A/N: Ahh, I have finally returned. I apologize for the surprise hiatus, but with school and sports, I had no time to write! But summer has arrived, and alas, here is the next chapter!

Do you know that feeling when you immensely regret doing something the second you wake up in the morning? That feeling you get when you realize you did something horrible, but know that it's way too late to fix anything?

Well, that's exactly how I felt at the moment. I knew that calling your "best friend" a bitch, was going to have some major consequences.

I woke up to the sound of loud knocking from my door. Still in my blue and purple pajamas, I walked to the door and tiredly opened it. Of course, the knocker was none other than Twist.

"Marina, I need you help!" He said, before yanking me by the arm out of my room and into the empty lobby. The sun outside had just risen, making a bright beam of light shine through the windows and hit me right in the eyes. How fantastic.

"Sure, Twist. It's not like I was sleeping or anything," I said sarcastically, before sitting down on the couch. It felt so soft and warm, I was practically asleep again before Twist woke me up...again.

"Marina!" He said, quite anxiously. "This is not the time for sleeping! You have to help me, and before Kiki or Shout wakes up." I tensed at the very mention of Kiki. This could not be happening.

"What's going on? Is something...wrong?" Fear was beginning to build up inside of me at the mere thought of Kiki. What if she told Twist about our conversation last night? That would mean that he was going to tell me that he never wanted to see me again because I hated his girlfriend. I could never let that happen. "I'm sorry, Twist."

He had a look of worry in his eyes, but it soon changed to confusion. "About what? About the song? In that case, it's not your fault, Marina. It was mine for letting Kiki just...take over. It was definitely not one of my more macho moments." He then smiled in that laid-back and adorable way that I had loved to see on his face. I laughed a bit to myself, for thinking that he had woken me up to yell at me. The day anyone sees Twist angry, is the day that pigs fly.

"Right. I should have known. Kiki did go kinda overboard last night." I replied, slyly. I decided that I was going simply hint about Kiki being a terrible girlfriend, so in a worst case scenario, Kiki can never blame me if they break up. "So, what do you want me to help you with?"

Twist playfully rolled his eyes. "The song, of course." He said as if it was obvious. "We need to rewrite it before the others wake up. We have about an hour before they wake up, so let's get to it!" He yelled, before passing me a notebook and a pencil that had been laying on the couch. I laughed at his exuberance, and took the supplies giddily, glad to finally be alone with Twist.

About forty five minutes of laughing, writing, and humming later, the new and improved song was done. With the same music that Kiki had composed, we had turned her love ballad into a song about friendship. It was perfect. Twist put his arm around me and sighed.

"Well, I guess we've done it again. We should be...professional song writers or something." I laughed and checked my watch, which read 7:35. The four of us usually headed out of the apartment complex together around 7:45, and waited for school to start.

"I better go and get ready. I don't think I'd want to go to school in my PJs." I said quickly before jumping up off the couch and making my way to my room.

"Alright. And, Marina?" I turned around as I heard my name. I looked at Twist expectantly. "Thanks."

I grinned. "Anytime, Twist." I said before entering my room, and shutting the door. I took the world's quickest shower, and just barely got dressed in time. My hair was still wet, but I didn't really care. I exited my room, to see Shout doing something on his cell phone, and Kiki sitting on Twist's lap, talking to him about something stupid, as usual.

"I think our next date should be at somewhere fancy. Like that new restaurant that just opened up! What was it called again? Oh yeah, Chez D'Amour. Doesn't it sound romantic, Twist?" Kiki asked him as she annoyingly fluttered her extremely long eyelashes at Twist, who frankly didn't seem to give a damn. He just nodded and uttered a quiet "sure".

"Oh! And, we should rent out the entire place just for us! I'm sure you can afford it. It'll be super amazing and magical. I'll have to buy the prettiest dress for it, though. Eh, I'll think of something." She continued, not even stopping for air. Twist's eyes widened when she said the part about renting the restaurant just for the two of them. It would cost a ton, and Twist definitely did not have that kind of money. She's either an idiot, or crazy.

I cleared my throat, having heard enough. The three of them looked at me, Kiki with a nasty glare and Shout with relief.

"Finally, she emerges! We were wondering when you would come out, Marina." Shout joked, before putting his phone into his pocket. Twist chuckled before Kiki shot him a look, which quieted him immediately.

"Marina." Said Kiki with enough malice to scare a lion away. I held my head up. She wasn't going to scare me away. No more regrets.

"Kiki." I said in the same exact fashion. I sauntered over to the couch that Twist and Kiki were sitting on, and gave Twist a smile, which he returned. Of course, this made Kiki's face turn an angry red. She stood up, making the two of us only inches away.

"We need to talk, 'Rina." No one calls me 'Rina. Ever.

I shook my head. "I don't think so, Ki. It's more like you have some explaining to do, unless you would like me to do it for you?" At this, Kiki's ego seemed to shrink, and she sat back down, not on Twist's lap this time. He must have noticed the obvious tension, so he stood up and clapped his hands together.

"So, how about we get going to school, huh? Don't want Ms. Piccolo to threaten our lives again!" Kiki and I let out a chorus of half-hearted giggles, and the four of us left for Music School.