Author's Note: Okay, so yesterday, I went and saw Lord of the Dance 3D. It was amazing, and I was so entranced by the story that I thought, "Oh my gosh, I HAVE to write a fanfic for this. It's a little rough, so bear with me. Reviews will be read, flames will be ignored.

Feet of Flames

Chapter 1: Cry of the Celts

Saoirse lay on the ground in the camp. Her friends, the Lady Dancers, were arranged in a semicircle with her as the peak. She sighed as she thought, If this is another of John's pranks, I am going to murder him! John had told them that Ceol, otherwise known as the Lord of the Dance, wanted to show them a special celebration dance. She and the others had agreed, but she was beginning to question the wisdom of such a decision.

Just then, she saw a small, golden figure step into the center of the half-circle. Her skin seemed to be covered in glitter, and her simple outfit was adorned with golden jewels. Her short, dark hair was sticking out at odd angles, but it in no way looked wild. As she knelt and pulled out a small, sparkling flute with a green mouthpiece, Saoirse suddenly recognized her.

"Síochána, what is going on?" she whispered. In response, the Little Spirit simply turned, winked, and began to play a soft melody on her flute. Instantly, all the Lady Dancers were awake, but they didn't dare move. All of them were entranced by the lilting song that emanated from the tiny instrument.

As soon as Síochána stopped playing, she summoned more music from the forest around her by standing and sprinkling her magical dust on the ground. As the haunting music filled the air, she let more of the dust fall onto the dancers themselves. Then, returning to the center of the semicircle, she motioned for the ladies to rise.

As one, they stood and took a prep stance, each putting her right arm into the center toward Síochána. She flitted around them, passing her hand over theirs. As soon as she touched the last girl, they all twirled and began a dance that none of them had ever performed, yet instinctively knew. Almost against their will, they spun and leapt and twisted, not knowing where the dance ended and they began.

At some unseen and unheard signal, all but three of the Lady Dancers skipped out of the clearing into the trees, leaving only Saoirse and two others. They performed to an unseen audience, when suddenly, a tribal drumbeat began.

They immediately knew that this was their cue that their time was almost up. Quickly, they wrapped up their performance and left just as a rhythm of congas sounded. As she stopped in the trees to put on her hard shoes, she looked back and saw . . . Ceol. He had just leapt out of the trees and was dancing all around the clearing.

His Dance obviously contained some transformation magic, because as soon as he jumped out, the grass changed into a wooden dance floor. His steps were echoing all around the forest. Saoirse knew that he had not been named Lord of the Dance for naught.

As she got into position, she felt a warm presence behind her. Turning, she saw John, Ceol's best friend, in line directly behind her. Suddenly, he chuckled at something Ceol was doing. She turned back and had to suppress the laughter threatening to burst forth. Saoirse knew Ceol liked to show off when he was dancing, but a Hercules display? He was being utterly ridiculous. To her surprise, she found she liked it, and everything about him.

Just then, he dropped to one knee, and Saoirse and the others immediately danced out to join him, forming a dancing circle around him. As soon as they came out, banners fell from the trees, no doubt Síochána's doing. Each bore the different symbols of Eire, the centerpiece being the dancing unicorn.

Ceol, she thought, directing her thoughts toward him, you've really outdone yourself this time. At this, he smiled broadly, but Saoirse also saw a tinge of red touch his cheeks. Was he blushing, or was he merely flushed by the vigorous dancing? Saoirse didn't have time to ponder the question, because she saw that all the Dancers were forming a line across the front of the dance floor, Ceol at the front of them.

He performed a strutting, bouncing walk, and then danced back to them just as the music ended. As the dancers all skipped out of the clearing, the Spirit sprinkled her dust, changing the wood back to grass. Saoirse turned, hoping to speak to the dancing lord, but in a flash of fire, he was gone.

She felt her heart sink to her feet. No amount of dancing could cure the sadness she felt in her heart. She began to hope for things she had never hoped before: to dance by his side, to see those beautiful, blue eyes filled with love for her, to feel his lips warm against hers.

Shaking her head, she told herself sternly, Really, Saoirse. You should know better. You, become the Lady of the Dance? You have more chance of meeting Erin the Goddess in the flesh!