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With three black boxes under their belt, Nikita and her team set out to get the fourth one. Due to her previous injuries she wasn't allowed on that mission, Michael wasn't going to let her win that one.

Considering the hell hole that they had to go through just to get to where they are at right now, the moment that they are in, couldn't have felt any better.

For days Nikita wished she could help, the most she could do was lie in her bed, according to her beau. Alex had informed her that Nathan was in danger, and knowing Nikita that didn't sit well with her.

The moment she was able to move around as she pleases, her first job was to get Nathan out and safe, that's the least she could do for Alex. On the other hand, the fact that Amanda had figured out what Alex was up to, and that she's working with their enemy, things weren't looking good for her at all.

At first Michael didn't know how to bring the news to his former trainee, but he knew he had to, because he knows how much she cares for Alex. When he told her what happened, she was practically jumping in gear, and ready to head to Division, and take on the whole lot of them. Instead Michael and Nikita devised a plan for the both of them to get out.

Michael had the heavy burden of supposedly pulling the trigger of on Alex. He didn't like that Percy had put him up to it, he was unsure how it would make him look, knowing full well he would lose Nikita if he did.

Nikita wasn't fully healed yet but there was no way they could pull off the escape without her. Michael was given an execution time on Alex's life, so that gave Nikita enough time to setup and infiltrate Division.

Michael had gotten Alex's ID card for division, and gave it to Nikita, so she would be able to get in unnoticed until she wanted to be.

Division was on high alert though, considering Percy had her mole, he knew it's only a matter of time before she came to her defense.

It's a surprise that Division didn't crumble to the ground completely, considering the damage it went through in the showdown. It definitely wasn't an easy battle; there were a lot of injuries, and not just on Division end, but not as bad.

The only thing that really still got under their skin was that Percy had escaped it all, not untouched, but escaped. The bullet that was targeted to his head was interrupted when Nikita took out his loyal cleaner.

Amanda was laid out flat in her room, where she has one on one session with the recruits. Even though she was beaten, Alex found the strength to get some revenge on Amanda; after all she put her through.

When Nikita and Alex met up at the rendezvous point, Nikita's heart dropped as she realized Michael wasn't there. She hastily hugged protégé, and demanded that she get the hell out of Division, and stick to the plan.

Fear of Michael not making it out, when that is what she wanted the most, the both of them on the outside working together to bring down Percy, kicked her adrenaline into high gear. There was no pain; no stiffness in her side, nothing, and all she could think about was getting to Michael.

The smoke from the entire explosion, made it difficult for her, but it sure as hell wasn't stopping her. Out of all the places she could find him, it was right there in Percy's office, on the floor, with blood running down by his body.

She rushed to his side instantly, tears filling her eyes, she turned him over quickly to see where he was shot, but couldn't find the entry. She tapped his cheeks a couple time, and he came to.

She ignored his protest about leaving him there, that they did what they were suppose to do, get Alex out alive. Nikita grew Furious with him, how could he possibly tell her to leave him behind. She had just gotten him back; they barely got to do anything as a couple yet, because she was injured.

It pained her deep down, because if she had said those words, he would be just as furious or even worse with her. Regardless of his futile arguments to leave him she finally got him upright and started making their way towards the exit.

Nikita's body was wary as is, and Michael being so much bigger than her, started to weigh on her. They were making great pace before, but it didn't take long before they both were growing fatigue. They were just about to round the corner where Alex had accidentally killed Thom, they crashed into Birkoff.

Instantly they both drew for their gun. Nikita was way quicker than Birkoff, but once he noticed who it was and who she had leaning on her, he was stunned. Not because she was helping Michael but because of the state he was in.

She definitely wasn't going to pull the trigger, unless he did, and she wasn't going to shoot to kill, just hit him so she could get away. Instead she was a little taken aback when Birkoff helped brace Michael on the other side.

He explained to her that there is no way Michael can make it out the way she did in the past. She obliged and knew he was right, so she followed him. Division was practically empty besides the unconscious bodies lying on the floor.

Birkoff showed them to the garage where Division SUV's were parked with keys in the glove compartment and then went his separate way. Before he did, Nikita asked him where he would go, but he didn't answer. He simply said take care of our boy and headed out of Division in haste.

It was a good week before Nikita got in touch with Alex who was with Nathan. Nikita took care of Michael, she was more than grateful that his wound wasn't as bad as her; it just looked way more serious than it really was.

She tried to keep him bed rested, but couldn't, and when he burst his stitching, he finally agreed to not do much. After Michael looked well enough according to Nikita that is when they headed out their next spot of operations.

How this mission for the fourth black box came to life, it happened when Michael got an encrypted email from sender Shadow Walker with details of location and guardian of the box. He tried to reply back to message, but it said failed.

The black box wasn't as far as the last one; it was just across the border in downtown Toronto, Canada. The box is being guarded by a Gavin Sampson division cleaner.