Jack blushed deeply as Brigid ran her fingers along her sides gently feeling along her ribs. Riddick refused to give her anything to wear even though Thanatos was also in the room briefing Riddick on what he would have to do today so he could stay with her. Brigid was being professional, Thanatos was careful not to look at her, and Riddick was busy, but she still felt so very embarrassed. It was one thing to be punished like this in private, it was another entirely for other people to see.

"Jack, please lift your arms," Brigid requested as she watched her, the girl had become less concerned with being naked for her exam, but was obviously nervous about the men in the room for it. At least Jack stopped staring at her and was keeping her eyes on the men. She did as she was told and Brigid poked and prodded making sure that the bonding took and her ribs were alright. Lowering her voice she asked, "Do I want to know why you're being denied clothing?"

Frowning Jack lowered her arms and tapped one of the cuts on her legs whispering, "I broke a deal."

"It is an unusual punishment," Thanatos offered up as he finished up getting papers signed and making Riddick aware he would still be receiving calls throughout the day.

"Do you want to tell me a different way to handle this?" Riddick asked as he looked over at Jack who was starting to squirm as Brigid turned her pursuit from her ribs to her cuts.

"Of course not Lord Marshal, I'm sure you're making your point to her very clear," Thanatos hummed as he looked to find Riddick moving closer to the women in the room.

"Where did you get this?" Brigid asked after Jack leaned forward apparently childishly done with her exam. There was a scar on her shoulder blade, an X.

Riddick frowned waving the doctor out of the way as he touched the scar on her shoulder feeling Jack shiver a little. "I did that," Riddick said as he rubbed her back, looking at the doctor who was trying not to appear too disapproving. The last time he saw that scar it wasn't yet a scar, it was healing, and now it seemed so long ago. "She tried to run away."

"And you wonder why she cut herself," Brigid said under her breath only to gasp as she found herself against the wall. Finding a very angry man holding her off her feet she rushed over her words saying, "I'm sorry, I forgot myself Lord Marshal!"

Growling Riddick let the woman go wondering if before she was converted if she would have yelled at him. "If she's fine you need to leave," Riddick demanded moving back over to Jack and pulling her up into his arms, sitting with her.

"She… still needs more bed rest," Brigid said before excusing herself from the room.

"She tried to run away?" Thanatos asked looking to the couple.

"He was being an ass," Jack breathed even as she pressed her face to Riddick's neck. "He just came back for me, but he was pushing so much, I needed a break. I didn't know what to do…"

"You were scared," Thanatos surmised watching the two carefully.

"Nervous. He was being mean…" Jack said melting further against Riddick as keeping herself upright started to become difficult. "Like now, taking my clothes, and letting other people see me… For such a possessive man he sure isn't shy about letting the whole world have an eyeful of me…I called him obsessive once, and he got all angry at me even if he is."

"Some animals don't like certain things pointed out to them," Thanatos reasoned for the Lord Marshal, "And what's best for a mate sometimes causes a dominate partner to act out of character."

Riddick frowned as he nuzzled the top of Jack's head wondering if it was time to kick Thanatos out too. He was making sense though.

"As for him being so… mean when he came back for you the first time I think he was just trying to bond with you again," Thanatos said cautiously patting Jack's head. "Now if you'll both excuse me I have orders to relay."

They both waited until he was gone before Jack looked up at Riddick asking, "Is he right?"

It had been so long ago, he'd felt every day, still he asked, "Remember when we took that shower together? Right before we fucked for the first time? What did I say we were doing?" When Jack didn't answer he rubbed her side laying back, his legs still off the bed, but with Jack on top of him. "Told you we were bonding. Not my fault you weren't paying attention."

Jack was quiet for a long time just feeling Riddick's breathing move her up and down before she asked, "Can we take a shower… or a bath?"

Riddick held her for a couple of seconds before grinning at the ceiling saying, "Yeah baby we can take a bath."


The water was warm, there was actually steam coming off it around them. Jack smiled a bit at that watching as Riddick swirled his fingers next to them in the very large sunken in bath. They'd long since finished washing up, and Riddick seemed in no big rush to get out, and so Jack was more than happy to sit there with him even if they were both naked. She was getting tired though, and squirmed as the fingers of Riddick's other hand ghosted down her side.

"Feel better?" Riddick asked kissing the top of her head as he got her to lean back against him a bit more. Jack hummed and nodded her head as Riddick tapped his fingers against her stomach softly in thought. "Kiddo, I'm going to give you something, you have to wear them so I can keep you."

"You suck at this bonding thing," Jack said even as she smiled up at him. "If you have to warn me, obviously I'm going to be upset."

Riddick could feel his lips twitch up in a smirk. "I went all the way back to New Mecca, myself, to get them."

Jack frowned at that before smacking his knee saying, "You went all the way back to New Mecca to fucking get my paperwork and those stupid bracelets." She didn't need to ask, she knew what was up. "Riddick you fucking ass."

"I wasn't making you into one of them," Riddick said lifting them out of the water. "I had to figure it out."

"We could just leave…" Jack breathed as she let Riddick set her down on a counter next to the sink. She watched as he quickly dried off before discarding the towel behind him and grabbing a dry one for her. Holding onto his shoulders she watched him expectantly, wanting him to respond but he wouldn't. Instead he just dried her off before picking her back up and walking her out to the bed to set her down. "Why can't we leave?"

"This isn't like running from mercs Jack," Riddick said as he brushed his fingers through her shaggy hair, undoing tangles with his fingers for a few moments before sitting with her. "Eventually we'd run out of planets to go to."

"Swing back around them and go to a planet they've already hit?" Jack asked as she watched Riddick stand back up and walk to his closet. He walked in and when he came out he was wearing black pants. "Riddick?"

"Those things they leave on the planets, they scan for life Jack. People are doing that, setting up colonies after sneaking around us. Every year they pick one and send a team or two out to kill them all. No people come off those planets to convert," Riddick said walking over to the bedside table. "They stay until there are no readings coming off the planet but them."

Jack stayed quiet after that watching as Riddick pulled out one of the tubes. "These people all intend to kill themselves…"

"I'm working on it Jack," Riddick breathed as he motioned for her to lie down.

"You're supposed to let me rest today…" Jack complained even she let him move her down onto her back.

"This isn't going to hurt you, and I'm not going to do anything to you," Riddick said popping open the tube. In truth the scars were making him edgy. He had no one to hurt for them; he couldn't hurt his pup over this. "We'll bond a little more, but the scars gotta go."

Jack squirmed as Riddick turned to the other leg, blushing as his hands went higher than they really needed to. She reached down to push at his hands but he just gripped her thigh harder. "Riddick…" Jack complained as she put her arms over her face. It was nice to feel his hands on her, but it was too nice and with him sitting between her legs she couldn't hide from him. The pads of his fingers were rough, he was being firm, and she wasn't upset about him touching the scars anymore.

Riddick hushed her softly even as his beast paced inside him. He paused grabbing the gel and squeezed more onto his fingers before working on some newer scars. Jack stopped trying to pull her leg back, but he could still feel her muscles bunch and relax under his fingers. He closed his eyes when she gasped, she was just getting more and more sensitive as time went on. Stopping he opened his eyes back on her and pulled her up into his lap. "You make it very hard to be good Jack," Riddick breathed as he pressed his lips to the side of her mouth.

"It's your fault," Jack breathed kissing his shoulder. "You just couldn't wait until tomorrow."

"You're okay now aren't you pup?" Riddick asked as he rubbed her back before kissing her slowly. He pressed his hand to her lower back keeping her close against him. "Okay enough for a little fun?"

Jack nipped at his jaw, she wanted to but she didn't want to ruin it by getting hurt, wanting him to stop. She squirmed against him, hearing him growl in her ear. "The doctor said…" Jack gasped as his hands started to wander purposefully over her body.

"She just doesn't want me to have you," Riddick breathed kissing her deeply as his hands moved to knead and work her sides and hips. "She probably doesn't approve of slavery. Some Necro's come out weird… well weird to their tastes."

Kissing the side of his mouth Jack pressed as close to him as she could, feeling her skin against his. "Slow?" Jack asked peppering kisses across his check and down his neck. "Just in case?"

"We'll start slow baby," Riddick growled, moving so she was laying down against the bed. He kissed her neck and moved downwards. "Test the waters, see how you do."

Jack breathed resting her hands on his shoulders as he moved and lingered at her breasts making her breath stutter as she watched him. He was holding her gently, and he was taking his time tasting her. She frowned knowing he probably wouldn't be able to kiss her thighs, or at least he wouldn't want to with the gel still making her skin feel moist and soft. He glanced up at her and tapped her hip growling at her.

"Sorry…" Jack mumbled putting a leg over his hip.

Riddick frowned nuzzling the valley between her breasts, asking, "You want to wait?" It was a generous thing he was asking, but he was still capable of asking, and he didn't want to hurt her like that not after he just got her back.

"No! … I mean, I want… to," Jack started quickly but slowed as he started to grin. He reached back rubbing the hip of the leg hooked around him. "I was just thinking about something."

"Then we will, just stop thinking little girl," He grinned at her holding her close before he went back to tasting her.


Long time coming huh? Sorry about that, but here it is. A little bonding, and a bit of a warning for the next chapter when things start to get fun again.


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