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A College Romance


Zona Rose

Chapter 11 Our Family

3 Years Later

Fate's POV

It's been great almost like the honeymoon has never ended. Our nights are just as passionate as ever and our days are as loving as always. I can't believe three years have actually passed; it all seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye.

But there's something important I want to discuss with Nanoha tonight, so I'm taking her out to dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant. We dress casual but nice; upon arriving at the restaurant, we got our usual table in the back corner.

After we placed our order I took Nanoha's hands in my own, and looked deep into her deep blue pools; I could lose myself forever in those eyes and be happy doing it. She could see that I wanted to talk about something important, and gave me the time to get up the nerve. This is something that I know she wants; that we both want is to have our own family.

"Nanoha I want to talk to you about something, which is both near and dear to our hearts. Something you had mentioned long ago about someday having a family. What would you think about adopting a child? Is that something that you would want to do now or later? I've been thinking about this a lot the past couple of months, and I think we're ready to have a child in our lives, but I didn't know if you're ready yet, to take on the responsibility of having a little one running around your feet."

I could see tears welling up in her eyes thinking that I had done or said something wrong I started to apologize, and then she placed a finger over my lips to stop me and smiled at me.

"Its okay Fate these are happy tears I'm not upset, so I want you to stop that right now. To answer your questions I've wanted to adopt a child for a while now, I've been looking at different orphanages in the area trying to see if there were any available candidates. So I guess the answer would be yes, I would love it for us to have family."

I was elated we were both on the same wavelength, but now to approach her about a child I had seen on one of the orphanages websites, she had just captured my heart with her story and she was so adorable.

"There's an orphanage two towns over from us has this adorable little girl. Her story has touched my heart and I was wondering if you wanted to go and see her this week."

"Sure there's an orphanage couple towns over that I was looking at also, and there's this little girl has such a sad story, that she captured my heart too. In her eyes are just so beautiful, but so sad to they just make me want to pick her up and hold her and protect her from the world."

"That's how I feel about this little girl, she has pretty sandy blonde hair, and the prettiest little eyes and her story just broke my heart."

"Fate is her eyes different colors?"

"Yes, she has one is red and one is green, why do you ask?"

"Because the little girl that I've been looking at has one red eye and one green eye also and her name is Vivio."

"We've been looking at the same little girl, I can't believe this Nanoha could it be that we're meant to have this little girl in our lives. I mean what are the odds that we would both be looking at the same little girl, and both of us thinking that she would fit perfectly in our family."

Just then our food arrived and we continued to make plans to go see little Vivio in two days. Everything felt right, like we were meant to have this little girl in our lives, to help nurture and protect her, and raise her to be a strong young woman, what more could I want for my child, but love and happiness.

That night when we got back home, we called the orphanage and made an appointment for a visitation in two days. We got a hold of our sisters to see if they could watch the bakery while we went on our little excursion. We didn't want to get anyone's hopes up so we kept it a secret as to where we were going, everyone thought we were going on a little romantic overnight, but little did they know this trip had a deeper meaning for us.

Before leaving I had grabbed my checkbook though I was loath to use it, I knew it might be catalyst in our adoption of Vivio, but I also wanted to make a small donation to the orphanage.

You see there had been some flash floods and many villages had been wiped out, Vivio's village was one of them she ended up losing all of her family as well as 75% of everybody in her village. There were several villages that had been devastated by these flash floods and this orphanage as well as several others had taken in the children that had been without family or anyone to take them in.

The drive out to the orphanage took us a good hour and a half, and by the time we arrived we were both ready to stretch our legs. Upon entering the slightly rundown orphanage we look for the administrator's office, finding it we walked in to find the secretary who we had actually made the appointment with, she sounded like a very nice woman on the phone, but in appearances she'd give anybody nightmares.

We were asked to wait until the administrator was ready, as she had called Vivio to the office. We waited for about 10 min. when the door opened and a little girl being led by an older woman I can only assume was a teacher, as they walked by us the little girl looked over at us with scared and frightened eyes. I wanted to stand up go over and hold her in my arms, but I hold back and took Nanoha's hand instead she squeezed it gently as if she understood.

After a minute or two the secretary told us to go in, the administrator was a medium build woman with shoulder length blonde hair. The genuine smile that she gave us which reached her eyes put us both at ease, as we were both nervous.

"Welcome to the Saints Church orphanage, my name is Carim Gracia I'm the administrator of the orphanage and head of the Saints Church, please have a seat and will start our visit."

After we had sat, down we started discussing the different things that were required both in eligibility and if we were financially stable enough to afford bring the child into our lives. We both passed with flying colors on everything, especially after I pulled out the checkbook and showed that we had a backup in case the bakery ever came on hard times.

It was suggested that we come back on Friday and take Vivio with us for a weekend overnight so that we could all get to know each other and see if this would work out between the three of us. I didn't want to leave her behind but I knew that this was going to be the best, as we needed to clean up the spare bedroom so it was ready for her.

The next few days ended up being very hectic between working in the bakery and cleaning up that spare bedroom. We bought a few stuffed animals and toys so that she would have something to help keep herself occupied. I never thought Friday would ever get here, but here we are walking into the orphanage and we were about to take little Vivio home with us for the weekend.

As we were waiting for Vivio, Ms. Gracia was telling us that Vivio thinks that her family is still alive, even though they've tried to tell her that they have gone to a better place and she'll see them again someday, but she doesn't understand that she'll never see them again in this lifetime.

The door to the office opens quickly and a slender and tall woman with short brown hair comes bursting in with a worried expression on her face. "Vivio's gone missing again and she's not in her usual hiding places."

We both stood up and volunteered to help look for her, we were worried that something might happen to her. After 20 min. of looking I was on the second floor looking down at the courtyard garden, there I could see Nanoha kneeling down as if she was talking to someone behind the high bush.

The next thing I knew she was holding Vivio in her arms and walking towards the building. I was so relieved to see that Vivio was unhurt, but it also warmed my heart to see how the two of them looked together.

By the time I caught up with them in the office, Vivio had fallen asleep in Nanoha's arms, the sight before me just made me melt inside. Soon after we went out to the car, setting Vivio in her car seat she didn't even wake up. The entire trip she stayed asleep, I gently took her out of the car to bring her up to our apartment. Holding her in my arms just felt so right, it was like she was a part of me, and a part of us and with every passing day I was falling in love with this little girl.

The weekend went by so fast none of us wanted it to end, Saturday night in bed Nanoha and I decided to discuss if we wanted little Vivio to be a part of our lives.

"Fate I don't want to give her back tomorrow, I want to keep her she feels like a part of our lives like she's meant to be with us. Do we have to give her back tomorrow?"

"I don't want to give her back either, we'll see if we can start the adoption process tomorrow. Right now that's the best we can hope for. I just know that this is going to break her little heart thinking that we're giving her back, that we don't want her but that's the furthest from the truth, isn't it."

It had been decided that night that we both wanted Vivio in our lives. Come tomorrow we were going to start the adoption process and hopefully bring her back home as well.

We all got into the car Vivio at first seemed excited, but the closer we got to the orphanage more antsy she became, until she saw the orphanage and then the tears started she was quiet but I could see the tears streaming down her face.

Nanoha had gotten out of the car and picked her up and held her tight, I got out and moved around the side of the car and we sandwiched her between us, telling her that we had to come back so that we could make her a part of us and a family. She didn't seem to be listening so I wiped away her tears and kissed her cheeks, then I grabbed Mr. Rabbit out of the back seat and gave it to her.

When we got into the office, we explained that we wanted to adopt Vivio, and if it was at all possible, we wanted to take her home that day. Three grueling hours of filling out and signing paperwork, paying fees, and waiting for the legal documents to be faxed so that we could take our daughter home.

When all was said and done we both stood up and headed for the door, and we both looked back at Vivio with our hands stretched out to her, and told her that it was time to go home together.

She stood there staring at us as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing. Then her little eyes brightened and one of the most beautiful smiles came crossed her face, as she realized that we really did want her in our lives. She came running up to us grabbing our hands, and beaming up that us. Our family is now complete we have everything that we want, I couldn't ask for anything more.

Two Years Later

Nanoha's POV

Our little bundle of joy has just turned six last month, she's brought warmth and love that neither one of us has ever truly experienced, but I'm still feeling empty like I'm missing something, I guess it's time to talk to Fate about what I really want.

"Fate don't go to sleep yet I want to talk to you, about some things that are really important."

"Hmmm, what is it Nanoha what's so important that it can't wait until morning?"

"First I want talk to you about hiring a couple of people to help around the bakery."

"We've been doing really good we should be able to afford to hire a couple of people."

"Good, I was hoping you would say that. Because that brings me to the next thing that I want talk to you about."

"Nanoha what is it?"

"… Fate… I want to have your baby."


"Did you hear me I want to have your baby?"

"Nanoha I don't have the equipment to give you a baby."

"No silly, I've been doing some research, and I've come up with a way that we can have our own child together. Just like I've always wanted."

"There's a way that we can have a child together, tell me more you've got my full attention."

"Well it starts off with blood tests to see if we're the same blood types, meaning if we're both positives or both negatives. If we're both the same then everything is a go. The next step would be that they would take some of your eggs, fertilize them with sperm, and then inject them into me, and hopefully I would become pregnant with your child, in the end it would be our child."

"Nanoha, how long have you been researching this, it sounds like it's taken you a long time to get all of this information."

"It's been about a month now; the need to bear your child has been growing since Vivio's birthday. I want to feel your baby growing inside of me, which would make me so complete I couldn't describe it to you. Please Fate at least let us take the blood test to see if it's possible."

"When do you want to take the blood test?"

"As soon as possible, we can go tomorrow or the day after, I don't care as long as we do it soon."

Fate leaned towards me and kissed my lips tenderly and then moves her left hand and caresses my bear belly with a dreamy look in her eyes. As we drifted off to sleep we were spooned her right hand was cupping my breast and her left was tenderly rubbing my belly.

The next day we put up a help wanted sign. In addition, that afternoon we went to the doctors to get the blood test taken, it took a few hours to get the results back, but when we did, we were both overjoyed, we were both a positive match.

We asked our Doctor to refer us to a Fertility Doctor, because we wanted to get pregnant. He gave us the name of a well-known Fertility Doctor in the area that does same-sex pregnancies. He even made the appointment for us.

Her name is Megane Alpine, and once we stepped into her office we knew we were in the right place. We discussed the procedure and said that we wanted to get started right away. She said she had an opening the next afternoon but first, she wanted us to pick out the sperm donor.

She pulled out a book it was really a three ring binder approximately 3 inches thick. We sat looking through to see who it was we wanted the father to be. A quarter of the way through the book we came crossed the young man that we both liked his looks and the fact that he was military, his name was Vice Granscenic.

We continued looking through the book and about three quarters of the way through we came crossed another candidate, his name was Tiida Lanster. He was a police detective that had been killed in action while pursuing a murder suspect. This touched us both and we came to a decision we wanted him to be the father of our baby.

Dr. Alpine took Fate into another room saying that they needed to take some of her eggs so that they could be fertilized overnight and then implanted in my womb the next day.

The next day I found myself lying on the table with my legs up in stirrups and my private area exposed. Thank goodness that our Dr. was a female, or I would be feeling extremely uncomfortable. Fate was standing right next to me holding my hand, when Dr. Alpine came back in she had a syringe like tool in her hands.

"Are you ready for me to precede, Mrs. Testarossa?"

Looking up at Fate I smiled. "Yes I'm ready to become a mother."

With this she proceeded to inject what was in the syringe-like tool into my womb, afterwards she told me that I need to stay in place for at least an hour, then once we got home I was to take it easy and have bed rest for at least two days. This would give us the optimal time allowance for the best pregnancy.

Taking it easy and relaxing were not part of my nature, I always have to be moving or occupied with something, not lying on a bed or on the couch, but it was necessary so I did what I was told.

On the third day, I went back; to work only take it easy I didn't want overstressed myself. That afternoon we had two girls come in wanting to know if the positions were still available. We said yes and if they were able to start right away. They both said that they were, after filling out the paperwork we had to new employees.

One was a brownish reddish haired girl slimming build and very outgoing, her name is Teana Lanster, and the other girl had bluish hair that was short very, very outgoing and always excited over something, her name is Subaru Nakajima.

I had taken a pregnancy test to see if I had gotten pregnant or if we were going to have to go through this again the next month. The test showed that it was negative and I was slightly disappointed that I didn't get pregnant the first time around.

We continued with our daily lives as though nothing had gone wrong, when I started feeling dizzy and woozy, and next thing I knew I was falling on the floor in the kitchen. Teana came running up to me to make sure that I was all right.

Fate came in and picked me up, telling the girls she was going to take me to the doctors to make sure that I was all right, as I might've gotten sick from all the stress of wanting to become pregnant.

After putting me in the car, she ran upstairs to the apartment and got Vivio. Once at the doctors we had to wait a while, but once we got in, he came to see us right away. After telling him what had happened he decided to do some blood tests, while he was waiting for the test results he proceeded to examine me.

When he came back with the results, he had a very serious look on his face and it scared us all thinking that there was something seriously wrong with me. Boy was there ever, after standing there for a good few minutes his face finally broke into a huge smile.

"I suggest you call Dr. Alpine and tell her that she has another success under her belt and to give you the name of a good pediatrician as you are going to need it. Congratulations girls you're pregnant."

We were both stunned at his words; Fate seemed to be the one to come out of her dazes faster than I did, looking at me she had the most beautiful smile, she leaned down and kissed me and in the process her hands start rubbing my belly. That's when the realization finally sank in we were going to have a baby.

We invited everybody over and had a dinner party so that we could make the announcement, we included everyone from Fates family to my family, and including our new employees, even Hayate and her group were invited especially seeing how one of her group, Shamal was going to become very important part of our lives.

"Everyone please can I have your attention. Nanoha and I have something very important we want to tell everyone. For about a month now we've been trying to add to our family of three, and I am proud tonight to tell you that we're going to have a baby."

You could've heard a pin drop and then all of a sudden room was filled with questions on where we were going to adopt our next child.

"Okay everyone you need to quiet down, I don't think you all heard me correctly, so I'm going to put it this way, Shamal you were recommended to us by our Dr. to be our pediatrician. So will you be our pediatrician?"

"Fate, Nanoha are you meaning what I think your meaning?"

"Yes, that is exactly what I mean, we are pregnant, or to be exact, Nanoha is carrying my child."

I never thought I would ever see Fate look like a proud papa, but there she was standing in front of everyone strutting her stuff like a beautiful peacock. The night went by in a whirlwind of conversations and questions; everybody wanted to know why we have decided to have a child of our own, when we had Vivio in our lives.

"Teana, I have a question for you? You wouldn't happen to be related to a Tiida Lanster would you?" Nanoha asked.

"Yes, I am, he was my brother, why do you ask?"

"Well I just realized what your last name was, and wondered if you were related to him. Because you see, he was the donor that we chose to have our child with. So I guess in a way this makes us family, so it looks like I'm carrying your niece or your nephew."

"I didn't know that he had been a donor. Therefore, his legacy will live on. Thank you Nanoha, for telling me this you have made me extremely happy, you see he was the only family I had, and then he was killed, so I've been alone up until now."

The next five months went by in a whirlwind talking between both my mother and mother-in-law on their experiences being pregnant. Then came our first ultrasound we were very, very excited. We didn't want to know what we were having; we made sure that Shamal knew not to tell us the sex of our baby.

As she put the gel on the ultrasound she looked at both of us, smiled, and then proceeded to rub, it crossed my belly so that she could see if we were going to have a healthy child. What we got instead was a mild and pleasant surprise.

"Well I don't know what to tell you except to tell you straight out exactly what you have going on here. Now don't look at me with those expressions it's nothing bad, unless having twins would be bad?"

"Twins are you sure, I know the twin gene carries in my family, but I didn't think that I carried it. Nanoha were going to have twins, I can't believe it. Darling are you all right?"

"T-Twins there has to be a mistake, I can't carry two babies I'm too small."

Laughing she turned the monitor so that we could see that there were two separate heads and two little babies nestled inside of my belly, I was going to be having twins.

As the months went by we tried picking out names I came up with several most of them being girls names, let's see there was Akko, Shana, Sylvie, Nadie, Sakura, and Sango. Then they were some of the boy's names but I could only come up with a few of them Pazu, and Goku.

Fate on the other hand came up with a few more names the girl names she came up with were Kimera, Sheeta, Hitomi, Honoka, and Shizuku. Then there was her pick of boy's names Yuji, Seiji, Miroku, and Clyde.

We were actually having a hard time trying to figure out what names we wanted. Especially with the fact that it was coming down to the wire my due date is just weeks away.

Fate was sleeping peacefully but I was tossing and turning, for some reason I couldn't get comfortable, but then it started I got my first contraction and I woke Fate up to let her know that we needed to get to the hospital.

In a panic she starts running around just grabbing things and throwing them in a suitcase, I finally calmed her down to tell her that we had plenty of time to get to the hospital, my contractions had only just started.

This seemed to have calmed her down a little bit, as she started to get a little bit more organized. Grabbing a very sleepy Vivio, we made it to the car and drove to the hospital. After arriving, we went maternity ward where I was escorted to a birthing room.

At this time, Fate started calling everyone to let them know that I was going into labor. Each time I would get a contraction I would breathe through the pain as I was instructed by the nurse.

Fate was next to me the entire time holding my hand wiping my brow. I ended up going through 16 hours of hard labor, when the first little crown appeared and then it's little body came out, we were told that it was a little girl, a few minutes later the second one came out and were told that it was a boy.

As I was resting from my long hard labor, Fate was kissing me, telling me that she loved me, and that our babies were beautiful. When all of a sudden I got another shooting pain, it was another contraction this seemed to have surprised all of us, as I was in labor once more, when the third baby was born it was a little girl.

Soon I had my arms filled with two babies and Fate was holding the third, I kissed each forehead, but exhaustion was starting to take me and the nurses took the babies to the nursery.

When I woke up from my nap, Mom, Dad, Kyoya, and Miyuki were in the room. Before I could ask, Mom told me that Fate was showing off our triplets, to Alicia, and Precia.

"So Nanoha do you know what you're going to name your babies, after all you have three now to name not just two."

"Fate and I discussed it and if we had girl's I would name them, and if we had boy's she would name them, so I guess I get to name two of them. Hmmm, I think the older one should be Honoka and the baby of the three will be Sakura. I don't know what Fate will name the boy."

"His name will be Clyde after my Uncle that past a few years ago." Walking over to me, she had the most beautiful smile on her face. Leaning down she gently kisses my lips. "You did a beautiful job; all three are healthy and gorgeous."

"Speaking of that, I thought you said we were only having twins Shamal, where did the third baby come from?"

"Apparently the other two hide it very well and its heart rate matched that of one of the other siblings so I never heard the third heartbeat, so I was just as surprised as the rest of you."

The nurses wheeled the babies in at this point in time and I got a chance to finally look at my children, Vivio climbed up on the bed with me so she could get a better look at her brother and sisters.

Now my family is complete between the woman that I love and my four beautiful children, what more could I have ever asked for in this lifetime, except maybe grandchildren, but that will be for another story.

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