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Sakura POV:

I was running around my village just for the fun of it. The weights on my arms and legs didn't bother me. Each weight is 6,000 tons. I stopped at the river to cool down and drink some water. It seems like everyone of my friends are dating. Hinita's with Naruto, Ino with Choji, Temari with Shikamaru, Ten ten with neji. Kiba with Maya and Gara with Zita. It seemed like everyone have a special someone except me and Sauske. I put my hand in the water loving the cool liquid touching my fingers. I cupped some water in to my hand and watched it turn in to chakra it was a new jutsu i made up. I made sure nobody knew my moves so the could copy them. The only ones they saw were the weak ones. I am training to be the strongest konochi. I remembered why I wanted to train in the first place.


"Sauske, Come train with me please?" I asked.

"No,your too weak for me to train with you. Your an useless excuse of a ninja."he said.

I froze,those were the same words my parent use to say to grabbed my hair and put a kunia at my throat."Can you get out of this Sakura? Can you save your self?" He asked.

"No." I whispered,he tightened his grip on my hair. I let a small cry escape my lips.

"When you get stronger than Neji, then you can probably train with me." he said letting go of my hair. He walked away. I fell to my knees, no tears threaten to come down my face. So I promised myself I would become stronger no matter what.

(end of flashback)

I heard someone behind me, I turned to see Sauske Uchiha.

"Hello, Sakura how long has it been since you were training?" he asked.

"Three months." I said in monotone voice.

"Well lets see how strong you have become" he said activating his sharingan. He didn't look 13 right now. he made hand signs, he had made a chidori in is right palm and charged at me. i got scared and did water wind jutsu and put it in my right palm. We clashed against each other. Suddenly every thing went black.

Ren POV:

"Kazuma, can you please come with me to see the cherry blossoms?" I asked.

"Sure I'm bored anyway." Said Kazuma in a bored voice .

We started walking into the forest and we saw the beautiful cherry blossoms. I froze I saw a girl laying on the ground with cherry blossoms surrounding her. She was wearing a long hooded cloak that reaches her ankles and a mask covering her upper part of her face she saw asleep. A boy was laying next the girl was awake. He has white snow like skin, he has black hair with spiked up hair in the back and black eyes. he was wearing a navy blue shirt and gray short with black sandals. His arms were wrapped around her waist. I felt a bit of jealousy bubble up with in me. Wait, why should I be jealous? I don't even know her. Suddenly she opened her eyes . they were a Violet's blue. Then she blinked a couple of times and it changed to emerald green. I don't even think she looked a us.