Alice handed Julius his cup of coffee.

''89'' Julius said as he put the cup down. Alice smiled and thought, 'That's a lot more than last time.' ''Um, by the way Julius what are you working on?'' Alice asked. Julius wasn't working on fixing the clocks, instead he was doing something far off from that. There was a blue paper with white lines on it, in front of Julius. ''I'm doing special work that Nightmare gave me.'' Julius said sighing. ''Let me guess, he forced you to do it.'' Alice said letting out a little laugh.

Julius gave her the cold eye and said, ''Yes, he did. Infact it was more like a threat.'' Alice stopped laughing and her face got all serious. ''Oh.'' Alice said in a low voice. ''So what's it for?'' Alice asked changing the subject. ''Nightmare wants me to make him a 'Grand Clock' for the Tower of Clovers. And then he wants me to sculp a huge ice sculptures of him and miniture hims around the big one. After that he wants me to do a few more tasks.'' Julius explained.

''That's a lot for one person. Isn't anyone helping you?'' Alice asked. ''No, it's just me.'' Julis said. ''Can I help you?'' Alice asked. Julius shrugged and after a long silence he finally said, ''Okay, but don't mess thing up.'' Alice gave him a quick hug andsaid, ''Thanks!'' Julius blushed a little. He cleared his throat and said, ''Let's just get it over with.'' As the two couple left the tower to get some equipment Alice noticed that Julius was lightly blushing.

''What's the matter Julius? Is it too cold that your cheeks turned red?'' Alice said teasing.

''W-what? Yeah, it's really cold and I think a storm is coming.'' Julius said. Sure enough he was right, the two couple found a little abandoned cottage.

''When do you think the storms over?'' Alice asked looking out at the window. It was nothing but a blur. The only color that you could see is white.

''I don't know but it better be fast. I don't want to stay here long and I need to get the supplies and get over with the project already.'' Julius said. Alice sighed and she kept on looking out the window. ''If you think, that constantly staring at it will make it stop then it would've been over a while ago.'' Julius said as a fire started in the fire place. Alice blushed a little and she quickly put her hand away from the curtains and she stopped staring at the window.

''U-um, so is there any thing to warm us up besides the fire?'' Alice asked. Of course not! She felt stupid for even asking that question.

''N-nevermind.'' Alice quickly said. She looked around and noticed a coffee machine and if there's a coffee machine then there has to be a good chance that water and coffee beans would be around. Wouldn't it? It didn't matter, Alice knew that it would be hot enough to warm up the both of them. Alice kept on looking at the drawers, cabinets and under the covers.

''I found it!'' Alice said to herself in a low voice. She preapered the coffee, it's getting colder by the seconed. Even though the fire is burning and hot steam is coming out of the coffee machine it still wasn't warm enough. Julius was used to it, if you've been couped up in a small, cold office 24/7 then what Alice and Julius is going through would be nothing to you.

''Julius, I managed to make some coffee! It might not be the best tasting coffee around but we'll have to manage.'' Alice said walking over to Julius and handng him a cup of coffee. Julius took it and he took a few sips.

''92.'' Julius said taking another sip. Alice let out a little gasphs.

''9-92! But I thought that you rank it lower than 50.'' Alice admitted.

''Alice, even though we are trapped here in this cold, tiny room you still managed to make something warm. You tried your best and gave it everything you could gve. I could taste the warmth and love, you put into it even if it goes cold it's still warm and filled with open arms.'' Julius said. This made Alice blush madly, this is the first time that Julius had ever spoken like that to Alice in fact it might be the first time that Julius has ever talked like in front of anyone! Alice looked out the window and saw that the storm has ended. She opened up the door and everything is pure white. It's a beautiful view and there were clear, shining crystals hanging at the celings and roofs.

''C'mon, let's get the supplies.'' Julius said as the two walked into a store.

Not to long after that when Julius was sculpting a sculpture Alice noticed a white box with a blue bow wraped around it. There was a white paper tag tied around it and it said, ''Alice'' with a heart next to it. Alice picked it up and opened up the box. Inside was a beautiful piece of ice carved into a rose. Instantly Alice knew who it was from. As the young girl walked around the beautiful ice sculptures she found Julius in the middle of one of his scultures. As the two talked a little Alice finally managed to gather up the courage to thank Julius for the flower.

''T-thanks for the flower. It's beautiful.'' Alice said blushing.

''Oh, you liked it?'' Juluis asked in a boared voice.

''Y-yes, I like it very much. It's really beautiful.'' Alice said. Finally, Julius leaned over and gave Alice a kiss!

''It may look pretty but it's nothing compared to you eyes.'' Julius said.

'That's so cheasy!' Alice thought blushing uncontrollably but this time Alice made a move and kissed Juluis.