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Kirk and Spock are standing in front of the building that houses the Vulcan Embassy. Spock is double checking which floor they must go to by scrolling through the listings on the computer screen, near the door. Kirk stands beside his Vulcan bond mate, fiddling with his tie.

'It's not too late. I could still make a run for...'

Spock spins to face Jim with a slight scolding expression.

"You are not going anywhere. You will not leave me to face my parents alone."

A slanted eyebrow rises.

'If you do, t'hy'la, there will be no more consummations for a week, and I am quite sure that will kill both of us.'

Kirk sighs dramatically.

'You've got that right.I suppose you're going to control me with amazing sex for the rest of our lives.'

'That is an excellent plan.'

Spock's fingers sneak a quick Vulcan kiss.

'Of course, that road goes two ways.'

Jim grins at the thought.

'Yeah, wait until I introduce you to chocolate body paint.'

Jim has been doing his research, ever since he fell for a certain Vulcan professor. He gasps as he feels the sudden wave of lust through their bond.

'My thy'la, you will behave or I will spank you.'

Now it is Spock's turn to gasp as Jim's arousal flashes like heat lightning.

'Oh, goodie. Can we play sexy professor and naughty student? I didn't mean to lose my homework, Professor Spock. Please don't punish me. Please don't make me crawl under your desk and…'


With a smirk, Kirk relents.

'All right. I'll be good—for now.'

Spock grabs Kirk's hand and pulls him through the door.

"Come, we must go up to the 14th floor. My parents will be waiting for us."

Jim can feel Spock's nervousness swim into his mind and so doesn't complain when he is practically manhandled into the elevator.

Hot, clever hands (and Jim remembers just how clever they are) are suddenly at Kirk's neck and straightening his tie.

'Please desist from pulling on this piece of clothing. You are continually moving it out of place.'

Jim lays his hands over Spock's and lifts them away from the knot. The cadet rubs his thumbs over the Vulcan's palms in a soothing manner, hoping to calm his lover.

'It's going to be okay, t'hy'la. You taught me everything I need to know about not pissing off your father. I won't embarrass you.'

Spock whips his hand out and presses the emergency stop. The hand that pressed the button comes up until it is cupping Kirk's cheek.

"I am not worried that you will embarrass me. You could never embarrass me. I am... fearful that my father might scare you off."

Jim is suddenly moved almost to tears.


To think that Spock would believe anything could scare him off.

"I love you, t'hy'la. You know that. I'd face a hundred regal Vulcan aristocrats for you."

Spock's face softens and he moves in for a quick human kiss.

"Thank you, ashaya."

He whispers this against Jim's lips. He steps back, a smile in his eyes.

"I am glad you are so willing, because eventually, we will have to journey to Vulcan for a full Clan gathering, which, coincidentally, will comprise approximately 114 Vulcan aristocrats."

Jim swallows hard.

"You're joking."

Spock shakes his head serenely.

"My beloved, I never joke."

'You evil bastard.'

'I assure you, t'hy'la, my parents were both bonded and married for 7.6 years before my birth, so…'

"All right. Let's start with one Vulcan aristocrat, and I'll work up from there."

Kirk gives Spock a quick peck on the lips and then pushes the red button so that the elevator can continue its ascent.

The elevator doors open and as the two men step out, Jim places two fingers to the back of Spock's hand.

'Nothing in this universe could scare me away... except maybe a Klingon orgy. I will not partake in one of those, so don't even think about it.'

'You will not participate in any orgy, t'hy'la. You are mine.'

'Oh, back to stern sexy professor again, are we?'

'When we arrive home, the spanking will occur,' Spock promises him.

'You're bluffing, love.'

While walking to the check-in desk, Kirk can hear the distinct sound of Spock's laughter in his mind. It makes the human's heart swell to know that is capable of inspiring that sound from the Vulcan, even if it is only heard in their heads.

'I never bluff—just like I never joke.

The two men pull themselves out of their mental conversation and direct their attention on the receptionist sitting before them. She bows her head slightly.

"Good evening, Commander Spock. Your parents await you."

She ignores Jim like he was a stray puppy, until Spock's voice brings her up short.

"This is my bond mate, James Kirk S'chn T'gai Spock," he informs the woman. "You may offer your congratulations."

She freezes and stares at them both. Jim offers her a big smile. Spock offers her a severe glare.

She adresses Jim directly.

"Good evening. My congratulations on your bonding. May your lives be harmonious and your house strong."

Jim inclines his head in turn.

"Your good wishes are much appreciated."

'See, t'hy'la? I can be proper—even without a spanking.'

Spock inclines his head slightly.

'You are still getting one,' Spock promises.

The stern looking Vulcan woman leads them to an extravagantly decorated room, where a Vulcan man and human woman are sitting at a large dining table. They rise and walk over to Spock and Kirk, who are standing in the doorway.

The receptionist turns and leaves without saying a word.

The older Vulcan and his wife are now standing before Jim and Spock. Amanda is practically beaming at her son and his bond mate. Her husband is shifting his analysing gaze between the two young men.

Spock raises his hand in the Vulcan salute as he addresses his father.

"Good evening, Father. May I introduce my bond mate and t'hy'la, James Tiberius Kirk S'chn T'gai Spock."

As Spock's father returns the salute, Kirk tries to not scrunch up his nose in disgust at something Spock had said.

'Why did you have to say my middle name? I HATE my middle name!'

Spock pointedly ignores his bond mate's mental whining and continues with his introductions.

"Jim, this is my father, Sarek. He is the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth."

Kirk wants to impress his new father in by giving him the Vulcan salute, but he had spent all afternoon trying to contort his fingers into the right position, without success. He remembers the pain in his joints and decides that a bow will have to do.

"I am honoured to meet you, Ambassador Sarek."

Sarek just nods his head in acknowledgement and goes to move away, but Amanda not-so-subtly elbows her husband in the ribs. Sarek winces and then fully turns back to Kirk.

"The honour is ours. Please come and sit, so that we may commence dinner."

Once they are all seated, waiters bring out appetisers.

Kirk looks down at the strange food in front of him and shrugs. He silently prays that he won't have an allergic reaction and die.

A throat clearing brings Jim's eyes up until they meet the blank face of his new father in-law.

"Mr Kirk, how long have you known my son?"

Kirk takes a bite of a mysterious vegetable and hums in approval before answering Sarek.

"A little over a week. We meet at the Academy. I am a cadet, although I'm not Spock's student. " 'Not anymore, that is, unless you count the whole 'sexy professor' scenario.'

'Two spankings,' Spock promises.

'Please, love, not while I'm charming your father.'

Sarek's eyebrow rises.

'Huh. The eye brow of doom comes from both parents. It's a miracle Spock's eyebrows stay down at all.'

"Do you not find it strange that you are bonded to my son after knowing Spock for such a short length of time? I was led to believe that humans require more time establishing a relationship before making such a... permanent commitment. I hope that you have not entered precipitously into an arrangement such as this without serious thought. Having worked with humans, I know that they can be—fickle."

Kirk can feel Spock's indignation bubbling over to his side of the bond and tries to soothe it by sending back his unconditional love.

Kirk glances to Amanda, who is glaring daggers at her husband, and then looks back to Sarek.

"There was nothing precipitous about it, I assure you, Ambassador. Why waste time when you have found your soul mate? Spock is my other half, and I love him more than anything. Being bonded to your son makes me feel whole... maybe for the first time in my life."

He looks into Sarek's eyes, his expression serious.

"And I can promise you, there is nothing fickle about my feelings for your son. I will honour our bond faithfully for as long as I live."

Sarek nods his head, expecting Jim to continue. Jim doesn't know what else he can say, unless...

He did promise Spock that he would be on his best behaviour, but Spock also said that he could never be embarrassed by his t'hy'la. Jim decides to put Spock sincerity to the test.

"It also doesn't hurt that Spock is dynamite in the sack. I don't know if it's a family trait or if Spock is just really gifted, but you can be proud of him."

Sarek coughs as he chokes slightly on the food he is swallowing, while Amanda throws her head back, laughing hysterically.

Jim turns to find Spock staring at him with eyes so wide that Kirk is sure the Vulcan's eyes might fall out of their sockets.

'Three spankings.'

'Now, love, if I can't sit down, I can't attend class, and you don't want a drop-out for a bond mate, do you?'

'Conceded. I will think of something else, however. I promise you.'

'I have lots of ideas,' Jim promises.

Amanda slowly stops laughing and wipes a tear from her eye. She points a delicate finger at her son-in-law.

"You are the best thing that has happened to this family in a long time, James. I have never known anyone besides myself who is capable of rendering both Spock and Sarek speechless. I am so happy you found Spock. I can use an ally."

Spock blinks a few times and then clears his throat.

"Mother, I believe it was I who found Jim."

Kirk takes Spock's hand and brings it to his lips, pressing a light kiss into the palm before he releases it.

"We found each other."

Sarek looks to his wife, who smiles softly at him, and then turns to the young couple across the table.

"Spock, even though your choice in bond mate is... unorthodox, I will concede that he apparently does love you deeply. Your mother also seems to be fond of him, and she is a very perceptive individual."

The older Vulcan turns to Jim.

"Welcome to the House of Surak, James. You will find being bonded to a Vulcan both rewarding and pleasurable."

Kirk gives his father in-law a sly smile. He can't really be blamed when Sarek leaves himself open like that.

"I have already had a taste of the 'pleasurable' part. I definitely know I lucked out in that department."

Spock groans and pinches the bridge of his nose as if he is trying to fight off a headache. Amanda is covering her mouth, but a few chuckles escape. Sarek simply nods. Kirk is a little disappointed by the reaction until the Sarek opens his mouth.

"Indeed. He is my son after all."

Kirk cracks up laughing and is joined by Amanda. Spock's face goes a moss green and he buries his head in his hands.

'T'hy'la, your parents are awesome!'

'You are in an extraordinary amount of trouble.'

'We humans have an old saying, love: put up or shut up.'

Jim gasps as Spock sends him a couple of choice images. He really is in trouble. He can't wait to get home.



The trip home is made in silence, which scares the living shit out of Jim. He tries to strike up a conversation with his husband, but Spock just keeps ignoring him.

Once they get to Spock's apartment and the door is opened, Spock shoves Kirk through it. The Vulcan continues pushing the human, until he is laying flat on his back on the sofa.

Spock then climbs on top of his bond mate and looks down upon the fair man, like a predator would look at its prey.

"You did not stick to the topics I had you memorize. I believe I need to punish you."

Kirk reaches up and caresses one of Spock's pointed ears. He smirks when he hears his bond mate purr at his ministrations.

"Not that I am complaining about the 'punishment,' but what does it matter if I went a little off script? Your father thinks I am great and I think your mother has a little crush on me. Not that I blame her. I AM irresistible."

"I am going to have to spank you every day for the next year."

Jim winds his arms around Spock's neck and pulls himself up to nibble on an ear point, loving the sudden shudder that runs through Spock's frame.

"You could spank me," Jim murmurs, "or you can just fuck my brains out. Your choice, love."

"Do I have to choose?"


Jim presses closer.

"Just…hurry up."

Spock bends down and captures Kirk's lips, kissing him desperately.

"I choose…you. All of you."

The blond moans and arches up as Spock begins unbuttoning Jim's shirt. The Vulcan gets frustrated with the slow progress and ends up ripping the shirt from Kirk's body. Buttons fly everywhere. As Spock surfaces from the kiss to throw away the scraps of cloth, Jim works on finally removing his annoying neck tie.

Their mouths meet again, Jim licking and nibbling at Spock's lower lips until the Vulcan's mouth opens. As Kirk opens his mouth in turn to allow access to Spock's demanding tongue, the blonde's hands travel to his lover's ass, cupping and squeezing the firm flesh. Spock growls into Kirk's mouth and more heat shoots up and down the human's spine as that sound reaches his ears.

Jim can feel Spock's hands begin their work on the fastening of his pants. Kirk inwardly hopes that they undo easily, because they are his only fancy pair. Then Spock's knuckles brush across Jim's straining hardness, and Jim decides that having good pants is highly overrated.

A beeping from the computer terminal shatters the mood.

Spock breaks the kiss and goes to get up, but Kirk grasps him by the collar and tries to keep the Vulcan on top of him.

"Leave it. We're busy."

Spock shakes his head, removes Kirk's hands gently and gets to his feet. He makes his way over to the terminal.

"It could be Captain Pike. I cannot just ignore it. It may be important."

'It had better be an interstellar war, or I'm going to kick Pike's ass.'

Kirk watches with disappointed eyes as Spock accepts the call.

Jim recognises the voice immediately and decides, right then and there, that the big guy upstairs must really hate him.

'I bet God is a Romulan... no no, a Klingon. Yeah, that would totally explain why this is happening.'

"Oh sorry. I must have dialled the wrong number. I am looking for my son, James T. Kirk."

If Kirk wasn't so mortified himself, he might laugh at Spock's 'deer in headlights' expression, but all he can do is watch in horror.

"The... person who you are seeking is here. I will just..."

Kirk moves to stand behind where Spock is sitting and is now in within view of the screen... without a shirt, his hair mussed, his lips swollen with Spock's kisses, and his eyes (Jim's willing to bet) dilated with passion.

"Hi Mom. I wasn't expecting your call."

Winona's gaze bounces from Jim's face to the Vulcan's a few times, before she decides to settle it on her half-naked son. She narrows her eyes suspiciously.

"Obviously. I called your room and Leonard gave me this number. I just wanted to find out how you are faring after our little talk..."

The older woman tilts her head and scans Jim's appearance.

"But it seems like you're doing just fine."

'I'm going to fucking kill Bones for doing this.'

Kirk can sense the same mixture of anger and embarrassment coming from Spock.

'I shall be your alibi if you decide to follow through with your threat.'

'Yeah. A friend will help you move. A bond mate will help you move a body.'

'A phaser blast to the head will leave no body, t'hy'la.'

Jim chokes with laughter.

'Oh, my God. You bloodthirsty little Vulcan.'

Their mental conversation is cut short by Winona Kirk's voice.

"Oh, how rude of me! My name is Winona Kirk and as you have just found out, I am Jim's mother. Don't hold it against me. And you are?"

Kirk shakes himself out of his murderous daydreams and answers his mother before Spock can open his mouth.

"Mom, this is Spock, he is... my husband. We were bonded last night."

'She doesn't need to know that the actual bonding happened over a week ago.'

Winona looks out from the screen for a few moments. Then she begins howling in laughter. Spock and Kirk share shocked looks at the woman's unexpected reaction.

'I think we broke my mother.'

Their focus is brought back to the screen when they hear the older woman clear her throat.

"Thank God for that. I thought you had used the information I gave you to seduce a Vulcan for kicks and then we would probably have an intergalactic incident on our hands. Marriage I can deal with, though I am shocked that even a Vulcan was capable of taming you, Jimmy."

Kirk just stares at his mother, until he is sure that the power of speech has fully returned to him.

"You're not... mad?"

Winona smiles and shakes her head.

"Why would I be mad that you have finally settled down with someone who so clearly loves you and who also happens to be smoking hot? You sure did luck out. He is gorgeous, Jimmy."

Spock turns six shades of green.

Kirk returns an identical smirk to his mother.

"Yeah, I know. Thanks, Mom."

Mrs Kirk rolls her eyes and shakes her head again at her seemingly clueless son.

"You don't need to thank me for being happy for your joy. That's what mothers do. Even messed up ones like me."

Winona Kirk's face suddenly turns serious, as her eyes switch to Spock.

"I like you, but if you ever hurt my son, I will track you down and kill you... slowly. Do you understand?"

Spock nods once, never dropping his gaze from his suddenly frightening mother in-law.

"Affirmative. You will not have to concern yourself, because if I do cause damage to my bond mate, I will gladly lay down my own life."

Winona tilts her head again, as she now examines the Vulcan slowly. A small, tender smile forms on her lips.

"Good. Well, now we all know where we stand. I think I will go and let you get back to... whatever you were doing that a mother really doesn't need to know about. Oh, and I expect a visit from both of you at Christmas."

Kirk chuckles and nods his head.

"Sure Mom. Talk to you soon."

Winona waves at the two men, and then the screen goes black.


Spock tilts his head in a confused manner.

"It's a human family holiday involving lots of food, gifts, and family members making each other'll love it."

Kirk pulls Spock to his feet and starts dragging him in the direction of the bedroom.

"All the parents are now informed, so I think we can get back to the more important things, like finally having sex with you on a bed. The floor, sofa, wall, kitchen bench, shower and table were nice, but this marriage can't really be official until we do it in a bed."

Jim lets go of the Vulcan's hand as they reach the bed and takes off his pants, before jumping on the bed. The blond looks up to find Spock's irises completely eclipsed by his pupils.

]The Vulcan strips quickly, gets on the bed and crawls up Kirk's body, until he kissing Jim passionately.

'I find your plan acceptable.'

Kirk rips his head away to look into his husband's eyes.

"I thought you would. Now, hurry up and finish your husbandly duties." He moans as Spock's clever fingers begin to work their magic.

'I will never be 'finished,' t'hy'la,' Spock promises. 'I will love you forever.'

'Oh, yeah. I can so do forever.' Jim melts into Spock's embrace, feeling his bond mate's love all around him.

Their mouths meet again and their minds know nothing, but the feeling of completeness binding them together forever.


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