Saving Neopia

Well, here's my sixth or so story I've made on fanfictionnet. For some reason even though I've been a teenager I've been playing Neopets a lot lately (crazy, I know.) so I decided to make this story.

Mind you, it can be dark and scary at times (much like Neopia itself), although I'll try to keep it appropriate for the audiences at , of course. I'll also try to keep it original, although some things in the story may remind you of other things on the site….

I've got other stories to work on, so don't be surprised if I don't update too much. I'll try to finish the story through beginning to end though. So without further ado, let the story begin!

Chapter 1: The Adventure Unfolds

Our story starts at Roo Island…the place where the happy-go-lucky Blumaroos call home…

A yellow Blumaroo was sitting at a table, reading a book.

"Hey Bloony, want to go play Dice-A-Roo?" a blue Blumaroo asked him.

"Not now, Bluigi, I'm in the middle of reading a book." The yellow Blumaroo responded, slightly irritated.

"Ok, suit yourself." With that, the blue Blumaroo bounced off.

Bloony the Blumaroo had always been different from the other Blumaroos. He was not carefree (although he was usually in a good mood, given that Roo Island was a paradise), he was not careless, he was not that fond of nachos (which all the other Blumaroos craved), and he would not play Dice-A-Roo that much.

While this did not earn him the dislike of the other Blumaroos, Bloony the Blumaroo usually wondered why he was so different. His parents were just as happy-go-lucky as the other Blumaroos, why wasn't he?

Bloony decided to keep reading his book for the time being. Maybe he could find something interesting. He was quite intelligent for a Blumaroo, and was close to getting into the Book Club.

Bloony was about to finish the book when he heard a knock on his door. Bloony put his book down and went to answer the door.

"What?" Bloony asked, once again irritated. "The king's inviting everyone to his castle."

"OK." Bloony said, rolling his eyes as he did so. Usually when the king invited everyone to his castle it was for a party or something. Bloony wasn't that fond of parties. It wasn't that he didn't like them entirely, he just didn't like the loud noises all the Blumaroos made during the party and whatnot. They were real party animals.

Today however, things were different. "Hello everyone! It's me, the King of Roo Island!" the King said to his subjects. "Hooray!" the Blumaroos shouted. (Well, except for Bloony, who simply waved at him.)

"Now normally I would call you here for a pizza party or something like that. After all, you guys do enjoy food. But today I'd like to talk about something just a little more serious." The Blumaroos looked at each other and at the king in confusion.

"Don't get me wrong, it's nothing major, it's just that a Chia who visited the island has suddenly been reported missing." The King continued. "According to the Blumaroos who saw the Chia, she wasn't very social, and had very bad manners."

All the other Blumaroos once again looked in each other in confusion. An antisocial Chia? That was almost completely unheard of. Even fully-grown Chias would rarely live alone. There were more towns and villages dedicated to Chias that to any other species of Neopet. What was the world of Neopia coming to?

Bloony thought to himself. "Hmm, interesting. A misfit, kinda like myself…."

"It's nothing major, I'm sure the Chia will turn up soon. But until then, be on the lookout for a Red Chia, OK? Remember what I told you."

The Blumaroos all left the castle after that. Bloony thought to himself, "Where could that Chia be?"

It was getting late, so the Blumaroo decided to go to the bed.

Unbeknowist to the Blumaroo however, the reasons for the Chia's disappearance were more sinister than the King had realized….

So the story begins….do you like it so far? In the next chapter, we'll see what has happened to the red little Chia….