My fourth story for the hunger games. Summary: How did Katniss react when she and Peeta had their first daughter? Was she happy? Was she terrified? Or was she both?

I pace back and forth outside the hospital room. Soon I was going to be a father. I could hardly wait. I'm going to be a father to a little girl who we're going to name Primrose Rue Mellark. It about 4 or 5 years for me to convince Katniss and it was hard. She argued and fought, yelled and screamed. She was scared I think. Katniss always said she'll never have enough love for children and that she would never get married. I chuckle she had married me.

"Mr. Mellark." Says Dr. Coburn. I turn. "Congratulations you're a father to a healthy little girl 7 pounds 2 ounces." She says. I whoop then run in the room. Katniss was looking and holding a little bundle, eyes wide with terror and joy. I gently hug her then look at my daughter. She looked exactly like my Katniss. I gently take her from Katniss' hands and held her.

Tears stung my eyes. I was a father. I waited for this for so long. "Peeta? Katniss?" A high-pitched voice says. Effie. I turn and see Effie and Haymitch. Effie belly was bulging which makes sense since she's pregnant. Effie pats her stomach. "Little Tiffany doesn't want to come out yet." Effie says cheerfully. I raise an eyebrow. "I thought you wanted to name her Dana." I say. "Correction Haymitch wanted to name her Dana I wanted Tiffany." Effie says.

"How did you decide to name her?" Katniss asks. She's been quiet the whole time. "She had finally agreed to name her Dana. I was happy at that but I knew there would be a catch. And I was right. Effie said Dana was her middle name and Tiffany was her first." Haymitch says. I chuckle. "So what's the little princess' name?" Haymitch asks. "Primrose Rue Mellark." I say proudly.

Effie smiles and looks at her watch. "Oh no gotta go!" She says and walks out. I look at Haymitch questionably. "Time for lunch." Haymitch says and follows Effie. Same old Effie always on time, never late. I bet she even woke up today saying, "It's going to be a very busy, day!" A nurse comes in with a tray of food for Katniss. I hold Prim while Katniss eats. I kiss her when she's done.

"Peeta I'm scared." Katniss admits. "Why?" I ask. "I think I'm going to be a terrible mother." She says. "That's crazy you'll be a great mother!" I say. Katniss shakes her head. "I never wanted this." She whispers, "I only did this because I love you." "Oh Katniss. I never realized how much you sacrificed for me." I say. Katniss looks at me tears in her eyes. "But for you I'll pull myself together." Katniss says. I squeeze her hand. Prim starts snoring softly. I give her to Katniss.

"For you Peeta. For you." Katniss whispers. She gently strokes Prim's short hair. A few days later Katniss and me leave the hospital, along with Prim of course. Everything goes back to normal I continue to work at the Bakery with Mr. Mike Ashburn and when he dies he's going to give it to me. "I don't have any family. All I have is you." He always says.

Poor Mr. Ashburn. He eighty-eight years old and he's all alone. That's why I talked to Katniss about making him Prim's Godfather. She agreed and he agreed. He comes and visits us often. He says Prim looks exactly like Katniss and is going to grow up as a fine young lady.

I love my wife and my daughter. We always are happy with each other's company. Katniss adjusted to our new life, like when we got married. We're thinking of taking a picture of a family portrait. Katniss, Prim, and me, may we ever be happy together. I hope my daughter will grow to be like her mother, smart, pretty, and reliable. I tell Katniss that one-day we're going to have to tell our daughter about the hunger games. She's loathing when that day comes but she knows we have to tell Prim. My family will be safe. I vow to protect my wife and daughter at all cost. We're thinking about having another baby one-day.