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Based on real event, Operation Overlord, but the details about the location still a fiction.

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This Story will tell you about what's going on after the paratroopers jumped off the plane above Cotentin Peninsula, France.

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6th of June, 1944. Above the Cotentin Peninsula

"Stand Up!—Hook Up!—Equipment Check!", Captain shouted.

I'm Private First Class Alan Cosford, from 101st Airborne Division. This morning, the whole division with the 82nd will jump to the Cotentin Peninsula. Our task is to secure the rally point at St. Marie-du-Mont and stop the Kraut's bombardment aimed to Utah Beach.

Here we go, green light turned on.

"Let's go, folks!"

"Hey, Mick! Follow me, okay?". PFC. Mick Herrera, my best comrade, also my best competitor.

"What's the problem, Alan? Got scared? Hahah..."

Then I jumped off the plane.

Strong wind blew off my Thompson.


I landed on a wetland. Luckily I landed on a dry ground. Well, I thought it was my day, I found my Thompson lying on the ground. And there he is…..

"Oh, shit. Ah, no, no, no! Further, you damn parachute! No!". Mick landed on the swamp.

"What are you doing there, Mick? Pretending as a crocodile?"

"Shut it, Alan! Why don't you help me outta here?"

"Don't be so spoiled, Mick! Grow up! You're a paratrooper! Let's move!"

We walked a couple yards and we saw some paratroopers….


"Thunder!", one of them answered the password.

"Captain Bob?". Captain Bob Clifford, leader of F Company. My company.

"Alan and Mick. Okay, we're five now."

"Jack and Sergeant Carter, good morning!"

"Hey! Wacky Mick!", Pvt. Jack Walton, Mick's 'natural' enemy.

"Stay shut, will ya?", Sgt. Carter, just Carter. No one really know what's his name.

"We spotted German's Flak there. We got to disable that gun. Rally point is still 5 miles away from here. We'll get the gun, and we'll move outta this hell. Mick, you got a BAR right?"

"Aye, sir"

"You go with Alan, set up base of fire behind that bushes. The rest will follow me. We'll move ASAP once you open the firing contact"

We took position behind the tall and thick bushes…

"You got some spare ammo?"

"I got some. Adjust your sight, Mick. Or you'll shoot the flies"

"Shut it, Alan! Ready? Shoot!"

We started to pull the trigger….

"AMERIKANISCHEN INFANTERIE! Anggrif!", one of those Volksgrenadiers noticed our gunfire.

Captain's group showed up. They stormed the emplacement. They threw in some grenades. Some German dead on explosion, but there's one survived.

"Nicht schießen!", German shouted.

"What did he said?", Captain asked

"He said don't shoot, Capt"

"We can't hold captive a POW. What should we do? We must move ASAP", Carter said.

"Hit him?", Mick gave a suggestion.

"Agreed!" , and then Jack hit the German with his Garand's butt, he fell down and fainted.

"We obeyed the Geneva Convention and we'll leave him alive. Okay, everyone. Move out!"

To be continued…..

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