Edward led his brother and sisters into the room where the wardrobe was.

"So what's the big deal about this room?" Collins asked as he looked around the room. "Looks very ordinary to me."

"So how come we are drawn to it?" Elizabeth asked.

"Like flies to honey." Emily said softly from where she was standing next to the far wall facing the wardrobe.

The others smiled at the metaphor. Only Emily would use an mentaphore at an time like this.


I'm going to leave the children right where they are for the moment. As I tell you an little about each one of them.

Edward is the oldest at twelve. He has longish blond hair and he liked to keep some of it over his forehead to met his eyes. He has baby blue eyes that twinkled whenever he smiled. He had an round an pointed nose that was above an firm mouth.

Elizabeth is the second in line at eleven. She wore her raven black hair cut to her chin. Her baby blues eyes ripped into you whenever she was serious. Which was quite often. Her nose was round and lifted an inch. She had soft lips that you couldn't help but want to kiss.

Collins is the third in line at age eight. He wore his auburn hair cut short to his head. He didn't like any hair on his forehead. His baby blue eyes were full of mischief. His nose was round and lifted an inch. He had firm lips that liked to talk in riddles.

Emily is last in line at age six. She wore her blond hair long and usually in an braid. Her baby blue eyes light up the room whenever she was happy. He had an round and pointed nose and soft cherub lips.


Edward walked to the wardrobe and tried the door and saw with relief that it was unlocked. He opened it and felt more at home as he looked at the fur coats hanging in an line inside.

"Wonder how far back this wardrobe goes?" Elizabeth said from beside her brother.

"Want to find out." Collins's eyes twinkled as he made his way to his brother and sister.

"I don't know if we should." Emily said doubtfully from her spot at the far end wall where she watched her brothers and sister.

"Come on Em. It's safe." Edward turned towards his baby sister. "Sides if we don't find out we will always wonder about it."

Collins walked over to his younger sister and held out his hand for her to take.

Emily took it and was led over to the open wardrobe. "I don't really know why I was so frighten." She said as she felt peace as she looked into the wardrobe.

Edward climbed in. "Well than shall we."

The others followed in and Elizabeth closed the door leaving it open an crack.

"Follow me." Edward said with an laugh as he made his way toward the back of the wardrobe. Which he suspected would come all to quickly to suit the adventures.

The children kept their hands in front of them expecting to hit the back wall any moment when suddenly they felt an chill in the air.

"Why is it cold in here?" Collins said with chanting teeth.

"Grab an coat everyone and we will find out." Emily said as she and the others each grabbed an coat that was much to big for them and put them on.

Suddenly the children were in an white winter land standing next to an post.