Greek Time 11.5

Disclaimer: I only own Tashina and the story line. I do not own the Greek Gods or Goddesses that are involved in the story.

*Six Months after Poseidon flooded the studio*

*Sounds of heavy machinery can be heard all throughout the studio. The studio looks like it has seen better days but is on its way to recovery.*

Tashina: Well my faithful viewers the time has come. Season 1 of Greek Time has come to a close… (Pauses for dramatic effect before continuing) But fret not I have good news. We have been renewed for Season 2! And that was a feat in and of itself seeing as the studio has been destroyed about 2 times now and all the stuff that has happened to the crowd and crew members… (Hears a whistling come from the left and ducks as a beam is swung to close and glares at the man operating the crane)

Man operating the crane: -yells- Sorry about that ma'am it won't happen again.

Tashina: (mumbles under breath) It better fucking not… (Giving one last glare to the man before continuing) So as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted Season 2 will begin whenever this place gets fixed. Which if what the Forman has told me is accurate it should be soon. So place bear with me while all this is going on… (Hears another whistling sound coming from the right this time and ducks as the beam comes swinging through)

Man operating the crane: -Chuckles- Oops my bad. No hard feelings right Tashina?

Tashina: (Looks about ready to start blowing flames from mouth like a fire breathing dragon) Hey asshole, watch what you're doing or it might not end well for you. Do I make myself clear?

Man operating the crane: -Doesn't looked bothered at all by what Tashina is saying- Yeah whatever you say ma'am you're the boss. –Goes back to work-

Tashina: (Takes a deep breath to relax and continues on) Soooo as I was saying Season 2 is coming soon and this season promises to be as good as Season 1 if not better. (Smiles happily) So stay tuned for the new season of Greek Time and thank you for all the support because without you the fans I wouldn't be able to continue on with all this chaos. So until next time…

*A steel beam swings right in front of Tashina's face missing her by inches*

Tashina: (Smiles evilly, looks off stage at something before walking out of frame to pick it up and comes back holding a lead pipe) Well everyone I have something that I need to take care of. So until next time see all of you for Season 2 and have a good day or night depending on where you are. (Walks up to camera giving it one last evil smile before turning it off)