Chapter 10: Nonsense, Unrequited Love, and a Blind Future

"Kousuke! Did you just see that? She was with a man! Sh replaced us for what! A stupid Goukon!-" Chiaki, amazed fussed about, it was unnerving, impossible. How could she do this, she of all. She has never been that kind of girl to so easily agree to hang out with other guys, in such flirty way. Yet at the same time he was annoyed of way he was thinking so much about her, why was he angry about her being with other guy. She never reacted when he dated another girl or of all the countless times she saw him kissing them. He had no right, yet he could only wonder.

"SHUT UP! I'm tired of you, always fussing about everything, is clear I can see her flirting with another guy, I may use glasses but I'm not totally blind. So, please, just shut up." Answered Kousuke back, as he watched Makoto disapear into the distance.

Chiaki taken aback, kept silent as he realized that the one Kousuke was just some minutes back talking about was actually Makoto, how sensless he was. When this hit him, he then forgot about everything, about how annoyed he was with her being with other guy. Unconciously he closed his mind, and all he could feel, and all he could thinking was about and wonder was of how long had Kousuke liked Makoto, how much has he longed for her, and yet he had never even recieved and I like you. How much had he suffered, and yeta ll he has done was to always make her smile, he was no match.


"Put your hand in place!" said Makoto as the goukon guy placed his hands over her shoulder. Now she was really convinced of how much of an error was to agree.

"What the fuck with you? Weren't you just flirting with me?" responded the guy as she pushed her back.

Now she really felt annoyed. She wanted to hit him, to shout at him, and so much more. Since they parted from Kosko's ramen, Makoro had noticed how much this guy had drunk, and yet she had also noticd he had drunk before even coming. Yet she couldn't remember his name, and actually this was what made her hestiate on acting against him, she was scared he would actually hit him. She also noticed how much Yuki was enjoying their evening as they walk the streets towards the Karaoke, she couldn't possibly leave her to such jerks, she couldn't even imagine what this guys were capable to do. So the only thing she could do was bare such annoying circumstance.

What she could not actually guess was what the future would bring, and how much pain it will bring.