Disclaimer: Outcasts is (C) the BBC, I do not own it or any of the related characters.

A/N: Just a quick Cass-centric one-shot written after watching episode 2.

Cass stares at his hands.

"I've got blood on my hands again..."

He was so sure he had left that behind.

"Then wash it off."

But it wouldn't come off. It wasn't enough that the red was no longer there. He could still feel it, like it had soaked into his skin.

"What if we make the same mistakes?"

It awakened old fears, old pleasures that he thought he had long forgotten. The blood was always there. No matter how hard he scrubbed, how many times he washed them or how much of his own skin he tore in the process it wouldn't go away. The most he could hope for was for it to stay dormant. And it had, for a while. Now it was back. Layers upon layers of blood coating his hands. This time, this time it feels like it's here to stay. God knows what will happen this time around, how many peoples' blood he'll be burdened with.

He came to Carpathia for a new life, a fresh start. But it seems those dreams are lost now. He has lost his second chance.