My brother is a young songwriter and an avid Persona fan, and he and I came up with the wacky idea of writing a Persona 4 Musical together. I would write the lyrics, and he would craft the music to fit. We are by no means finished with this project, but we've written 15 songs to date.

He's making recordings of the songs, and I can link to the YouTube videos when they are posted, but I thought that I could post my end of things, the lyrics, here, since they are a form of poetry.

I would love your feedback. This is a work in progress, and your contributions could really affect the final product.

Persona 4 The Musical Songs:

Song List to Date (in order)-

Everything's Boring in Inaba

Yosuke's Shadow


Chie's Shadow

Bird Cage Syndrome

Hello There, Sweetheart

Idol's Gone Wild

Empty Inside

Playing With the Big Boys


Push the Bastard In

No Lines in the Sand

Bitches and Whores

Here at the End

Izanami's Song