"Usui!" I screamed, running into the room. The moment I entered Usui stood up.
"Where were you?" He asked, putting both hands on my shoulders. He wasn't looking too good, his face was all sweaty and his eyes had heavy bags underneath them.
"Grocery shopping." I panted, lifting up the bags full of ramen. "Not the point." Whoo, I was out of breath! "Akiyama's men are in the lobby!"
"What?" He shouted. "How did they find us?" I shrugged trying not to let it show that it was my fault. Usui accepts my silence and lept into action putting all our things into the carpet bag.

"Lets go!" He grabbed my arm and we rushed down the hall, as fast as an injured guy and a guilty maid can. We reached the fire escape just in time, it took us a while to run down all the flights of steps and when we finally made it we were breathing heavily.

"Taxi!" I jumped into the street flailng my arms about, trying to get the taxi to stop. By the look on his face this was probably not the best way to flag down a cab. But whatever! There were muscular psychos after us! Finallya taxi skewed down and we both got in.

After screaming, 'just drive!'to the driver we settled back in our seats.

Dejavu! Where have I seen this before? Me and Usui sitting in the still silence of a taxi cab with only the horrendous carpet bag between us.
"Lady!" The taxi driver called back to me after ten minutes of destination-less driving. "Where do you want me to go?"

"Um..." I looked to Usui, who was sleeping. And then my stomach decided to rawr again. "Just stop at that restaurant." I pointed to a resturant called, The Ducks Butt. The taxi man served to the side and I pulled bills out of Usui's wallet to give to him.

I looked at the still sleeping Usui and sighed. Well I didn't win the female (and male) weight lifting competition in high school to wimp out in dire situations!

I took Usui's arms, slung then over my shoulders and dragged him towards the restaurant. He was leaning quite uncomfortably on my back, and he was still sleeping! I snorted and deposited him into a bench in one of the booths. He immediately slumped over, still sleeping.
How much did this guy sleep? He looked so vulnerable, as people do when they sleep.

"Huh?" Usui woke up after three minutes of me prodding him not so gently with my foot. THREE MINUTES!
"Here," I pushed a streaming bowl of ramen towards him. "Eat."
I hadn't wanted to spend more money on food when I had just bought our combined weight in ramen , so I had threatened the barista with a coffee stirrer until he agreed to give me as much boiled water as I needed.
"Thank you Misa-chan." He smiled at me, stretching his arm out, making his joints crack, he ruffled my hair causing me to turn red as tomato sauce. "Perverted outer space alien." I grumbled taking a slurp of the (still extremely hot) noodles.

After eating (and after the waiters third attempt of getting rid of us.) we decided we had to do something, go somewhere.
"Ah!" I exclaimed, jumping up. "My old friend moved to this area! We could ask him to take us in!"
"Him?" Usui asked, a dark look on his face.
"Yeah," I flipped through my phone before I found an old snapshot of me and him when we were young. That was when he was all fat and chubby.
"Oh," Usui seemed to relax after seeing his picture. "Well yeah lets call him."
I dialed his number in and waited for him to pick up.
"HELLO." He screamed when he picked up."HELLO!"

"Shintana Hinata!" I yelled back into the phone. Hinata still didn't believe in phones very much, so in order to be sure the other person could hear him he screamed.

"MISA-CHAN!" He screamed again. I held the phone away from my ear, in fear of blowing out my brains from his loud voice. "MISA CHAN! MISA! ITS BEEN SO LONG!"

"Yes, it has, hasn't it?" I drummed my fingers on the table, "So me and my..." I looked up at Usui. "Me and my friend are in the area, and we wanted to visit you!"

"YES!" He screamed. "OKAY! PLEASE COME! I MISS YOU!"
I laughed, "I miss you too! Okay now what was your address?" I grabbed a pen and jotted his address down on a napkin. "Okay, see you then!"

"This is his house?" Usui wheezed. I looked worriedly at him. Wow he looked really sick. His hair was sticking to his forehead, and he was looking kinda green.
"Yes..." I said, sticking closer to him in case he fell.
"Its...nice." Nice? The place was a dump. And we were just at the entrance! Piles of garbage bags lined the path as if they were flowers. And there was a giant scary looking cat sitting on his doormat. It was really fat and its hair was matted and it had one eyeball.

I tentatively walked closer to the door. And the cat surveyed me with its one demonic eye, before finding me incredibly boring, closing its lone eye and drifting off to sleep. I took a deep breath, leaned over the cat and knocked on the door.

"MISA-CHAN!" The door immediately flew open, and Hinata immediately flew out throwing his arms around my neck and wrapping his legs around my waist. I staggered backward from his crazy hug. "Urgh! Get off me!" I said, nearly falling on a pile of trash.
"Oh! Sorry!" He said detaching himself from me. "Its just that I missed you so much!" I smiled and nodded before turning to Usui, whose eyes were as big as saucers.
"Misa-chan." Hinata whispered leaning forward. "Whose he?"
"Ah this is Usui." I said grabbing his arm and pulling him towards us. "He's the friend I was talking about."

Immediately they both started looking each other up and down, shooting daggers at each other. Whoa, what was with this atmosphere? It reminded me of the alpha-males fighting in one of Shizuka's nature programs.

"Um..." I said breaking their trance.
"Oh! Sorry! Come in!" Hinata said dragging me inside by the arm. I turned to make sure Usui was following us.

"Wow Hinata. You really should clean up more." I said looking around the place. It was a giant mess. There were food wrappers everywhere.
He nodded, "I will! Misa-chan!"
"Yeah?" I turned to find him on his knees in front of me.
"Will you be my girlfriend!"

I blanched, we hadn't seen each other in so long and already he was hitting on me! I sneak a glance at Usui, there seems to be steam coming out of his ears.
I rub my temples. "Better luck next time." Hinata looks disappointed for all of two seconds before jumping up again.
"Are you hungry?"
I shook my head.
"Tired? There's one extra room." He said pointing at a door. I walked to the door and pulled it open. Was this a room or a jail cell? There was one small mattress and the only light was coming through the bars in the small, high up window.

"Nah, I'm not tired." I smiled.
"Well I have to go to work." He pouted. "I'll be back in a couple of hours! And I'll bring dinner!" He jumped towards me, planted a giant smooch on my cheeks before running out.

"Oh Hinata," I chuckled and wiped my cheek.
"What was that?" Usui says from the corner.
"What was what?"
"Do you like him?" He narrows his eyes and gives me a look.
"Like who? Hinata?" I couldn't help but start laughing clutching my stomach and slapping my thigh.

Yes I laugh like an old man.

"How could" I managed to gasp between laughs.
"Well you looked pretty cozy with him." He narrowed his eyes.
"And why do you care?" I say after I stop laughing.
He smiled and shook his head. "Ayuzawa you're so sly."
He leaned over and placed his hand on my head. "You're trying to make me jealous right?"
"What? N-no," Before I could save my good name he was leaning closer to my face until he was right there. If I breathed any deeper our bodies we would be in risk of a lethal collision.
"Well guess what?" His hot breath blew in my face, which was probably why my face felt so hot all of the sudden.
Psh, not like I was blushing.
"It's working." He finishes before sitting back. I let out a deep breath and unconsciously place my hand on my chest. My heart is running a marathon right now.
"Haha, it's so fun messing with you! You're so cute when you blush!"
"I..I am not blushing!" I said. Even though I probably was.
I stood up and stomped into the kitchen before putting a pot of water on the stove.
"Ho-oney! Are you making dinner?"
"I'm making ramen." I grumble, loud enough for him to here.
He started laughing again. "Ramen?"
Yes, what was so funny about ramen? Was he making fun of my lack of cooking skills? Like he had any! Rich guys like him had people to cook for him, dress him, bathe him and talk for him. He didn't even have to bat an eye without people's help. Unlike me. I had been changing my own diapers since I was two.

"Usui! Stop breathing so loud!" I screamed for about the third time that night. We were sleeping in the closet-like room. There was only one bed, which I had forced Usui to use. He wanted to be all noble and sleep on the floor until I threatened to club him over the head with a lawn chair.

And the breathing didn't seize.
"Ugh! Man! I can't breath if you wont stop breathing like a car horn!" I said sitting up on the floor and waving my arm over the bed to try to whack Usui. But the only thing my arm hit was air and bedsheets.
"Usui?" I squint in the darkness, trying to make out Usui's silhouette but I didn't see him. And the wheezing I had mistaken for Usui was actually an electric heater that had made its way into the room some time in the night. "Usui! Usui! Takumi! Where are you?" I stand up, worried.


What if Akiyama Shuji had his men come here in the night? And what if his men were ninjas? (I mean it's not that improbable. We were in Japan after all.) And the men had came into the room and captured Usui right under my nose! Well right over my nose but what ever. The point was Usui was gone! And it was all my fault- somehow. I began tearing up and ran out of the room.

Wait...but if Akiyama Shuji had come here and captured Usui, wouldn't they take me too? I felt kind of irked, I was important too! I was a fugitive too! Then I noticed the back door was open. Eyes wide I walked closer. Outside was the veranda, behind that was a small fenced in yard and behind that was the zooming interstate.

And then I heard it...loud breathing.

"Usui!" I ran into the veranda, my feet were bare and it was pretty damn cold but it didn't matter because Usui was right there and was not captured by evil ninjas.
"Huh?" He turned and saw me standing over him. I bit my lip and my tears welled up.
"Are you...crying?" He started laughing which turned into a cough.
"No! It's just that you and the ninjas didn't come and Akiyama Shuji isn't torturing you." I sniff, wiping tears off my face.
He smiles and I sit down on the bench next to him.
"You thought I got kidnapped?" He smirked, "You were so worried?" He nudged me.
"N-no! It's just are currently my only source of money." I glared at him. I couldn't help but notice his hair was matted on his forehead, his eyes were red and his lips were blue.
"Why did you come out anyways." I say quitetly.
"I was feeling really hot." He shivered. "But now I'm feeling really c-cold." He turned to me. "Come here." He leaned in closer...and closer...and closer... until he was on top of me.

Of course! There I was worrying about him and he was just trying to put the moves on me! What a loser!
"Get off me you...perverted outer space alien!" I try to push him off but he stays there, like dead weight.
"Usui!" No response. "U-usui?" I lift his head, he's teeth are clattering together, "I-its cold." He says before shutting his eyes.

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