"GET IN THE FUCKING CAR! or you will never fucking see me again!" Billy screamed at Victoria

"No! I don't want to go any where with you! I'm so fucking sick of this bullshit! One day you love me then the next day you can't fucking stand looking at me! I've finally had it! You hear me had it!"Victoria yells back at Billy

Billy walks right up to Victoria and gets in her face.

"Don't you ever yell at me! You fucking bitch! "

"Or what you're gonna drag me by my wrist in forcefully put me in the car! I think not Darley. I'm leaving and that's that!" Victoria says while she starts to walk away.

"Don't you fucking walk away from me!" He yells at her while going up and grabbing her by the shoulders pulling her back to the car and shoving her into it.

"You're my girl! and that's that!" Billy says as he starts the car up and speeds off wheels screeching trying to catch up with how fast he accelerated.


Back before Victoria even knew who Billy Darley was, she was just your normal twenty-three year old about to finish college and start a new life. With a good guy by her side and all the love from her family and friends. That was two years ago, now Victoria is twenty-five and is living in what she calls her own personl hell.

Victoria woke up aburptly with sweat dripping down her forehead. She's been having the same dream for one week and always waking up at the same spot. Rolling over to her side she see's that the side of the bed had never been slept in. Sighing Victoria decides to get up out of bed and go make a cup of coffee.

She walks into the kitchen and grabs the coffe pot to add water to the coffee maker and fixes a cup of instant coffe. While putting in some milk she feels two arms snake around her waist and a head rest on her shoulder.

"No, Billy leave me alone" Victoria says while unwrapping his arms from her waist and walking to the bathroom to take a shower.

Once in the bathroom Victoria locks the door and turns the shower on allowing the water to warm up. She takes a look in the mirror and doesn't recongize the person looking back at her.

There's dark bags under her eyes, hair sticking up in random places, and she just doesn't look like herself. Stripping off her clothes and stepping into the shower letting the warm water run over herself. She was finally feeling better and thinking the day was going to be good. Is when it all went down hill. Once the banging on the door started.

"Will ya let me in! ...Please?" Billy says after he stops banging on the door.

by then Victoria was out of the shower and wrapping a towl around her body and hair. Taking her time picking her clothes up, mumbling under her breath she finally opens the door and trys to slip pass Billy. Before she can get away he grabs her by the wrist and pushes her up against a wall. Placing soft kisses on her left shoulder.

"Billy no I need to get dressed... stop. What if your brother walks out or one of the guys walk in." Victoria protest.

"They won't I have them all doing stuff around the city." Billy says as he looks up in to Victoria's eyes and lifting her up to where she has her legs wrapped around his waist.

This time placing a kiss on her lips.

"bil.. ly.. I.. need.. to.. go.. get.. dressed.. now.." Victoria says in between kisses.

Billy sets he back down and caresses her left cheeck. Before turing and closing the bathroom door.

"Today is one of the days you love me.." Victoria whispers to herself while heading into the bedroom to get ready for the day.