They sped down the road, Scott straining against Pedro and Matt in an attempt to make Richard go faster. Richard's teeth were gritted with the force he was putting on the pedal, knowing the jeep had a maximum speed and not caring at all. All that was important was getting to Jamie and bringing him to safety. The sandy stretches on either side streamed by in long beige lines, darkened in what was now the early morning light. Matt now had no link to Jamie, the pain and screaming completely gone from his mind. He couldn't make a connection at all, even though he was struggling with the faint echo of the last. He looked out of the windscreen in desperation, but couldn't see anything except darkness ahead.


Allie was still wriggling, causing the light to swing back and forth with her, making a creaking noise as it did so. She was swinging heavily from side to side, the shine coming out of the bulb illuminating first the full-length glass windows opposite her, and then the wall behind her. Professor Chambers was lying still on the sofa, her eyes shut. Jamie's vision was still a little blurred and he couldn't tell yet if she as alive.

Suddenly the door directly to the left of his body, on the same wall so he could not yet turn and see why it had done so, opened with a creak. It gently hit the wall behind, and then stayed there and someone entered the room. They kept their back to Jamie, so he could not see who it was, but he could make out their massive frame and bald, shiny head. Allie paused in her swinging, looking afraid. He saw that Professor Chambers was stirring in the other room.

Then the figure turned and he forgot about his surroundings. He found himself faced with a fat, bald, ugly man, wearing a greasy and dirty suit, blazer gone, also adorned with a big bloody bullet hole in the middle of his head.

He found himself facing his dead uncle Don.


Matt released his grip on Scott, finally convinced the boy wasn't going to murder Richard. Scott was sitting hunched in his seat, hands clenched into tight fists. Matt sighed. He had never openly admitted it, but from the tie he had spent with the twins so far he definitely preferred Jamie. The boy was funnier, more willing to cooperate, and actually spoke using words that were made up of more than one syllable and a grunt. But still, Matt could not sit by and watch Scott in such pain and fear. He could even see the gleam of tears in Scott's angry eyes. He spoke out in his mind, knowing Scott could hear every word.

We'll find him…he's still here, we would feel it if he was killed…we are going to get to Jamie.

Scott look up, his eyes red and still furious, but underneath that Matt could see the fear. They met each others gaze for a moment, and Scott's softened momentarily.

I hope you're right Matt…


Jamie squeezed his eyes shut, and screamed again, the gag slipping to one side. His head was on fire, burning every sense he owned. He was thrashing, trying to move, but the man in front of him just kept smiling, smiling with his big mouth, exposing his disgusting yellow teeth. His eyes gleamed manically, the skin around his greasy stretched lips and small pig eyes screwed up and wrinkled. He removed the knife from Jamie's stomach and his lips stretched apart even wider in a grotesque smile. Then he placed his hand over the gaping wound in Jamie's stomach and Jamie felt the skin slowly pull back together, the muscle underneath the cut re-attaching and the skin stretching to meet. He groaned and dropped his head, feeling more sweat break out along his brow. Allie, still dangling from the lamp, was screaming and sobbing, watching the blood coming from Jamie's cut slowly drip to the floor. Professor Chambers, in the other room, was crying silently into her gag. Don stepped back and scrutinized his work, still with the insane grin on his face.

"You…should…be…dead!" Jamie panted. The ache in his stomach intensified as he spoke, and he bit his lip and moaned.

Don's smile fell so quickly it was hard to believe it had been there in the first place.

"Yes. But the Old Ones came for me. They understand what a little shit you are and they're giving me the chance to get what I want and help them too."
His voice rasped in a way it never had before. Each word sounded wrong, impossibly old.

Jamie shook his head. Don started to walk forwards again.

"WAIT!...wait….what do they want?"

Don smiled. "You tricked them once, through deception and lies. One of your's died in order to take you back. They will not make the same mistake again. You will be get weak, and in too much pain to act as one of the five. But you will not be allowed to die. Now stop asking questions and keep screaming. It is such a beautiful sound; I missed it dearly."

Jamie shook his head again in desperation, his knees weak in fear, but Don got closer and closer, the insane grin returned to his face.


Richard pulled up outside the house and braked sharply, Scott leaping out the car before it stopped moving and stumbling. He sprinting into the house, barging through the door on the latch like it was not there. The others weren't far behind.

He ran through the downstairs, into the kitchen, into the downstairs bedroom, checking out of each window. Then he ran into the dining room, took one look, before crouching on the ground and letting out a roar or anger and misery.

"He's back! He's Back!" he shrieked, snatching up a photo frame from the floor and flinging it to the side, smashing it against the table. Allie flinched, crying.

Richard was next, and he stared around in shock. The room was hell. Professor Chambers was crawling through the arch from the next room, her hands and feet tied. The full length window was smashed, the glass littered all over the floor. The light from the ceiling had been snapped off, and lying on the shining oak table was a crying young girl, who he recognized as one of the dancers from the show. Her hair was messed up, she was sobbing and bruised and tied up as well, but she was definitely one of the dancers.

And on the wall, next to the door, was an odd arrangement of rusty iron nails stuck into the wall. It took him a moment to realize that they were an outline of a person. There was small tears of cloth attached to each one. And stuck right in the middle, over the puddle of still wet blood on the floor, was a photo.

Richard snatched it from the wall and held it up. it was a picture of the 2 twins together, back when they were younger. Their hair was longer again, and they were shorter. They were standing in the middle of a fat, ugly man who had his arms around the miserable looking boys.

Scott shrieked again.

"Uncle Don's back!"