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Alan's POV

September 7th 1944, 1120 hours

We arrived at the bridge connecting the road from Eindhoven to Veghel. It seems this time it will be just a peaceful jogging for our company. No MG nest along the road, no Krauts' patrol, no gunfire, just beautiful view of the canals. Soon after, we approached the bridge….

"Boys! Split up to the side of the road!", Captain shouted.

"Sergeant Floyd! Take your squad and make sure the bridge clear from any Kraut!"

"Yes, sir! Move out, men!"

Carver Floyd, a good man from Tallahassee, he was in the Scout Regiment before he shot his own mate, and it's an accident of course. The rumor said he was the best shooter in his regiment, that's true before German sniper shot him.

"Sniper!", Carter shouted.

"Alan! Spot the sniper! Langley! Get your Springfield and go with Alan!", Captain shouted.

"Aye, sir!"




I took off my helmet, put it on the end of an wood branch. I push it out of a bush. A couple seconds, and the German shot it…

"The building straight by the bridge, fourth floor, first window from the left"

"Let me see", Langley said.


Langley fired his weapon, I thought he got the Kraut. And yes he got the bastard…

"Gotcha! Clear shot!"

"Nice work, you guys! Move out!"

"Wait!", I shouted.

"Who promoted you to be a Major, Alan?", Captain looked angry, I approach him.

"Sir, Germans soldiers aren't idiots. They must be put up a better defense than a sniper"

"You can prove it? Then prove it, Corporal"

"Mick, Jack! You with me, let's go!"

"You want to be an one man army, Alan? Yes, you're the best bozo I've ever seen"

"Stop blabbering, Mick! We gotta secure the bridge for this men. Scan the area, mate"

I approached the bridge, and I heard MG fired from somewhere...


Captain Bob's POV

"Man down! Walton! Herrera! Pull him off that bridge! Langley, you got the MG's position! Take 'em out!", I shouted.

Once again, Langley fired his rifle. And he got the Germans again...

Damn good man. But I lost Alan, I'm sure he's not dead yet. He's a good man. He deserves to get another promotion, and even a medal for his valor.

"Medic!", Jack shouted.

"Yah...", the Medic answered.

"Just a scratch, not dead yet. Take care of him"


"Carter! Take your squad across the bridge and secure the river bank with the 1st and 2nd Platoon, rest of the company! Move out!", I shouted.

I thought it's clear. But not yet, a Panzer showed up with some infantries guarding it's back. And I heard gunfire from another side of the city too. The AT squad success took out the Panzer.

"Open fire!", I shouted. I got one, two, three...

"Reloading! Cover me!"

Shit, it's stuck! Then I forced open the door of a farmhouse beside me. I withdrew my colt...

One by one, shot to death by this old man. I didn't believe it how an old man could kill and annihilate his enemies just with a handgun.

"Captain! Sherman to the west!", Mick shouted

"1st Platoon! Defend and follow the tanks! 2nd Platoon! Storm the trench over there! Alex! Tell the 3rd Platoon to get their ass over here and give us support while we enter the town! D and E company! Outflank this city to the East! Make sure there's no way out for those bastards!", I shouted.

Fierce fighting occured in front of the German's trenchline. I estimated there were a company defended that trench, but none of them held a heavy weapon. They fought only with what they got. God bless you, this carbine already work again.

"INTO THE TRENCH!", I shouted. 5 minutes of fierce fighting to kill every single Kraut stood in that bloody trench.

"Sir! 88 at the Intersection!", Carter shouted to me.

"Call the AT squad! Platoon! Let's move!". We had to take the 88 out of our way, if we didn't clear it. They will wipe all of the Irish Guards' Shermans.

One of the tank commanders said the Cromwells squadrons will commence a charge through the town if the condition wasn't about to change soon. We saw the British Infantries approaching our position to replace us to guard the tanks.

"Joe! Load your bazooka! Squad! Give him covering fire when he's ready to fire! Got it?". Until now I still didn't believe it, 54 years-old man had to destroy a cannon to save many lives, but this is war. Welcome to Hell.

"Ready? Supressing fire! Joe, Fire! That's it! Move! Move! Move! Secure the Intersection!". D and E Company already push the German to their last defense in the Veghel, the Town Hall. The A and C Company almost reached the Town Hall from the West, now it's our duty to force the German to surrender or fight to their last men.




It's 1321 hours now. We made it, we pushed the all German in the town and forced them to regroup at the Town Hall. The Shermans bombarded them with High-Explosive. By the 1345 hours, they finally surrender, leaving only 12 men alive from the whole batallion. There were only 2 tanks left from 23-sized tank squadrons, but they made it to escape from the town.

"Good Afternoon, Captain", a British Armoured Officer, Major Bradley Dornier. They said he survived from 2 weeks of bombardment at Somme, at World War I. It's hard to said I must salute him. I don't know why, I just don't want to.

"Sir", i said.

"No need to salute like that. We have a same position here, commander of a group. I got information, Easy Company from the 506th PIR already secure Eindhoven. No Kraut"

"You have to move there, right?"

"No, 2nd Armoured will be there in a couple hours. We will stand this ground and wait for further orders", he said

"So do I. We, old men need to take a rest, huh?"

"Yeah. I'm too old for this stuff, thanks to that machine, I don't need to run on my feet anymore to kill the Jerries", we laughed together. He wasn't like I thought before, fellow old man in a war, we had the same fate to end up here.

At the night, I went to the medic tent, I was going to see Alan. And there he is...

"How is it, young man?"

"Aah, Captain. I'm okay, my only problem is I got three holes on my helmet. I think I'll need the new one"

"You'll got it, Corporal. Report for duty tommorow morning, Corporal. We have a lot of things to do"

"At your service, Sir!"

"Hey, Alan"

"Aye, sir?"

"Just say... I'm impressed with your valor. I thought I will recommend another promotion for you"

"I'll take on everything, Capt. I'd be honored to get it"

"Good afternoon, Corporal"

The day was ended peacefully. Sometimes, I compared myself with another old man, they spent their time with their grandson or their family. But I'm here just to kill people and collected sin. Though, our main objective is just to get Hitler all the way to Berlin. But yeah, I born for this shit. It would be better to take a hot chow to fill up this stomach, and a nap maybe.