A/N: This is something I wrote for a project in 4th grade. I know it's terrible, but it sure is funny. (In a stupid way.) Anyway, I did change the area the people live in, so as not to give away where I live. And just so you know, the characters are basically people who used to live across the street from me. Except Charlie, he lives in the neighborhood, but is not related to the others. Anyway, hope you laugh! : )

Disclaimer: I actually do own this. Lol. But I don't own the characters. Even though I changed them, so they aren't really real anymore. (they aren't married, and Harrison and Charlie don't even know each other.)

"Boo!" yelled the ghost. The mailman decided to skip this area of the neighborhood. It was getting late, but he didn't care.

When he came back to this part of the neighborhood, it was extremely dark. "Should I skip this part of the neighborhood?" he wondered aloud. He knew it was wrong, but he was just terrified. He decided to deliver their mail. When he got home, hopefully he would be alive. He delivered the mail. No ghost. When he got home, there was still no ghost. "That was easy." He declared. His family had four people. "Help!" they all screamed as a ghost appeared. It was the same ghost the mailman had seen before, but he was too frightened to speak. Luckily, the ghost vanished. "That was a close one." whispered the mailman.

The next day, he went to deliver mail. There was mail addressed to ghost 10. "Who is that?" he asked no one. "It is me" declared a familiar voice. It was that ghost again! "Give me my mail." whispered ghost 10. "Take it!" yelled the mailman. He threw it. The ghost caught it. The mailman ran away and quit his job.

"Dan, where will you find a new job?" his wife asked him. "I shall work at home, Amy." He replied. In his bed at night, he wondered why how Ghost 10 got his name. Maybe there were nine other ghosts. But maybe, hopefully not, there were more than ten. Also, why was the director named Director A? Dan suddenly found a letter in his bed. It had all of the answers to his questions!

TO DAN "There are 20 ghosts a group in 26 counties of Oregon. Linn County has "A" section. That means most powerful. Too bad. Ha-Ha! Western Linn is guarded by Ghost 10. He is the most dangerous.

-Director A" Dan read aloud.

Suddenly, his son Harrison came in the room. "Daddy, it was me who was the ghost. It was my friend Charlie who was the down by the haunted house, since he lived there. We have the same voice, pretty much." "I see" responded Dan. "Mama, Daddy, Harrison!" shrieked Ella as she and Charlie came into the room. "The ghost is coming!" yelled Charlie. "Help he isn't lying!" called Ella. "Charlie why aren't you at…" "Help!' They all screamed at the top of their lungs as Ghost 10 arrived. "Whoever is doing this stop it right now! You are making Ella cry!" yelled Harrison. They all continued screaming intill the ghost shot them and they all died.

A/N: Please don't flame, because, like I said, I know it sucks. It is just for amusement. K?