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Shutting his eyes tightly, as if to rid himself of the oncoming consciousness, Kurt stirred, not wanting to get out of his warm, comfortable bed in Lima. He was home for once and wanted to enjoy as much of his plushy queen as he could. Compared to this fluffy, air-like lack of firmness beneath him he could barely consider the small, wood board of a twin empty in Dalton as a suitable bed.

No wonder he had been suffering sleepless nights there lately.

Between the extreme curriculum and the Warblers Kurt barely had time to eat, let alone sleep. Don't get him wrong, he loves Dalton, but he would like to have at least some free time (with Blaine), but Wes and David were making that absolutely impossible.

Kurt regrets telling them of his feelings for Blaine.

After a particularly draining session of runs in Warblers practice, Kurt was beat. As he was walking rather sluggishly around the quad to his dorm two arms wrapped around his shoulders, one belonging to Wes and, of course, the other David's.

"This can't be good," Kurt thought allowed.

"Well that's a rude greeting!"

"We are just being friendly, Kurt. No need to fret," voiced David glaring at Wes for his rudeness about Kurt's rudeness.

"All we want is a nice little chat with you, buddy."

Now Kurt really started to worry.

Sighing heavily, Kurt decided it would be best not to voice his reasoning. They had both been nice to him. He considered them friends, but it was hard not to think that they were up to something remembering all of the pranks they had played on Blaine. Not to mention how many stories Blaine had told him. He was surprised that Wes and David weren't in jail by now or at least kicked out of Dalton for good.

They had yet to see his room. Because he came in during the middle of a semester Kurt had gotten a room by himself that wasn't all that grand when he moved in. But Kurt had a distinct sense of style that Wes and David already knew about, but Kurt was worried if they had realized just how much he depends on it.

Opening the door and walking forward, the arms around his shoulders fell limp at their owners' sides. Mouths agape as they looked at what stood before them.

Half of the room looked normal enough: bed, dresser, the works, but as they looked further into the room their eyes couldn't focus on just one thing. They were racks upon racks of clothes everywhere that they looked.

Seeing the look on their faces Kurt looked at the floor looking rather sheepish. "I like clothes," he said in a small voice.

"Really? I couldn't tell!" David laughed sarcastically. "Why would you willing go to a school that suppresses expression through clothes like the plague? And it's not like our work load is normal," Wes chimed in.

"Fashion is almost as important as singing to me, but I was willing to give it up to get away from…," Kurt trailed off.

He suddenly became very quiet and wouldn't lift his eyes from the floor. Wes and David exchanged a look of worry. Kurt has never mentioned why he changed schools and Blaine refused to answer any of their questions about it.

An uncomfortable silence hung over the room. It seemed like hours before someone broke the hovering tension.

"So…what did you guys want to talk to me about," Kurt said trying to end the silence.

Silence again.

"DoyouhavefeelingsforBlaine?" David said so quickly that he semi hoped Kurt didn't understand him.

Kurt froze in his place with a worried, openmouthed look on his face.

"Uh…uh…," Kurt stuttered. Composing himself to the best of his ability, "why do you ask?"

That caught them off guard. The boys took on the expression that had just recently vacated Kurt's own face.

"We just wanted to know…I guess." Not very convincing. Kurt sighed and looked them both straight in the eye.

"You must not tell a single soul what I am about to tell you!" The two boys both nodded their heads vigorously, agreeing to the terms.

"I…I'm…," he stopped and took a shaky breath. "I'M IN LOVE WITH HIM," Kurt screamed without meaning to. He flopped onto his bed and brought his hands to his face trying to hide his embarrassment from his fellow Warblers. Kurt sighed heavily. Neither Wes nor David moved. Just standing still near the doorway where he had last seen them.

Why did I tell them? Now they are going to go off yelling it down the hallway and Blaine would surely hear of this within the hour, Kurt thought.

Sure enough, after that whole incident, Wes and David wouldn't leave the two boys alone. Whenever Kurt and Blaine were in the commons studying Wes and David came up with some excuse to join them. They didn't want to miss anything that might happen. Of course, they failed to realize that nothing would happen with them around, so they drop one innuendo after another whenever they could. Each time, Kurt blushed profusely and, unnoticed by Kurt; Blaine would send daggers at the two with his eyes.

I really don't want to get up, Kurt thought to himself, but he knew if he stayed there much longer he wouldn't get out of bed all day. He had a lot of homework to finish and the Dalton professors aren't very understanding when it comes to late work.

He rubbed his eyes with his hand moaning and felt something move next to him. Startled a bit, Kurt opened his eyes wide and noticed the sleeping figure next to him. Last night flooded back to him in waves.