Well, this is the battle we've all been waiting for, hasn't it? This is the final battle between the Heroes of Light and the Cult of Apocalypse…and the chapter where they finally get to fight Lord Cataclysm and finish him once and for all…

At least, that's what you've probably been expecting to happen. What will happen in this final battle will probably surprise you…on the hand, you might have been expecting this to well.

To be honest, I was originally going to call this chapter simply "The Final Battle"…but I figured you would probably be expecting that…so I decided to come up with a slightly different title for this chapter, as you've already seen.

Personally, I found it to still be fitting…so I hope you enjoy the chapter of this title…just like you enjoy watching the final battle…it was bound to happen sooner or later, am I right? After everything our heroes have gone through they've probably been looking forward to a conclusion.

So let's give them one, shall we? For better or worse, here comes the final chapter! And before you ask, this chapter will include an epilogue, just to wrap up a few loose ends. I hope you enjoy the grand finale…of Saving Neopia!

Chapter 71: End of an Adventure

Our heroes entered Lord Cataclysm's throne room, and soon enough they saw him sitting on his throne. Oddly enough, he seemed happy to see them, which worried Bloony. Surely he would have been furious that they made it towards his throne room and that he would have to take matters into his own hands? Something wasn't right.

"Ah Heroes of Light, I've been expecting you. In fact, I had a feeling that you'd make it this far…You've really lived up to your name…you've managed to defeat my strongest minions…and now you've actually made it here towards my personal chambers and inner sanctum. You do not disappoint me." Lord Cataclysm spoke.

"Unfortunate for you, you are too late to stop me. In just a few minutes, the missile I launched into the sky will come crashing down…and soon everything will be corrupted…all the Neopets will be under my control and will do whatever I wish, and no more will Neopia be a pleasant place…it shall instead be a world of my liking…"

Bloony was not happy about this at all, and began calling him out for his horrible actions.

"You're a monster, Lord Cataclysm! How could you do this to all of Neopia! You've destroyed everything! Neopia is doomed I tell you, doomed! And it's all because of you! You should be ashamed of yourself!" he bellowed.

Lord Cataclysm simply laughed, a laugh which sent chills down our heroes' spines.

"Funny you should mention that…you see, due to the fact I was created out of Faerie anger and hostility…one could say that I'm made out what you consider to be known as evil. It is for this reason I decided to corrupt all of Neopia to make it to be a suitable environment for me…to this end, I recruited various followers to join my cause…hoping they would be able to help me with this task…" he answered.

All of a sudden, our heroes began to feel new emotions towards the dark lord, now that they had realized the full extent of his dark origins. Everything he had done was now starting to make sense.

"You've been probably curious as to why I can change so easily from one form to another…due to the fact that I was created by unstable magic, I'm not limited to one shape or form. In fact, I can transform into pretty much whatever I wish…" he explained.

"We're going to take you down, Lord Cataclysm! No more will you will make Neopia suffer! You're not going to hurt anyone else! This is going to be your last battle!" Cherry screamed.

"As always, you're eager to stop me…I know what you're thinking. You think that good always triumphs over evil, and that therefore you will triumph over me. Very well then. Let's see if you have what it takes to stop me…" he replied.

Suddenly, Lord Cataclysm started shapeshifting…he turned into an enormous Tonu with an extremely large horn to match and started charging straight towards our heroes. Thankfully, they managed to move out of the way.

"How are we going to stop it from charging? Take away its credit cards?" inquired Cherry.

"I don't think it has credit cards unfortunately. And I don't want to end up in jail for identity theft." opposed Sheldon.

"How will we defeat it, then?" asked Gary.

"Just hit it with everything you got. I don't think it's as tough as it looks." ordered Bloony.

And so our heroes did so, using all their anger and fury to attack Lord Cataclysm with all of their strength. This proved to be surprisingly effective, and he collapsed on the ground with a loud thud. Unfortunately, he was not out of the picture yet, as the battle was still beginning. He retaliated by transforming into an enormous fire-breathing Draik, and began flying all across the room, shooting fireballs towards our heroes at a rapid pace as he did so.

"Hit the deck!" Bloony screamed.

Our heroes had quite a hard time dodging all the fireballs, to the point where they began wondering how they were going to fight back without getting burnt to cinders.

"Maybe we should have read a book about Draik-Slaying…or brought a shield that could defend us from fire." thought Desdemona.

Thankfully, Marvin had a Turbo-Flame Reflector, which he used to rebound the flames. Furious, Lord Cataclysm decided to fight them on the ground, trying to roast them with his fire breath and swipe at them with his long tail.

But our heroes managed to evade both of these attacks by striking him on his unprotected sides, causing him to collapse on the ground once again.

But he still was not defeated, once again he transformed, this time into one of his favorite forms, a giant Hissi. Immediately, he started trying to sink his toxic fangs into our heroes, or better yet, swallow them whole.

"How are we going to stop him! He's gotten too big! And something tells me that we'll be goners if he bites us even once…" screamed Ursula.

"Enough is enough! I have had it with all these freaking Hissis in this freaking castle! Well OK, maybe we haven't encountered that many Hissis, but one giant Hissi is way too much for me!" asked Marvin.

"Ah yes, nobody really likes venomous Hissis that like swallowing entire Neopets whole, now do they? They should probably get an entry in the Gallery of Evil…" agreed Bloony.

Thankfully, Desdemona got an idea…she fired a dark fireball into Lord Cataclysm's mouth while he was preparing to attack.

This disoriented him, and allowed our heroes to start fighting back against him. Careful not to end up being constricted (which would spell their doom), our heroes knocked the enormous Hissi to the ground.

"Hmph, it appears that transforming into you Neopets is not doing me any good. I suppose it's time for me to try something else." Lord Cataclysm said.

Suddenly, he transformed into a giant, destructive cannon and started shooting cannonballs at our heroes. Gary (accidentally) managed to destroy it with his tail, but he then followed by transforming into a boulder and trying to flatten our heroes.

"How are we going to harm him now? He's made of stone! Physical attacks are out of the question!" Cherry exclaimed.

"Allow me." said Desdemona.

Firing a few quick magic spells, Lord Cataclysm slowly began to shatter, until he eventually crumbled into seven pieces. Unfortunately, these pieces then began forming into seven different weapons, respectively a sword, an axe, a wand, a spear, a shield, a mace, and a crossbow.

"Oh c'mon! How long is this going to take!" screamed Sheldon.

Immediately, the sword dived towards Bloony, the axe began trying to chop Cherry into bits, the wand began shooting magic at Marvin, the spear began trying to jab Ursula, the shield began trying to ram into Gary, the mace began trying to crush Sheldon, and the crossbow began shooting at Desdemona.

"Seems he's trying to fight us seven-on-seven now…" Bloony thought.

Thankfully, our heroes eventually overcame the various deadly weapons. Using his telekinesis, our yellow Blumaroo managed to slam the sword into the wall, our red Chia made good use of her clones to grab ahold of the axe and smash it apart, our green Mynci used his rocket launcher to blow the wand to bits, our blue Usul used her strength to snap the spear into two, our purple Grarrl bit the shield into chunks, our orange Skeith used his super speed to send the mace flying out the window, and our Dark Faerie used her dark magic to shatter the crossbow.

But Lord Cataclysm was still not out of the picture, as he reassembled together and once again sat on his throne.

"Most impressive, but now it is time for me to show you my true from…" he said.

All of a sudden, a strange darkness began to emerge from his cloak, soon smoke, vapor, wind and curiously mud and lightning began to fill the room. Lord Cataclysm wasn't kidding when he said he was made out of unstable Faerie magic.

"What's going on?" wondered our heroes.

An eerie glare appeared from within the darkness and other substances, causing the Heroes of Light to be more scared than ever.

"Fools! You honestly thought that you could defeat me? Unfortunately for you, I've got big plans for you…" he said.

Out of nowhere, dark tendrils latched out and ensnared our heroes…slowly they felt their free will being sucked away.

Once again, Lord Cataclysm gave out a laugh.

"Soon you will lose any sort of individuality you already possess, you shall become my slaves, and with your help I will be unstoppable…"

Suddenly, The Black Knight barged into the room, eager to assist his master in dealing with the Heroes of Light.

"What happened to you, Lord Cataclysm? All of a sudden…you look different." he noted.

"Oh this? This is my true form…in case you were wondering, I usually use a different form to suppress my power and keep it under control. Of course, seeing who I was dealing with, I decided to let myself go." Lord Cataclysm answered.

"What are you doing to them?" the Black Knight asked.

"Oh them? Well, seeing though they've proven themselves to be such powerful fighters, I figured that I would make them my ultimate minions by sucking their free will dry so that they would have no choice but to obey me." The dark lord explained.

"That's going too far! You need to stop this!" demanded the Grundo.

Lord Cataclysm simply laughed, and shot a dark spell at the mutant, knocking him out cold.

"Now that I've got the Heroes of Light under my control, your services will no longer be required. Consider yourself relieved from duty."

Immediately afterwards, Fallenova came inside, and saw what had happened to the Black Knight. Immediately, she became furious.

"Why'd you do this to him?!" she screamed.

"Let's just say that he wasn't useful to me anymore. Anyways, now that I'm almost finished with the Heroes of Light, I should be able to rule Neopia with an iron fist without fear of opposition." he answered.

"What?!" yelled Fallenova.

"I suppose you haven't quite catched on. You see, that chemical you and Professor Nyctus developed was designed to bring evil towards Neopia…that way it would be far more enjoyable for me…"

Fallenova at this point was enraged.

"Personally, I expected more from you, Fallenova…you had access to all six elements of magic…and yet you still couldn't take down the Heroes of Light…"

Suddenly, the Nova Faerie shot a fireball at Lord Cataclysm, caused him to be burned.

"Aargh!" he screamed.

"That was for Faerieland!" she bellowed.

She then hurled chunks of ice at him, causing him to become even more injured.

"Fallenova, what are you doing?!" he shouted.

"That was for Fyora!" she bellowed.

Next, the Faerie struck the Big Bad with lightning, causing him to be electrocuted.

"Aargh! Curse you!" he screeched.

"That was for the Neopets you hurt!"

Fallenova followed up by hitting him with a darkness spell, causing him to go blind.

"No! No! No!"

"That was for the Heroes of Light!" she bellowed.

The Nova Faerie kept on kicking, as she then crushed Lord Cataclysm with an earth spell.

"This can't be happening!"

"That was for all the Neopets you manipulated into doing your bidding!"

Finally, Fallenova shot an air spell at Lord Cataclysm.

"And that was for the Black Knight!" she screeched.

This must have done the trick, because suddenly the dark lord began to disappear.

"It's just as the prophecy said…and to think I worked so hard to fight fate…why does good triumph over evil? It doesn't make sense…everyone knows that evil is always superior to good…why did I lose?! Why can't I fight fate?! Why?!" he bellowed.

Shortly afterwards, he vanished completely, and suddenly everything seemed to become less evil…the Apocalypse Castle started to look rather cheery. Our heroes heard an explosion above their heads…had the missile exploded without Lord Cataclysm to command it? The Cult of Apocalypse members seemed just as curious as they were.

"Is Lord Cataclysm dead?" asked one of the Cult of Apocalypse members.

"It looks that way! I guess that means we can take a nice long-deserved vacation!" answered another cult member.

"That's good, I didn't like working for him that much anyway. He was really creepy and I got the feeling that he thought we were worthless." said the aforementioned Cult of Apocalypse member.

One by one, the Cult of Apocalypse cult members decided to leave. Hopefully they had realized that they were doing evil rather than good, and that they wouldn't do Lord Cataclysm's bidding anymore. Of course, now that he was gone, he didn't have any commands to give them anyway.

Fallenova suddenly collapsed on the ground. Apparently, using all that Faerie magic had taken quite a bit out of her.

"I hope she doesn't turn into a Grey Faerie from overuse from magic…" stated Gary.

"Don't worry, I think she's going to be alright…" answered Cherry.

Thankfully, the Nova Faerie did not turn into a Grey Faerie…in fact, she seemed awfully relaxed now that she was no longer under Lord Cataclysm's control. However, her armor had mysteriously disappeared. Perhaps it had been destroyed now that her master was gone?

Suddenly, the Black Knight's armor disappeared as well, causing him to wake up and wonder what was going on.

"What happened? Where's Lord Cataclysm? And why is Fallenova sleeping?" inquired the Black Knight.

"Oh her? She's taking a little nap…you probably won't believe us, but she managed to take down Lord Cataclysm…all by herself."

Suddenly, the Nova Faerie woke up…she started wondering what was going on as well.

"Funny…I think I had the strangest dream…I dreamt that I destroyed Lord Cataclysm and saved all of Neopia from his crazy plans…of course, I wasn't aware of his plans until he told me about it…right before I destroyed him. It was really weird." Fallenova explained.

"That actually happened." answered Cherry.

"What?" she screamed.

She looked around her, and noticed that everything seemed to be much nicer now that Lord Cataclysm had been defeated for good.

"It's as if his destruction caused everything to turn back to normal. You think what he had done would be more permanent…" she said.

"Yes well…so much for ontological inertia, eh?" Marvin answered.

"Ontological wha?" asked Ursula.

"Never mind, let's simply be glad that Lord Cataclysm is gone and that we can all throw a party. Who wants popcorn?" inquired Sheldon.

Suddenly, the Black Knight went up to Fallenova, who helped her to her feet.

"Did you really defeat Lord Cataclysm by yourself, Fallenova? Is he really gone?" he asked.

"Yes…hopefully anyway…either way, it looks like Neopia is safe from his clutches and that we won't have to worry about his wrath anymore…" replied Fallenova.

"Well then, I have to say that I'm rather proud of you. Thanks to you he'll never terrorize Neopia again, and that we can all sit back and relax and enjoy a nice game of Destruct-O-Match." congratulated the Black Knight.

"Hey, The Black Knight. Come closer, I've got a present for you." said the Nova Faerie.

The mutant Grundo did as asked. "What is it? Is it a surprise? I'm curious."

Suddenly, Fallenova gave him a peck on the cheek…causing him to pass out once more and collapse on top of her.

"I was afraid that was going to happen. Can you help me get him off of me? He's kind of heavy…" asked the Nova Faerie.

"You sure you don't enjoy it?" asked Desdemona.

"Well, OK, maybe a little, but still!" exclaimed Fallenova.

A few hours later…

Now that Lord Cataclysm was defeated, the dark curse he had cast on Fyora had been broken…in other words, she was no longer a statue and could rule Faerieland once again. Thankfully, the Cult of Apocalypse members had all left to do something other than do the bidding of some dark lord, mainly due to the fact they were bored, so they didn't have to worry about them.

Marvin and Ursula began helping to get the Healing Faerie out of her pipe, and were having a hard time doing so.

"Maybe if we spin it around?" asked Marvin.

Ursula began doing so, causing the Healing Faerie's top half to come out of the pipe.

"Well, I guess this is preferable, but I'm still stuck!" screamed the Healing Faerie.

Immediately, the green Mynci began to drool upon seeing her prettier half, causing Ursula to smack him in the face.

"Ouch!" he bellowed.

Ursula then used her strength to pull the Healing Faerie out of the pipe…which caused her to land on top of Marvin...and give him a big kiss.

"Am I in heaven?" he asked.

Ursula's face immediately turned a bright red, and smoke began to come out of her ears. She picked up Marvin and began dragging him by the ear away from Faerieland.

"That's it! No more Faeries for you! You're just too lovesick!" the blue Usul yelled.

"I'll call you!" Marvin shouted.

Elsewhere, Sheldon and Gary were trying to get the Library Faerie down.

"Can you use your teeth to bite the rope?" Sheldon asked.

"I can, but I'm really scared! I don't like heights! I'm not sure if I can do this!" Gary screamed.

"Just take a deep breath…" the orange Skeith suggested.

Gary did so…and suddenly he began screaming. Frantic, he rapidly bit into the rope that was suspending the Library Faerie…causing her to fall on top of Sheldon. Immediately, several stars began forming around his head.

"Why are there seven of you?" he asked.

"What have I done! I'm so sorry!" Gary yelled.

Thankfully, Sheldon was fine a few minutes later…after he took a trip to the Healing Springs.

At the Wheel of Fortune, Bloony and Cherry untied the Light Faerie who was in charge.

"Thank you…I was getting really dizzy." answered the pixie.

"No problem…I'm just glad that you're safe." replied Bloony.

A few minutes later…

Fyora had assembled all the Heroes of Light for a meeting, where she would thank each of them personally for helping them save Neopia.

"Funny, didn't she do that when Tormund and Roberta saved Faerieland and Meridell from the Darkest Faerie?" Bloony asked.

"Apparently she does this a lot." agreed Cherry.

"I'm just glad that we're getting a reward!" exclaimed Desdemona.

"A royal welcome to the Heroes of Light, who helped save all of Neopia from the wrath of Lord Cataclysm!" greeted Fyora.

Immediately, everyone in the crowd began cheering. The Heroes of Light looked around them, and noticed that curiously enough several Cult of the Apocalypse members were in the crowd, such as Shuriken and Professor Nyctus. Had they decided to renounce their evil ways now that Lord Cataclysm was gone? Granted, he had been manipulating them for quite some time…so perhaps it made sense.

"As a reward for your efforts, I will be giving each of you a badge to show that you're all officially heroes!" she exclaimed.

Immediately, the Heroes of Light all received seven badges with an insignia on it, which represented that they had saved Faerieland from certain doom.

"Alright! This is our lucky day!" yelled Marvin.

Fyora then called Fallenova to the stand, much to everyone in the audience's surprise.

"Yes…you wanted me?" she asked.

"Yes…due to the fact that she eventually saw the error of her ways…and was the one that vanquished Lord Cataclysm…she will now be put in charge of the Hidden Tower!"

Once again, the audience began clapping their hands.

"Thank you, your highness!" Fallenova exclaimed.

The Black Knight was then called up to the stand.

"Due to the fact that you helped Fallenova get the courage to stand up to Lord Cataclysm and put an end to his reign of terror, you shall be appointed captain of the Faerieland Royal Guard!"

The audience once again clapped, but the Black Knight raised an eyebrow.

"What happened to the old captain?" he asked.

"He fled like a Peadackle as soon as the Cult of Apocalypse launched their attack, and his whereabouts are currently unknown." explained Queen Fyora.

"I see…" the Black Knight thought.

"From now on, let this day be known as the Day of Illumination, due to the fact that this was the day when the Heroes of Light shined their light throughout Neopia by ridding the world of Lord Cataclysm's madness!"

"Hip hip hooray!" the crowd cheered.

Shortly afterwards, our heroes went to the Faerieland Gift Shop, where they would all get their picture taken so that they would all be registered in the Faerieland Hall of Fame…and so they would have something they could hang on their walls.

"Say cheese!" squealed the cameraman.

"Cheese!" they all exclaimed.


A few minutes later…

"So, are you all happy as to how the picture turned out?" asked Bloony.

"Yes, although Gary seems to be sweating somewhat…" Cherry noted.

"I was nervous, okay!" Gary exclaimed.

"It's OK, you look fine nonetheless. I'm just glad that you were brave enough to get a picture this time." answered Sheldon.

"Don't I look awesome in this picture?!" exclaimed Marvin.

"Surprisingly enough, you do. Then again, you always look awesome to me." agreed Ursula.

"One thing's for sure…today's a day that we're never going to forget!" Desdemona exclaimed.



Bloony went back home to Roo Island, where he found a bunch of Blumaroos that wanted to get his autograph. Somehow, he found the energy to give them all every single one. Even the king himself wanted an autograph!

Cherry went back to her house in Neopia Central, where she found her family had thrown her a surprise party. Personally, she was just glad that there was a lot of food, since she loved eating so much.

Marvin went back to his home in the Neopian Jungle, where much to his surprise he found that all of his friends wanted to play video games with him. He happily accepted this invitation, and together they played for a few hours or so.

Ursula went to her house in the clouds, where she found that a bunch of her friends wanted to do some exercises with her, simply so that they could lose some weight. She happily accepted the invitation, and even agreed to let them give her a makeover.

Gary went back to Tyrannia, where much to his horror a bunch of Neopets wanted to say hello to them. Immediately, he fled like a coward…but eventually he decided to come back and shake some hands, due to the fact that he was feeling brave after everything he had done.

Sheldon went back to the Lost Desert, where he decided to have a race with all of his friends. Naturally, he managed to win the contest, and was awarded with a shiny trophy that he could hang in his closet. Where his friends got a trophy, Neopia may never know.

Desdemona went back to the Haunted Woods, where much to her shock her friends wanted to renounce their evil ways and be good Faeries just like her…of course, it would be a long time before they did so completely.

Fallenova is still working in the Hidden Tower, giving out expensive weapons to rich Neopians, hoping that she wasn't giving them out to the wrong hands.

The Black Knight continues guarding Fyora to this day, making sure that she doesn't fall under attack along with the rest of his crew.

Professor Nyctus and Steven decided to live on Kreludor with all the Grundos, due to the fact that there was so much research they could do there.

Shuriken is currently still training with the Techo Master, hoping to become stronger without cheating like had done previously. He's also made friends with his other apprentice Ryshu the Nimmo, curiously enough.

Lord Cataclysm was broken down into the evil he was made out of…which hopefully would not come back together again for the sake of Neopians everywhere.

The Villains of Darkness's whereabouts are currently unknown, although rumor has it that they're currently concocting another evil scheme…which hopefully will fail miserably and in a rather comedic fashion.

The League of Villains were all sent to the Underworld, where they were all punished for their crimes by being forced to watch a bunch of horrible movies that not even a Tyrannian would enjoy.

Eithne was sentenced by the Faerie of Death to have her feet tickled by a bunch of Mystery Island natives…which backfired somewhat due to the fact that she enjoyed it.

Fyora continued to rule Faerieland, just like as she had been doing so for over nine thousand years.

Tura-Kepek was sentenced to watch the aforementioned horrible movies along with the League of Villains.

King Roo decided to eat a hot, delicious pizza that he had ordered from Pizza-Roo. It was delicious, and he savored every bite.

Bloony's Baby Blu blew a raspberry at Cherry's Snorkle, causing it to snort at it angrily in response. Thankfully, it got on well with our other heroes' Petpets.

The other Faeries in Neopia decided to throw a big party at Faerieland Palace…with Fyora's permission of course.

The other characters in this story lived happily ever after, unsurprisingly.

The author of this story is currently considering make a sequel at the moment, so he's giving you a sequel hook.

It's sequel hook time!

Steven searched in his suitcase…hoping to find the chemical Professor Nyctus that wanted for his next experiment. Instead, he found a strange potion that was as black as ink. Curious, he decided to investigate what it was, and noticed that there was a sticky note attached to it.

Dear Professor Nyctus,

It has come to my attention that there may be someone who wants to destroy my work, and ruin the perfect world that we have envisioned. Therefore, I have stored a small amount of my power inside this potion you see before you.

In the event I am somehow defeated, I want you to create a new body for me…and then use this potion to bring me back to life…remember what I've promised you…succeed and I will reward you and the rest of my followers greatly…in fact, you will be the first one to be rewarded.

So take care of this potion, and make sure that it does not spill or break.


Lord Cataclysm

"Some perfect world he managed to create, he tried to ruin Neopia for everyone! There's no way the professor is going to want to use this. I'm throwing it away!" he stated, tossing it inside a nearby trash can. He then went back to look for the chemical his boss wanted.

As he did so, the chemical began shaking back and forth, bubbling wildly as it did so.


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In the meantime, I'll probably be working on my other fics…it should be easier now that I've managed to finish this story. Feel free to read them if you want…but I get the feeling that some of them might end up dead, unfortunately, due to the fact that my heart's not really in them and I haven't gotten a lot of reviews for them…still, it might be worth a look.

So, hopefully you'll wish the Heroes of Light (and your other favorite characters, apart from Lord Cataclysm and the Villains of Darkness, of course) a happily ever after, so that they'll be in one piece in the event I do decide to make a sequel…seeing though I have a lot of time at my hands.

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