That was all he could think about.


His hair, his lips, his eyes—always changing colors—his perfect skin, his arms, his neck, his voice, his…everything. All he could focus on was Kurt.


Kissing him, holding him, simply being in his presence. It was clouding his brain—

"—and maybe Mr. Anderson could shed some light on what Herodotus was trying to capture."

Ugh. Transfers sucked.


That was all he could think about.


His curls, his mouth, the confusing and captivating color of his eyes, his smile, his arms—oh, God, his arms—his neck, his voice, his…him. Everything about him. All he could think about was getting out of class and through glee practice so that he could see him.


Leaning into him, holding hands with him… Kissing him. There was nothing—

"—perhaps Mr. Hummel can explain the translation."

Ugh. Transfers sucked.

National Kissing Day

July 6th, 2011.

A knock.

Shuffle. Shuffle.

Unlock. Open.



"Happy National Kissing Day, Kurt."


"Also known as the day when you and I got chapped lips and made out for hours."

"…now that's a holiday I could get used to."


Blaine wanted COD.

Kurt wanted the new Vogue.

Blaine wanted tickets to the Harry Potter Midnight show.

Kurt wanted dinner at Breadsticks.

Blaine wanted to watch the Buckeyes play next season.

Kurt wanted Alexander McQueen to still be alive.

Blaine needed Kurt.

Kurt needed Blaine.


It doesn't really look that terrifying, that little pink blanket. It actually looks quite harmless.

But then it gets closer. And closer.

And then Rachel hands you the bundle and you stare down at the pretty eyes and the cherub face and you think to yourself—

I'm terrified.

"Honestly, Blaine, don't look so scared. You're holding her the right way. She's not going to fall out of your arms."

You smile softly and look over Rachel's shoulder at your husband. Your eyes meet. He smiles. A tear falls down your cheek.

Kurt steps forward and brushes it away with his thumb and another thought occurs to you—

I'm ready. I'm ready to be a dad.

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