Chapter 6

The three are back inside the cellblock sized office as Bell begins pacing the small room. She finally got frustrated enough that she ended up opening the door and walking into the hallway and back. "So we have a patient who's not only has a breathing tube down her throat, but now is paralyzed from the waist down. Mold toxicity wouldn't do that not that fast." Bell was getting frustrated with the frustration and stopped pacing, and turns towards her desk. Master just watches Bell as she pulls out a small rubber ball and tosses it between her hands. Prichard looks up from the file before he throws out another idea towards a group. "Maybe it's an autoimmune. Maybe Lupus?" Prichard was about to continue his explanation as Bell threw the ball towards Prichard over his head, and against the wall. Bell continues to throw the ball against the wall as Masters and Prichard keep their heads low.

"I wish you hadn't said that. It cannot be lupus. It's never lupus, but now since you said that it could be a possibility, I have to call Dr. Cameron in here for a consult. And the last thing I need is another former member of the Mod squad in here telling me what I know it isn't." Masters looks a little confused with that statement but speaks up anyway. "It doesn't necessarily have to be lupus; it could be another auto-immune disease we should still test for auto-immune." Bell caught the ball one-handed and gripped it tightly. She knew Bell was right, she knew that she had to call Cameron in on this. Just give in it's only a stupid bet, what's more important money or patient's life? Bell sits down and picks up her phone. "Start testing for autoimmune, I'll call Dr. Cameron to see if we can narrow it down a little more." The two residence walk out of the room as Bell is still on the phone.

Masters still has a small confused look on her face as she and Prichard walk towards the elevator. She finally turns to Prichard as her curiosity has gotten the better of her, "What did Bell mean another former member?" Prichard looks and smiles as he realized that Masters really didn't have a clue as to what was going on. He knew he had to tell her, she had a right to know who she was dealing with. "Dr. Cameron was a part of Dr. House's team, but she had quit a few years ago after her divorce and moved back here." Masters looks and Prichard as the door opens they both step inside. "How long did she work for House?" The doors close as they wait for the elevator to head to the pathology lab. Prichard still staring at the first report to see if they could narrow down the search for the answer. "If the rumors are true she worked for him for about four years. And if the other rumors are true she met her ex-husband there as too." The doors opened and they step out towards the lab as a light bulb clicked on in her head. "Robert Chase." It wasn't a question, she knew that had to be the answer, she knew there was a reason for him to act the way he did. Why he was such a whore going after a different woman every night. She suddenly felt sorry for him, and also understanding him a little better. They entered the lab. "I think that was his name, I heard he was British or something." Prichard holds the door open for Masters as they walk in. He then heads over to grab the blood samples they took from there patient as Masters begins to set up for the very long night of testing they have in front of them. "He's Australian actually. I worked with him for about a year." Prichard laughs at her as he hands her the samples. "Do I detect a small crush on the Aussie?" Masters just looks at him with a little disgust in that comment. "God no! He's a whore! I wouldn't wish him on my worst enemy." Sure she had a better understanding of Chase, but she still wouldn't go anywhere near him. She's not that desperate.

The morgue was quiet, cold. The pathologist had left for the night, nowhere there to bother her. Hell, no one new she was down her. Bell knew that she would be able to think without being interrupted. She needed to think, but she also wondered how pissed off Daniels would be if he knew that she written her patient's symptoms on the wall of the morgue in permanent marker. She smiled at that thought as she continued to throw the handball against the wall, staring at the symptoms, running every scenario through her brain. She was smart; she was the smartest in her family. The youngest too, hell, she was so much younger than the rest of her siblings. It was hard, not being able to connect with the rest of your brothers and sister because of a fifteen to twenty year gap between them. Just because your parents were able to conceive another child in their late forties/ early fifties, it automatically makes you the spoiled brat. No one to confide in, no one to connect with, all of her siblings were in the same business as their dad. She was the only one that wanted to go into medicine. Medicine and science were the only things that made sense to her as a kid. She was always so fascinated about how and why things worked and why they didn't. Divine intervention, as her father called it, just wasn't a good enough answer for her as she got older.

"You know, Daniels will have your head when he sees that." Cameron was leaning on the doorway as she made her presence know. Bell just rolled her eyes at Cameron as she continued to throw the ball at the wall, at the symptoms. "We missed something, and I don't have the slightest clue as to what it is." Cameron comes off the wall and closer towards Bell. She can't help but think that this behavior seems very familiar to her right now, but just can't place it. 'Masters and Prichard running the A and A?"

"Among others," Bell says as she stands up still throwing the ball up against the wall. "It's not Lupus. No matter what Prichard thinks, and I know that that is going to be the first thing that he's going to test for and it's going to be negative." She holds the ball in her hand as she turns to face Cameron. "But it's still autoimmune. I just don't know what type." Cameron sees the frustrated look on Bell's face and realizes that she did not want it to come to this. Bell places the ball on the table and looks back at the wall. "Was it always this hard? Trying to find the answers trying to take out the guess work and wanting to always be right?"

"It didn't so much want to be right, it was more like hoping. And needing to be right. We saved more patients than lost but, we were the best at what we did and sometimes it wasn't enough. We're doctors, we lose patients, it happens. But it was always harder on us because we were their last option. We just can't save them all." Bell's frustration just grew a little more as she started pacing the room. "Well, it would be nice to save this one. Instead, in morgue with the rest of the stiffs trying to figure out what the…" Bell trails off as Cameron waits for her to finish her sentence, but then realizes that she got her answer. She's seen that look on House's face too many times to count. Cameron quickly replays the conversation back in her head. Trying to figure out what either of them said that triggered that epiphany. The stiff part triggered it, she knew that for sure but what answer that she got from that she didn't have a clue. As she was about to ask her a question Bell just walks out of the room. Now that was something that she was defiantly used to.