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Coming out to his father was hard enough years ago. Knowing that his father didn't approve and that he was ashamed to have him as a son was worse. Now… Now, this was going to suck even more. Kurt bumped his shoulder with his own and their eyes met.

"Courage," the younger boy said.

Blaine smiled and knocked on the door.

A man with Blaine's curly black hair answered the door. "Blaine, what are you doing here?" A woman with Blaine's eyes suddenly appeared next to him.

"Blaine," she said, grinning.

"Hi, Mom. Dad, um, this is Kurt." He grabbed Kurt's hand, his confidence growing. "My boyfriend."


Kurt couldn't stop thinking about him. He couldn't stop thinking about the kiss. He couldn't stop thinking about how they had spent what felt like forever—even though it wasn't nearly long enough—making out instead of practicing for Regionals. And even when they were practicing, they ended up taking multiple breaks because every time they sang the last chorus, Blaine would get overwhelmed and kiss him on the last note.

Kurt couldn't stop thinking about how happy he was when they were together. It felt so surreal, so beautiful, so amazing.

Blaine couldn't stop thinking about him. He couldn't stop thinking about the kiss. He couldn't stop thinking about how they spent a glorious thirty to forty minutes making out before they decided to practice "Candles." Unf, he loved how Kurt looked when he sang. He just had to—

Blaine couldn't stop thinking about how happy he was when they were together. It was just… Well, he couldn't really think of words. But he thought that maybe he should have saved "When I Get You Alone" for Kurt.

I Love You

They were lying on Kurt's bed. Blaine had one hand behind his head, the other whispering secrets to Kurt's. Casually, quietly, comfortably, they were just being together, looking at the ceiling, listening to music. It was so utterly perfect.

Kurt began humming the song absentmindedly as their fingers began a new conversation. Blaine closed his eyes, listening to him.

A moment later, Kurt rolled, snuggling in closer to his boyfriend. Blaine tore the connection between their hands to wrap an arm around Kurt's shoulders.

"I love you," Kurt said suddenly.

It didn't feel surprising or strange or awkward. It felt…right.

Blaine smiled shyly, kissing the top of his head. "I love you too."

He felt and heard it when Kurt released his breath. "Say it again."

"I love you, Kurt. I love everything about you. I love you."

He could still hear Blaine's voice saying the words hours later.

A Few of Blaine's Devious Plans to Achieve Kisses from Kurt

1. Sing to him.

2. Insist that he needs help with French and then send his fingers crawling up his thigh.

3. Send him sweet texts during the day.

4. Not put gel in his hair.

5. Agree to watch the Disney Classics with him on VHS because "they wouldn't be the classics if they were on DVD."

6. Lie around on Saturday mornings in their PJs, eating sugary cereal and watching cartoons.

7. Cook for him

8. Buy cookie batter for him so they could bake together.

8.5. Dance with him in the kitchen while waiting for cookies to bake.

9. Listen to him rant about his lack of solos.

10. Go shopping with him.

11. Whisper, whenever possible, directly in his ear, "I love you."


He was going back to McKinley. He was leaving the school where he boyfriend was, where he didn't get hit and yelled at everyday, where he had really, really nice friends. He was giving up all of that to go back to the place that had been so miserable, he'd been forced to leave for his own safety. They weren't going to get to make out after Warbler rehearsal anymore; they couldn't flirt while he tutored him in French; they weren't going to be able to tug on each other's Dalton ties in that incredibly sexy way…

Blaine did a face-palm. Now was not the time to be thinking about how much his boyfriend turned him on. He should be focusing on the majorly depressing truth. Kurt was leaving. And he was taking Blaine's heart with him.


"Do the blue ones sting less?" Blaine asked his boyfriend as he attempted to remove Cherry Slushie from his eyes in the boy's restroom at McKinley high school.

Kurt looked down at his brand new sweater which was now ruined. "No. But they taste better."

"How do you live with this?" He turned around, leaning against the sink. Kurt tried not to notice how puppy-ish he looked in that moment, his hair floppy instead of being held in perfect, proper place by tons of product, but it was simply too precious to ignore.

"You get used to it," Kurt told him.

Blaine looked at him, smiling softly. "I'll take a thousand slushies a day if it means being here with you. I missed you."

Grinning, Kurt intertwined their fingers. "I missed you too."

There Was Something

There was something about the way the moonlight streamed through the window. Blaine was the first to notice it and the way it hit his boyfriend as they sat on the couch that night. Wow.

There was something about the way the movie set the tone for the evening. Sound of Music… Loving, silly, childish, deep, romantic—this had everything. And Julie Andrews was simply brilliant.

There was something about the way they were sitting. Kurt had his legs thrown over Blaine's and they were sharing a blanket. It was comfortable and sweet.

There was something about this moment.

There was something about this night.

There was something about this relationship that made Blaine think it was going to last forever.

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