" He repeated. Making me feel dumb for making him say it again. I nodded " what should I do?"
Yeah, suuure. How was I supposed to leave a breathing, dying man on a hotel room floor? Did I look completely heartless?
"No way! I'll take you with me!" I said stupidly.
He laughed, which sounded more like a cough. "You can't...I'm heavy"
I snorted "Do I look weak to you? Wait, don't answer that" Because a) His eyes were closed. b) I did look weak. These stupid french maid costumes/uniforms were programed to make you look weak and dainty.
I grabbed him by his wrists and pulled. He groaned, but I ignored him and dragged him near the door. I took a wet napkin from the bathroom and began dabbing at the blood on his face. When he was almost clean I walked towards the housekeeping cart. I snorted as I remembered what I had thought minutes ago 'You could hide a body in these things!' Psh. Was I psychic?
The cart was made like this: It was a two level thing. The first level was small and the second was on the bottom. It had no sides but a curtain type thing draped from the first level to the bottom of the second. The second was used to keep towels and such.
I reached down and pulled out all the towels. Then I dragged the guy, and after a couple of minutes of moving him around I managed to fit him into the bottom layer. He was very tall so both his head and feet were sticking out from the sides.
"Keep your head up kid!" I called down to him. (Even though he seems older) and began pushing the cart. I prayed that I wouldn't bump into anyone who would wonder why there was a head and two feet sticking out of my cart.

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