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Kurt and Blaine entered the Warbler's rehearsal room hand in hand. Kurt laughed at something Blaine whispered in his ear and nodded in agreement. They sat down on one of the couches, legs and hips touching, practically on top of each other and continued whispering to each other.

No one even batted an eye at them. Everyone was used to this over friendly behavior between Blaine and Kurt and knew it meant nothing. Or at least, Blaine and Kurt said it meant nothing.

Bang, bang, bang! "Order, order!" Wes said loudly, sounding his gavel to get everyone's attention and begin the meeting. Everyone silenced. "Okay, Regionals is a mere week away and we need to get everything together. We've already got our group number down and ready but since we changed Blaine's solo to a duet, we need to get to work. Blaine, Kurt, any ideas for your duet?"

Kurt looked at Blaine to answer.

"Yes. I think that we should sing Candles by Hey Monday," He announced.

Some murmurs of interest and agreement filled the room.

"Interesting choice. Not our usual style. What led you to that decision?" Wes asked.

Blaine shrugged. "My boyfriend and I just thought it had a lot of feeling behind it and would be a great twist to bring to the competition."

The whole room exploded into chaos. People were screaming, exchanging money, congratulating, celebrating, and patting Kurt and Blaine on their backs.


"Are you serious?"

"Oh my God!"

"I knew it!"

"That'll be fifty bucks!"


"When did it happen?" Marc, a sophomore asked.

"This morning," Kurt grinned.

"Who asked who?" Another student, John, asked.

Kurt and Blaine looked at each other, neither sure of what would be the correct answer.

"It was kind of mutual," Blaine answered.

"Well it's about time!" Wes exclaimed. "David and I were about to devise a plan to get you guys together ourselves. The sexual tension was killing us!"

Kurt's face brightened as he stared at his feet.

"Glad we helped you guys out then," He mumbled.

David snorted.

"Yeah, right. You probably made it worse. Now Blaine's just gonna tell us how amazing and perfect you are all the time."

"Okay, you can shut up now," Blaine said.

Of course, it was no use because now everyone was acting out ridiculous scenes of what Kurt and Blaine would supposedly say to each other.

"Oh my God, Kurt, you're so amazing and beautiful and sexy! I just want to ravish you all day long!" One boy said in a high pitched voice.

"Oh, please do, Blaine!" Another replied in an even higher voice. "I just want to run my porcelain fingers through your deliciously gelled hair!"

By now, Blaine and Kurt were the color of tomatoes.

"Okay, you can stop now, guys. Really," Kurt laughed awkwardly.

"Let's run away to Unicorn Land and make beautiful gay babies!"

"And sing Katy Perry all day long!"

"This really isn't funny anymore," Blaine said, now just annoyed.

Of course, no one was listening; they were all too busy singing Peacock and dry humping each other.

"I wanna see your peacock cock cock, your peacock cock!" They screamed, laughing and dancing at the same time.

Finally, Blaine grabbed Kurt's hand and they inched their way out of the room, completely unnoticed by the other boys, far too caught up in their impressions and dirty dancing.

"That was probably the most embarrassing experience of my life to include performing Push It in front of the whole school," Kurt said once they were a safe distance from the rehearsal room.

"Definitely," Blaine agreed. "That was absolutely mortifying. But at least now I can do this."

And with that, he pulled Kurt to him and kissed him full on the lips.