Put the Drunk to Bed


Please forgive my boss

For his momentary lapse

It's really not his fault

That this system has collapsed

But I should really back up

Or put the drunk to bed

If Dojima heard me talking

He'd really have my head

It's just that being a cop's

Not always what it seems

Yeah there are tough cases

But mostly times between

We're diligent


And too damn understanding

We lie and say we're brave

But all that really is - is planning

But then this case arrived

And ate our jobs alive

And I should really put the drunk to bed

Can you believe it though?

They set in a kid

To do a better job

Than the job that we did

This little first year

Younger than you

To do a better job

Than we already do

But this isn't your problem

That's what Dojima said

Come on, Adachi

Put the drunk to bed