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So, without further ado, I give you...


Chapter One

"Glinda...come with me." I say, searching her eyes desperately for any hint as to what she might be thinking. My decision is made, but even still, I have no idea what I'll do if Glinda decides to stay behind.

"Think of what we could do...together. We'd be unlimited! No one could stop us! No one, Glinda. Just think about it. Together, we could become greater than the Wizard ever was!" I try to appeal to her sense of ambition, hoping that her need for recognition and fame will be enough to convince her to come with me. But still I see the shadows of doubt lingering in her gaze.

"Elphie, I..." She's going to refuse, I know it; she's going to turn her back and leave me! I can't let that happen! I love her too much to let her go.

But what can I do? How can I persuade her to follow me, knowing that I'll be leading her into danger? What could I possibly do or say that would sway her?

Tell her I love her?

But no, I couldn't. She knows nothing of my feelings for her. And she has a boyfriend! She would never be interested in me; a girl, and a green one at that!

"Elphie, I can't..." she starts, turning away. No!

"Why not? I ask quietly, quaveringly.

"What about my parents?" she asks, "What about my other friends, what about Fiyero-"

Not giving myself the chance to consider the repercussions that are sure to follow, I grab her arm and turn her around to face me. In seconds, my lips are on hers, as I try to communicate everything - my love, my fear, my desperation, my hurt - through the flawless synchrony of my lips on hers.

I draw back, and whisper to her a single word.


I see uncertainty in her eyes, but there is a new resolve in her voice when she captures my eyes and says, waveringly, "Okay."

An overwhelming rush of relief and guilt washes over me as she agrees to come with me. I move to embrace her, but I'm interrupted - the guards have found us.

"Quick, get on!" I hold out the broom to Glinda, who gets on. I then mount the broomstick myself, wrapping my arms protectively around her, and kick off, rising into the air just as the guards draw close. I urge the broom onward, away from the Emerald City, eager to be away from the Wizard and his lackeys.

Only when the City is miles away do I finally allow myself to relax, and the broom to slow.

I realize Glinda hasn't said a word since we took off. I put a hand on her shoulder, and realize that she's quaking like a leaf in the wind. "Glinda...you're trembling."

I can feel her tense up, trying to quell the shivers coursing through her body. She's terrified.

"Shhh, my sweet. We're safe for now." I whisper in her ear. After a few moments' pause, I say "Thank you. For coming with me."

No answer.

"It means a lot to me." I add.

She doesn't make a sound, but nods and leans into me, shoulders still shaking. She sniffles, alerting me to a fact that I hadn't noticed; she's crying. Not knowing what else to do, I wipe the tears from her face, ignoring the sting, and hold her.

The rest of the ride passes in silence.

It is nearly dawn when our feet touch the ground once more. I fall to my knees when we land, my knees buckling under the combined weight of exhaustion and pure fear, which until now I had not dared allow myself to feel. Glinda falls down next to me.

She seems calmer now than she was, but fear is still evident in her voice. "Where are we, Elphaba?"

"...I'm not sure." I answer. "I know we're in Munchkinland, but specifically...I don't know."

She pauses for a moment to take this in. Looking me in the eyes, she says "...Okay."

She looks as if she is going to say more, but she is interrupted by a loud crack of thunder. I look up, and my heart sinks. It's going to rain.

Glinda jumps to her feet. "Elphie, we need to find shelter. We need to get you out of the rain." Suddenly all fear and weakness is gone from her voice. She grabs my hand and pulls me up, and we begin searching for a place to hide under to avoid the rain.

We don't find shelter fast enough to completely escape the rain, however. We begin searching even more frantically as I feel the rain scalding my skin. The rim of my hat provides protection for my face, but my hands are uncovered, and I begin to feel the rain seeping through my clothes, creating burns wherever it touches.

But I grit my teeth against the pain, and a few minutes later we find cover; a rocky overhang jutting off a hill. It isn't much, but it manages to protect us from the rain.

I sit down, back against the rocky wall of the overhang, and close my eyes. I soon open them again, though, as I feel soft fingers touch my hand.

Glinda takes my hand gently in her own, inspecting the angry red burns the rain has left on it. "Elphie, your hand..."

"My hand will be fine in a few days, Glinda, as will the rest of my burns. We got out of the rain fast enough to avoid ay lasting damage."


"Really, Glinda, I'll be fine."

She looks at me doubtfully, but doesn't protest again. The slow burning sensation covering my skin dulls, slowing to a sore ache as my clothes begin to dry. I close my eyes once more, feeling Glinda sit against the rock as well, right next to me. She still hasn't let go of my hand.

I feel her turn to face me.


I open my eyes, turning to face her.


"Back in the Emerald City..." she begins, falteringly, "Before we left, you asked me to come with you...and you..." She brings her free hand up to her lips, touching them, remembering. "What was that...?" She trails off, but the question is clear. She wants to know what that kiss meant.

I can't deal with this right now. I don't know what to say, how to explain. And if it comes out wrong, I fear she might leave me yet.

"Glinda, I'm sorry to ask this, but...can this...wait? I swear I will tell you, I'll explain everything, I promise, but...can I have until tomorrow? Just to figure things out?"

She hesitates for a moment, then nods. Withdrawing her hand from my own, she turns so her back is against the wall again. I do the same, not moving my hand from the spot where she left it.

I close my eyes again, willing the sound of the rain to lull me to sleep.

I lay like that for a long time, as sleep seems determined to evade me. At some point, Glinda's hand finds my own again, and our fingers intertwine.

We sit there in silent companionship like this, until sleep claims us both.