A/N: On the Booshlr community of Tumblr I've started (still doing) slash and pairing prompts. One would send me a Boosh character (or related) and I would come up with a list of 5 character/persons of any of my choosing and write short drabbles for each. So here they are, I will upload as I will. There's going to be some innocent ones, fluffy, dirty, horrible, perverted...a grab-bag of strangeness. So hold on to your seats!


1. Bob Fossil

2. The Crack Fox

3. Kodiak Jack

4. The Hitcher

5. Sandstorm

1. "I...you sure?"

"Y-yes my little prince." Bob gulped, standing stock still wearing nothing but tack and hoof-boots.

Vince wasn't one to not hear of this sort of kink. But to see Bobby ask it of him, looking so needy and aroused, hoping he'd say yes...well, Vince couldn't say no.

Besides he'd always wanted a pony.

"Okay then." Vince sighed and smiled, watching as Bob squealed and jumped up and down, clicking his horseshoes on the floor.

"P-please m-my...owner...p-paint me 'Bluebell!'" Bob nudged over to the bedside table revealing gobs of used blue paints.

"Alright Bluebell, you've got yourself a deal...my little pony."

And with that, he began to paint a cutie mark to claim Bobby as his pony. Forever.


"ehheeeheee, he can't heeearr you little man!" Groaned the fox, tying up the last of the ribbons.

Vince squirmed and struggled, clawing and fidgeting in his bonds. His wrists were tied together with handkerchiefs and one leg extended and rusty-cuffed to a heavy arm chair in the shop. It was unfortunate that he had been knocked out long enough for his clothes to get pulled off, panty hose on him and tied up again; now he was only away for the final bits to be pulled over his head, petticoats and finally the back laced up with the laces and buttons.

He was wearing something frilly and purple. How and why The Crack Fox had it...well, now Vince knew. This was one sick fox.

"I remember my buddy in the zoo-zoo...tellin me 'bout your friend Vincey..." The fox licked his face, delighting in how uselessly Vince kicked about beneath him. "He said...your friend...used to sleep walk..."

"W-what, you mean Howard?" Vince struggled still, grunting as he felt him pawing him up, feeling his back. He shut up his whines though when the needled fingers were in his face.

"Ohohohoh yes Hooooward...you see...he was bummin' me fox friend...rapin' him..."

Oh...no...it WAS true...

"So I think...I'll be the fox...who bums his friend as well..."


3. Vince pawed the bed, crying into the fur-pillow as the grizzly man removed his pants. He had tried telling him that he was a man; didn't work. He tried to scream; Howard, Naboo, nor Bollo came. He was alone by the light of a kerosene lamp, getting a bumming from Kodiak Jack.

"I looove you my little Vince-y..." The man panted, foul breath making Vince curl up his nose in disgust. A rough tongue molested his ear again, licking and biting his neck. Vince cried out as the tongue went over his hickies again, as if several weren't enough. A strange sound was soon heard. Opening his eye Vince saw a bottle just placed on the bedside; something translucent, dripping and labeled 'Aunt Jenny's Secret Recipe Lube'.

...no...no...no...AHH! "AHHH! OH! S-STOP IT!"

"You're so tight...you're a virgin eh? Mmmhphf...I can feel it..."

Vince felt it too. He could only cry even more, biting the pillow trying not to scream. He didn't want it, didn't want him, didn't want to get a bumming. But he was getting one now.

4. "Honestly? You're weeing on me?"

The Hitcher immediately frowned. Vince just stood, taking the stream of urine all over his clothes till it stopped.

"Oh, I guess now you're going to kill me? Well 'oward will be here any minute now and I'll get out of your greenie-meanie clutches right?" Vince was confident as The Hitcher pulled out a knife. Vince was very sure good would win.

Without a word the man-witch grabbed Vince and pushed him firmly against the wall. Vince squirmed slightly, but tried to keep his cool, gulping and assuming a poker face as the last of his personal space was invaded.

Suddenly he was turned around, his face crushed against the wall! Vince began to verbally protest, arms reaching about but the knife jabbed against his ribs so close to stabbing silenced his movements. He breathed hard, gulping again and just laid his hands against the wall, hoping the knife wouldn't go further.

"Get off...me..." He said quietly and muffled. The Hitcher crushed him, sandwiching his body between the wall and the black and red body of the villain. The knife was still there as Vince took the next moments to feel how awkward it was being so pressed up against a man...

"You're going to be good now hmm?" the dark voice murmured in his ear. Vince could just imagine it as a snarl. He felt the knife press deeper against him. Now the tears were coming. It was strangely more frightening than he thought...Something was darker here...

"Y-yes..." Vince whimpered back, glad the knife was removed. Hands were suddenly around his waist, and he heard the zip of a fly.

His own.

"Good boy." Hissed The Hitcher, pulling down Vince's pants. "That's a good lad..."

5. "Now I can love myself!"

"Yeah you do that."

"But I still would like someone else to love me."

Vince was still staring at the schuka shucka rattle shucka of Sandstorms own ministrations.

"No thank you. I think I'll get going now."

"No you're not. You will caress me with your lady-hands."

They stared at each other, the sounds never ceasing. Vince bit his lip, getting a little more weirded out now.

"...I already said no..."

Sandstorm moved in closer. Quite fast. Moving in closer.

"No! Bugger off! Hey! Don't TOUCH ME that's...EWW! AHH! AHHHH!"

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