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Warning: this Tibbs story will contain some rather explicit content later on. I will inform you when I change the rating to M. Not for the faint-hearted or under aged or if you simply don't like slash. Consider yourself warned.
Spoilers: : Tags to Requiem. I know it's not original but I can't seem to put it out of my head so.. here you go


The bullpen was quiet, having one of its rare, calm days. Gibbs was up in MTAC, McGee had stayed home sick and Ziva was typing away at her computer, every once in a while laughing and then typing again. 'Probably mailing her boyfriend', Tony thought to himself as he glanced in her direction and then went back to his work.

Tony sat at his desk, desperately attempting to focus on the paperwork that was laid out before him. He reread the same sentence for what felt like the millionth time but found himself unable to care. His treacherous mind kept throwing him off balance as he couldn't close his eyes without seeing Gibbs before him, lifeless and ice cold. The feeling of his lips touching Gibbs' blue ones. What should have stayed a well-hidden secret of his own imagination had turned into a recurring nightmare, where he woke up with the faintest hint of that intense fear still lingering on his lips.

It had been one week, three days, ten hours and fifteen minutes since he had saved Gibbs from that filthy river, the time etched in his memory, his broken watch a physical reminder from the imminent danger that lay beyond the surface of the water as he let himself be pulled deeper towards the car.

His heart clenched tightly in his chest as he realized how close he'd been to losing Gibbs, unspoken thoughts and feelings forever hanging in between them, the enormity of what he could have lost nearly palpable.

Tony gasped softly when he was abruptly interrupted in his musings by a crumbled piece of paper hitting him on the side of the head. He looked up to find Ziva smirking at him. "How does it feel to be on the receiving end, Tony?" she laughed. When Tony didn't react, her smile faded and she came to sit on the corner of his desk. Tony expected her to push for answers, or at least crack a joke, but she didn't. Instead, she simply sat there and looked at him calmly, calculatingly, seemingly trying to read his thoughts.

Tony never lasted long under that intense gaze. "what's up, my sweet assassin chick?" he smiled innocently at her, hoping his eyes would show the sparkle they so often had in them when he was teasing his colleagues. Apparently it worked – or Ziva decided to let it pass. Instead, she ruffled his hair affectionately, smiling at his pout as he tried to force his hair back into submission.

"Taking a break, ladies?" Tony's jerked his head to the side, just in time to see his boss coming off the stairs.

Ziva jumped on her feet as if she was stung by a bee. That seemed to please Gibbs, as the left corner of his mouth twitched slightly. He strode over to his desk, grabbed his badge and holstered his gun and put on his suit jacket.

"Do we have a case?" Ziva tried to make eye contact with Gibbs as he walked away from them. "Nope", he answered gruffly before hurrying past Ziva. When Tony looked up, he just caught Gibbs' gaze lingering on him before the elevator doors slipped closed and separated them once again.