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Once Adam took Virgil home, he quickly shifted into his costume and started to patrol. But he had one particular destination in mind. He went to the slums of Dakota going from source to source trying to get information on Wade. He made his last stop at the Pool Hall, the one hangout where all the villanous bang babies went. Adam looked around until he finally found who he was looking for. Carmendillo, he knew everything about everybody.

"Yo Carmen, I gotta talk." Adam called out.

"Well look who it is, did you come to your senses and decide to join your brother?" Carmendillo asked.

"Not likely." Adam said, "I need some info on a guy named Wade, you know him?"

"If you're still Static's little sidekick then I got nothing to say to you." Carmendillo turned his back to him.

Before he knew it a rough hand grabbed his should and slammed him on the pool table.

"Everybody out now!" Adam snarled, his tone left no argument.

The other occupants wisely decided to leave the room, so now it was just him and Carmendillo.

"Whoa whoa take it easy!" Carmendillo squealed.

"I'm not going to ask a second time!" Adam said in a dangerously low voice, "Tell me what you know about this Wade guy."

"He's been underground for the past year." Carmendillo said, "Something about gettin his powers in control, and he's been recruiting, most of them are nobodies, Bang Babies that never got control of their power."

"What's he want?" Adam asked.

"He wants to run the town." Carmendillo explained, "He says he's gonna call ebon out and challenge him as soon as he gets his last member."

"What are you talking about?" Adam asks.

"He keeps going on and on about this guy named Virgil." Before he could say anymore, his throat was being squeezed too tightly.

"What does he want with him!" Adam demanded.

"He just says that he's the missing piece." Carmendillo squeals, "That's all I know I swear!"

Before Adam could do anything more, a spark of electricity came foward and grabbed his hands. "Adam that's enough!" Static cried out.

"Stay out of this Static!" Adam snapped.

"Adam, stop this!" Static pleaded, "This isn't you remember? Remember how hard you worked to get out of that lifestyle? Do you want to go back? If you do this you're going to lose everything you've ever worked for; your career, your friends, the Hawkins. Is that really what you want?"

For a long moment Adam did nothing but stare at the creature writhing in his grip, until finally he released him and walked out the door leaving him coughing and gasping for air.

"Adam!" Static called out. "Adam stop!"

"What!" Adam snapped turning to face Virgil.

"What's going on man?" Virgil asked, "You haven't acted like this since you first came out? What's wrong?"

"What's wrong? What's wrong?" Adam shouted, "This fool Wade is what's wrong! And instead of finding him I'm wasting my time explaining myself to you!"

"Hey man, calm down." Virgil held up his hands in peace, "I'm trying to help you."

Adam took a deep calming breath before he spoke to Static again. "You're right. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to take it out on you."

"Why are you bugging about this Wade guy?" Static asked, although he had a pretty good idea.

"He's been hassling Virgil." Adam explained, "He's my girlfriend's brother, and...he's pretty much like my little brother too. I need to find him."

"And do what exactly?" Static asked crossing his arms, "Beat him sensless unless he does what you say?"

"If that's what it takes." Adam replied, clenching his fists. "I don't care what anybody says Static, I'm not going to let him get to Virgil. The Hawkins are the closest thing to a family I have and I'm not letting anybody threaten them. Understand?"

"Adam calm down." Static placed a hand on his shoulder, "I'm on your side remember? Look you're no good the way you are now. You go after Wade this way you're going to end up doing something you regret."

"I seriously doubt that." Adam grumbled.

"Go home." Virgil ordered, "I get where you're coming from Adam, but this isn't the way and you know that. How do you think the Hawkins would feel if they found out you were like this huh? You think this will make them feel any better?"

Adam sagged when he finally realized what Static was saying.

"Go home Adam." Static repeated, "I'll take it from here. I'll do whatever I can to find out about Wade."

"Alright." Adam relented, "I'll go."

When he turned to leave he turned back to Virgil. "Static...thanks. Thanks for looking out."

"Don't worry about it." Static waved it off. "You'd do the same if it was me."

Adam nodded, "Look, this might seem weird but you mind doing another favor for me?"

"Name it."

"Keep an eye on Virgil for me." Adam asked, "He goes to Dakota Union, and I can't watch him 24/7. Just make sure nothing happens to him alright."

For a moment Virgil was stunned into silence. He had no idea Adam cared about him that much. "Yeah...no problem."

"Thanks." With that said, Adam rolled into a ball and bounced away.

Virgil watched him and once he was sure he was out of sight, he took out his Shock Box and contacted Richie.

"Rich...Rich!" he hissed.

He heard some groaning on the other end, until finally a groggy voice answered. "What is it?"

"Rich I need a favor."