Hey guys,

It's a Valentine's Day story in Wonderland.

When Alice came to Wonder land she hoped to escape that one holiday she lieast liked.

Valentines Day.

But, of course when she started talking about the hildays in her world she mentioned Valentines Day.

Everyone was so facinated by that holiday that they decided to celebrate it.

Espicialy with the person who told them about it, Alice.

Peter was strolling along the shops looking for the perfect gift to give to Alice.

Then when he thought that everything in the store's where horrible presents to give to Alice he saw it.

It was a bunny that held a card saying, I LOVE YOU.

Peter thought that the bunny was just like him so he decided to purchase it for Alice.

He aslo got a lot of red roses and one big pink rose at the middle of the bouque.

Which he planed to give to Alice.

Peter was going to go to the Clock Tower when he saw Alice walking out of a store.

Excellent, Peter thought, I could give my dear Alice her present right now.

Peter walked up to Alice to give her his present.

"Oh, Peter. The roses are beautiful and the bunny's cute." Alice said not surprise that Peter would give her something on Valentines Day.

Besides he was the most excited person to get to this day.

"Alice, is the present good enough for you to give me a kiss?" Peter asked hoping that Alice would say yes.

"Um, Peter just because we're celebrating a holiday filled with love and stuff like that and that you gave me presents; I don't know if I should kiss you. Beacuse I usually give kisses to the people I love." Alice said almost whispering her last sentence.

"Oh." Peter said.

It was ovious that Alice had crushed his feelings.

"I've got to go back to the castle now." Peter said as his rabbit ears started to drop.

That made Alice regret what she had said.

Sure Peter was annoying, but he had gone through all the trouble just to give me these and I had crushed him, Alice thought, Maybe I should go apolagize to him.

That morning Alice had spent looking for Peter all over the castle.

Alice had finally found him in the castle's maze.

"Peter, wait up." Alice said grabbing Peters wrist.

"Peter I'm sorry for saying what I said. I didn't really mean it." Alice told him hoping that he wouldn't get mad at her.

"Y-you didn't?" Peter said looking down at the grass.

"Well I did but that doesn't mean that I don't like or love you." Alice said bushing then she leaned over and gave Peter a quick kiss.


Peter got what he always wanted:

A kiss from Alice

And I think that Alice is starting to warm up to Peter.