Summary: Another old fic that I had posted on my LJ and decided to finally post it here. It's in chapter form but since it's short I'll try to post at least one chapter a day, two days max. It's only six chapters. It's a crossover fic between Psych and Scrubs because I find the characters have certain similarities. If you're fan of Scrubs you may get it and if not then I hope you Enjoy this fic. Anyways onwards to the chapter.

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Chapter One

It was one of the those night's the doctor thought to himself as he was given his second scotch of the night. He didn't know how long he'd been at the bar because for him, time seemed to be irrelevant. It didn't matter how much slipped away he just wanted the day to be over with already.

Taking a huge gulp out of his glass, he was enjoying the feeling of being alone when he heard a voice behind him.

"Mind if I sit here."

Looking around, Perry noticed that he was in fact surrounded by a few people and the only free seat at the bar was directly beside him. Sighing, he looked up to see a dark haired stranger staring down at him with hopeful eyes. The man looked upset but more tired then anything and that alone entitled to at least a few drinks. Pushing his glass closer to him he gestured for the man to sit down beside him.

"One rule, you don't talk," Perry quickly said before the man had a chance to sit down. The last thing he needed was some drunk loser spilling his guts after a few sips of his drinks. With him, that seemed to happen on more than a rare occasion.

The man simple nodded as he took off his suit jacket and laid it across the bar. He pulled out his wallet and badge and placed them on top of his jacket before he sat down on the stool.

The badge immediately caught Perry's eye as the man sat down and he willed himself to be on his best behavior. The last thing he needed was for his soul sucking ex-wife to bail him out of jail for pissing off a cop. Turning his eyes away, he listened as the cop ordered his drink, a Heineken, and laid his head on the bar. Perry tried his best to keep to himself but curiosity got the better of him as his eyes lingered on the badge. "You a cop," he finally asked, slowly sipping out his glass.

The cop raised his head and stared at Perry with an evil glare. A bar was not the place to talk to people. They never knew when to shut up, especially the drunk ones. "I thought you said no talking."

"No I said you don't talk. I can talk whenever the hell I want."

The man snorted as the bartender placed his beer in front of him. He didn't answer Perry's question, instead he picked up the bottle and took a quick swig out of it. If he was going to talk to people he needed at least a little alcohol in his system. "To answer your question," he finally said, putting his bottle down, "Yes I am a cop. Detective Carlton Lassiter at your service," he proudly stated as he held out his hand for Perry to shake it which his bar mate eventually did.

"Dr. Perry Cox," Perry replied with just as much pride in his voice, letting go of Lassiter's hand.

Hearing the word doctor made Carlton slightly jealous as he thought about his own job. "So you're a doctor huh, must be nice."

"Not so bad," Perry shrugged, "What about you, you're a detective."

"Yeah, so."

"What job not glamorous?"

"Glamorous doesn't even describe my job," Carlton smirked, sipping his beer. "I may be head detective but I'm overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated."

"My friend, I know exactly how you feel."

"And to top it all off I have this annoying fake psychic in my face every single day. He makes me so sick I swear one of these days he's going to disappear and no one will ever find his body."

Perry couldn't help but laugh at Carlton's comment. It was nice to know that he wasn't the only one who hated their job and the people that came with it. Well most of the time anyway. The comment alone made Perry feel closer to the cop. "Whaddya say, next round on me?"

Carlton looked over at the doctor confused. He wasn't used to people being nice to him, especially men in bars, "Really," he asked skeptical.

"Yeah why not. You're not the only one who deals with a snot-nose-"

"Know it all little-"

"Punk, who is constantly-"

"In your face, trying to-"

"Prove themselves to you," Perry finished as he swallowed the last of his alcohol. "Like I said," he smirked, turning his attention back to the cop, "I know exactly how you feel."

"Okay," Lassiter smiled finishing off his own beer and signaled for the bartender to bring him another. If someone was offering to pay for his drinks he wasn't going to turn them down. "Thanks,"

"No problem," Perry smiled back. Moments of silence passed between them as each man paid more attention to their drinks than each other. After a minute or two Perry turned back to his new friend who was still on his second beer. "So," he murmured, putting down his glass, "This nuisance of yours, they got a name?"

"Yeah they do, it's Spencer, Shawn Spencer but to me it's just Spencer" Lassiter spat. Just thinking about the thorn in his side made his head hurt. "What about you, what's the name of your pest?"

"Well his friends call him J.D but to me it's Clara or Susan on a good day. Most of the time it's just Newbie."

"Newbie, god they sound annoying," Carlton snorted.

"You have no idea," Perry growled as he finished off his third drink.

Lassiter on the other hand knew exactly what Perry went through and possibly more.

I know, if you're familiar with Scrubs you're probably saying hey 'The likelyhood of Perry and Carlton being at the same bar is slim to none' but if you remember they never told us where Sacred Heart was located. So for the sake of this story Scared Heart is located in Santa Barbara. And besides don't these two scream "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, WE HAVE THE SAME LIFE." Well they do in my mind. Really hoped you like it and if you did drop me a line or two in the review box. Until next time,

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