Kelis POV

I didn't see much of the fight, as soon as Mum ran up to help Aunty B I was dragged out of the building. I'm not going to argue with that choice, I haven't got the energy to deal with all the hassle that comes with a sexist society like AD1. I don't know the name or the personality of the woman who was presumably instructed to pull me from the fight, she didn't talk a lot and even when she did I couldn't understand her strong Russian accent. If she had introduced herself then I probably would've have been able to pronounce her name, I'm not the greatest when it comes to foreign languages.

Everyone has been returning to St Trinian's in small groups around every few hours, there isn't many left to come back. The First Years were the first ones to come home, followed by the other younger years half an hour later and then eventually everybody else including all the teachers minus Annabelle and the twin hockey coaches. I'm going to take a well-educated guess and say that the twins are either both with Mum or with Annabelle. It's well-known that they've been loyal to both Mum and Fritton since they were little, sometimes I can't see why they idolise those two women. Tania and Tara make out that it's such an honour to be Kelly Jones' daughter, it's more of a curse than a blessing. Although today it felt like a blessing.

Soon enough the building is once again buzzing with excited chatter as current and previous students gossip about their own antics. I don't join in though, I'll just be told what I've been told too many times before and I can't be bothered with it. To say my patience is low would be the world's biggest understatement of the past decade, today my patience is non-existent. I sigh to myself, now isn't the time to moping around and feeling sorry for myself. I'll have a time for all that later but now I need to be a St Trinian Head Girl and keep everything in order. When Jen makes her way home she'll take over for me so I'll have some time to think about the future.

I begin to stand from my seat in the corner, so far nobody has come to pester me about being 'a chip off the old block' or told me about the painting heist. So far so good. As I walk around I see some familiar faces among my girls, most of these are from Mum's time whilst others are Annabelle's. This isn't unusual, St Trinian girls always look out for their own. With that in mind, I'm still touched that (in most cases) a stranger would risk life and limb to help rescue me from the grasp of Pomfrey out of loyalty. Talk about honour among thieves! As I circulate around the room I make quick conversation with each individual person, attempting to learn each name as I go. Most of these women are still recognisable by their tribe, such as, all the brightly dressed belong to the Neons (previously called the Flammables) whilst the ones dressed in all black are clearly Emos.

I get to a slightly psychopathic woman called Zoe when the main doors are thrown open with a bang. The room falls silent as we look up to see the source of the noise. Standing before us is the final group to return home, all of them leaders and heroines in their own right. At the front of the group stands Mum and Annabelle while at the side of them stands Taylor and Andrea. The tension in the air is thicker than a families blood, has Annabelle actually forgiven Mum? From the stern look on Fritton's face I'd have to say no, but what do I know about Fritton? I tend to avoid her as much as I try to avoid Dad. My thoughts are then drowned out by a thunderous applause.

It isn't Mum who embraces me first, she starts to approach me but she soon begins to back off. I frown at her, surely she should be turning into one of those over protectives mothers by now? However, I am engulf in a bone crushing hug. I don't recognise the overpowering smell of the women's perfume and I don't particularly care. This may not be my Mum but I feel safe and at home, then the women speaks and ruins this perfect moment of bliss. "No matter what happens Kelis," Fritton whispers into my hair. "You'll always be considered and treated like my daughter and heir whether you like it or not!" I don't reply to her, I just nod my head. No river runs deeper then the tear that just leaked from my eye.

Kelly POV

I can't help but smile a little when Annabelle rushes over to Kelis, I may have blown everything with my own childish mistakes but at least she won't take it out on anybody but me. No matter what happens next, Belle won't turn her back on Kelis. That brings a small relief to my heart, although now it's time to talk everything out. This isn't going to be easy, admitting you're wrong is one of life's simple but hardest difficulty. When you're somebody like me, it's almost physically impossible. I've never truly been wrong so far in my life, my actions are always taken after using basic logic and sense.

Belle continues to encase Kelis in her arms, it's an endearing sight to see. I step forward, about to ask Bell if we can talk, when a hand grabs my arm and pulls me back. I turn around and open my mouth, ready to give this fool a verbal thrashing. There's a time and place for everything and now isn't the time for getting in my way when I'm about to admit I'm wrong. When I meet a gaze much like my own, I close my mouth and silence the insults. Her hand drops from my arm and falls into place by her side. She doesn't smile, smirk or make an attempt at being funny. Becca just looks back into my eyes with her own pain-filled gaze, shaking her head at me. "You've messed up," Becca says in a grave voice.

"I know," I reply.

"Good." She grins before pushing me forwards.

The room becomes silent again as I walk towards Belle, it's not my usual strut but overconfidence would make me seem and feel cocky. Instead of the normal strut, I do the walk of shame but with my head held high. Why is the silence so loud? It's making cracks appear in my resolve and making an endless stream of doubts flow into my mind. Have I thrown it all away? I think I've thrown it all way. I don't know. I just want things back to how they should be, I don't want to be dragged back down by the tide of my own guilt. Where is the man in the clouds when you need him most? Probably playing the latest Fifa, a voice whispers in the back of my head.

"Annabelle," I say with a raspy voice. The brunette releases Kelis and smiles at the girl reassuringly before looking at me with her own expressionless mask. I take a breath to steady myself and lick my lips and then it hits me like a slag with chlamydia, I truly have messed up. "I'm sorry."

"Kel, I'm not mad at you." She tells me, repeating the words I said to her on that dreadful night. "Not anymore."

"I'm so sorry," I repeat to her, trying to put across the true meaning of my apology. Belle rolls her eyes and puts her index finger to my lips.

"No more talking Kelly, what's done is done. We all make mistakes, yours was a stupid one." She smiles, whoever or whatever has spoken to Belle and convinced her to be so forgiving is my saviour. I have a feeling I know exactly who has spoken on my behalf, even when I turn around and punch her she's still got my back. I owe a lot to Rebecca Jones, I'm glad I've got a little sister like her watching my back the same way I watch hers. Belle smiles at me, she removes her finger from my lips and replaces it with her own lips. Then, as always, her hand slips into my back pocket. Unlike every other time, Belle pulls away first with a frown on her face.

I freeze when I see her frown, has she just had a change of heart? I hope not. From my back pocket she pulls something out, a box that I have no memory of. Annabelle opens it and her face erases all signs of stress, worry and age as it lights up in ecstasy. Her arms wrap around my neck in a vice like grip, "I do." Fritton whispers in my ear. From across the room I see Becca smirking and pointing to her ring finger. She winks before disappearing from sight.

I'm engaged to Annabelle Fritton.

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