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Warning: very M-rated parts, especially the first part of the chapter.

Chapter 9

Tony groaned as his tired body hit the mattress. Gibbs smiled and ruffled his hair as he got in too and crawled closer to the younger man.

"I thought she'd never stop squealing. Think she'll be able to handle the secret for longer than five minutes?"

Gibbs snorted. "No way." He turned on his side to look at Tony. "the way she was looking at us, waiting for us to overstep.. felt like I was in a cheap porno."

Tony threw his head back and laughed heartily. Then he crawled closer to Gibbs until he was almost lying on top of him. He waggled his eyebrows. "You know… I could still give you that feeling, if you want…" he winked and pressed a light kiss against Gibbs' chest.

Gibbs raised an eyebrow. "Oh, is that so?"

The younger man shrugged but he couldn't keep from laughing again when Gibbs jumped up and straddled his hips. Tony bucked up and they both groaned as their cocks brushed together. Gibbs intertwined their fingers and leaned down to place a tender kiss on the younger man's lips. This was still new territory for them, but Jethro was quickly getting acquainted with the all-consuming fire he felt whenever Tony gave him his wanton look. The kiss deepened and he moaned softly when the man under him bit his bottom lip and ran his tongue over it. Tony reached out one hand to cup the other man's neck and jerked him down as the kiss grew more passionate.

His other hand reached down and he dug his fingertips in the soft flesh of Gibbs' ass as he arched his own back and brought their bodies even closer. Gibbs dipped his head and bit Tony's earlobe, reveling in the breathy sigh he got in response. He continued his path down Tony's jaw line, along his neck, until he bit down slightly harder near the younger man's pulse point. Tony forced Gibbs' head harder against his skin, wanting to be marked by the man he loved so deeply.

Gibbs' tongue lapped over the slight sting left by his teeth and he nuzzled the younger man's neck, getting comfort out of the already familiar scent that always accompanied Tony. His lips made their way down Tony's chest, kissing the soft hairs there and following the trail downward. Tony shivered when Gibbs reached his stomach and kissed the smooth skin, eliciting a soft moan from the Italian's lips.

He kissed a bit more towards Tony's side and smiled against his skin when he felt the younger man's abs tense up.


Tony nodded, automatically returning Gibbs' smile. He'd probably never get used to the effect those steel blue eyes had on him. He'd always thought a single stare from the man was enough to make him do anything, but somehow the look he was getting now was even more intense. Gibbs was gazing at him… curiously. As if he wanted to learn everything there was to know about him, and it amazed the younger man. He couldn't remember anyone ever having had the same interest in him without wanting to alter anything about him – including his father.

He was falling hard for this man and normally that would have scared the shit out of him, but for some reason, this time it didn't. If this was what it felt like to be in love and be loved in return, he'd always cherish it – even if it didn't work out between them, he'd always be able to think back to the feeling he was having right now. He could almost feel his heart pump his blood around faster; he could hear the rush in his ears, the excitement that coursed through his entire body whenever the two of them made eye-contact.

Two warm hands caressing up his ribcage made him come back to the present.

"Stay with me." Gibbs whispered, as he let his thumbs stroke Tony's soft skin.

Tony spotted the undertone of concern in Gibbs' gaze, and he smiled as he lifted his hand and stroked his thumb over the older man's cheek.

"I'm still processing this, that's all. I'm pretty sure it's a crime to feel this happy."

Jethro grinned broadly and Tony thought it was the hottest thing the older man could possibly do – at least until he dipped his head and kissed the inside of his thighs. Gibbs looked back up, holding Tony's gaze.

"Yeah well, so what if it is a crime? I'm team leader and I say we got other things to focus on right now."

Tony smirked. "Is that so? Like what?"

"Making you even happier." and with that, Gibbs' hands moved down from Tony's ribcage to his thighs, his fingertips digging in the younger man's flesh.

Tony bucked up and when Gibbs dropped soft kisses right next to his hardening cock, he made a low throaty sound that sounded like pure sex. That seemed to break Gibbs' resolve to take things slow and explore. They had forever to explore, he wanted to taste the man lying under him right now.

He looked back up at Tony one more time and he almost drowned in the emerald greens gazing back at him, eyelids heavy with lust and pupils dilated until there was only the tiniest ring of green left visible.

Gibbs wet his lips and he unceremoniously wrapped them around the head of Tony's hard cock. The younger man nearly flew off the mattress and Gibbs felt a surge of pride at the arousal he awakened in Tony. He licked over the head and swirled his tongue around it, reveling in the moans he got in return.

"J-Jehhthroo" the way Tony breathed out his name was amazing, making him high on endorphins. He looked up for a second and took in the younger man's hands, grabbing the sheets as a desperate attempt to hold on to his last shred of dignity.

He ran his tongue over Tony's cock again and then he let his glistening lips slide over the hard shaft and take in as much as he could. Gibbs sucked hard and Tony couldn't have stopped his hips bucking up if he'd tried. He screamed until he was hoarse.

Gibbs' lips moved faster, each time taking in a little more of Tony's aching member. Then he started to gently massage the younger man's balls as he sucked and Tony's hand flew to the back of his head, grabbing a fistful of silver hair and pulling him off his cock.

"Jethro, st-stop.." he panted, making the older man look up, confused.

"What- why? Not good?"

Tony's eyes widened for an instant before he burst out laughing.

"Are you kidding me? That was amazing! But I was about two seconds away from coming and I didn't want you to be.. surprised, I guess."

He could see Gibbs' pupils dilate further and when the older man spoke, his voice was husky and the desire dripped off of his words.

"I have only ever wanted to do this to one person and I want to swallow everything till the last drop." He dipped his head again and took in most of Tony's dick, licking it as his lips slid down and sucking before he moved back up. His hand resumed the soft massage of Tony's balls and it didn't take long before Tony's breaths became louder and erratic. His fingers tightened in Gibbs' hair and his hips began to follow the movement of the older man's wet lips.

"Ahhh, fuck yessss !" Tony screamed as he thrust up his hips one last time before shooting his load down Gibbs' throat. He held the other man's head down for a moment, jutting his hips as he rode out the aftershocks and let Gibbs' mouth milk his cock. He felt the older man's tongue lick the head of his shaft clean until eventually, he let his lips release it with an audible 'pop'.

Tony reached out his index finger and traced Gibbs' lips, moaning when the other man sucked it into his hot, wet mouth. He pulled back his finger and cupped Gibbs' neck, roughly pulling him back on top of him. He unconsciously bit his bottom lip when he felt his Boss' hard dick against his thigh.

Tony arched his neck and pressed Gibbs' face against him, moaning when the other man knew without question what he wanted and set his teeth in the soft flesh.

"All yours", Tony panted, as his lover marked him. He got a possessive growl in return.

"Damn right." the younger man shivered when the soft-spoken words reached his ears. He loved possessive Gibbs.

"Take me", Tony pleaded.

Gibbs backed away a little to look at the man lying under him. Was he reading this right? Seemed like Tony liked being his, liked the possessiveness he awakened in him. He decided to test the younger man.

"You have always had a thing for dominance, haven't you?" Gibbs thought back to the night where Tony had sucked his cock on the kitchen floor. He'd begged for Gibbs to fuck his mouth until he came.

Tony only managed to nod in response, but it was the only answer Gibbs needed. He put a finger under Tony's chin and lifted it so he had all the younger man's attention focused solely on him.

"Did you dream I'd do something to you at work? Just.. bend you over my desk and fuck you whenever I wanted?"

"Oh God, yes!" the answer came without hesitation and once again, Gibbs felt the familiar surge of pride. He let his fingers brush through Tony's brown strands.

"Good boy." he whispered, while he kept petting Tony. The younger man's eyes closed involuntarily and Gibbs saw that he hadn't misread this. Tony liked losing control, liked handing it over to him.

He smirked and moved off of Tony's body entirely. He laid down on his side next to the younger man and kept looking at him. He saw the concern fill the emerald greens so he lifted his arm and waited for Tony to welcome his embrace. A cocky smile never left his lips and as soon as Tony's back touched his chest, he tightened his arm around the younger man's waist and tugged until the back of Tony's legs hit his knees. He arched his back and rubbed his achingly hard cock against Tony's ass, moaning freely at the sensation.

The younger man's breath hitched and he arched his back too, trying to get more friction.

Gibbs leaned on one elbow so he could talk into Tony's ear while he pulled their bodies flush together.

"I'll fuck you whenever I feel like it." his arm left Tony's waist for a moment and he grabbed his own cock by the base and rubbed it between Tony's cheeks. The precum gathered at the tip of his cock made it slick and he rubbed the head over Tony's hole.

Tony felt like he was exploding, there was nothing left but the two of them. He couldn't think, only thanked every God he could come up with that this man understood him like no one else.

Jethro's hand came up and he pushed one finger between Tony's lips, sighing as the younger man started to lick and suck it. When he felt like it was wet enough, Tony released the finger and rubbed his ass over his lover's cock again.

He moaned loudly when he felt Jethro ease the slick finger between his cheeks and begin to prepare him. Before long, he was panting while Gibbs had three fingers in him. He felt the other man pulling out his fingers and then line up his cock and push the head into his entrance. He arched his back more, surrendering to everything Gibbs wanted to do with him.

"God, so tight." Gibbs' voice was strained and he had to use all of his willpower to keep from coming on the spot. His hand reached over Tony's waist between his legs and as he slowly bottomed out in one single movement, his fingers began to tug at Tony's balls, rolling them between his fingers, effectively ignoring the younger man's cock.

Gibbs pulled out almost entirely and then thrust back in, barely giving Tony time to adjust to the pace he was setting. The Italian was moaning continuously. He had reached a hand back to clutch at the older man's hips, trying to force him as deep as possible.

But Gibbs wouldn't let himself to be forced to do anything. So he kept pulling out slowly and then waited a few seconds before slamming back into the tight hole. The older man's breath was labored and he was making delicious sounds that would make Tony come if only Gibbs would touch his cock...

The silver haired man changed his position and the next time he thrust back into Tony's ass, the head of his hard cock brushed against the younger man's prostate, making him scream out Jethro's name in pure bliss.

Gibbs surrendered to the incredible sensation of making love to Tony, and his thrusts became quicker each time he slammed back into the younger man. He released Tony's balls and laid his arm back around his waist, pulling him impossibly close. His moans were louder now and he felt the inevitable release rushing in. He slammed back in as deep as he could and pulled Tony against him, moving his hips along. The orgasm made him buck his hips and he had no control over the loud yell that escaped his lips when his world collapsed.

He carefully pulled out and took a moment to wipe them clean before he laid back down, his forehead against Tony's shoulder. He panted until he could hear his heartbeat finally start to slow down and his breathing even out.

He waited for the younger man to say something and when he didn't, Gibbs began to think he'd made a wrong judgment call. His arm around Tony's waist must've tensed up because the younger man turned around in his embrace and smiled at him.

"I'm just recuperating. That was... I don't have the words to explain what that was but I think it's safe to say that you succeeded in your goal to make me even happier than I already was."

Somehow, Jethro felt the need to make clear that this wasn't just about sex. Incredible, mind-blowing sex, but still.

"Tony..." how was he going to say this? The last time he'd said this and meant it, felt like it was an entire lifetime ago.

The younger man however, seemed to understand him even without words. They always had.

Tony cupped Jethro's cheek. "I know, me too." he whispered, before leaning in and kissing Gibbs softly to make clear that they were on the same page.

Gibbs returned the kiss, keeping it soft. Eventually, he pulled back and tilted Tony's chin up. He made sure that his voice was husky and soft as he spoke because he knew that it drove the younger man crazy with desire.

"Now go to sleep and maybe if you're lucky, I'll let you come in the morning."

Tony swallowed hard and when his lover lifted his arm, he laid his head on top of his chest. His arm came to lie over Gibbs' stomach and he sighed when he felt the older man pull him closer. It didn't take long for both of them to surrender to a blissful sleep.

It was lunchtime when they were sitting at their desks, reviewing cold cases and filing paperwork while eating take out. They still hadn't gotten a case and they were bored out of their minds, trying to come up with a lead they could follow. Just something that would get them out of the bullpen.

McGee's desk phone rang and he talked for a moment before hanging up and looking at Gibbs. He cleared his throat. "Uhm, Boss... Is it okay if I go help Abby downstairs?"

Gibbs nodded and waved him off with a hand gesture before focusing back on his computer screen.

Ziva glanced at her partner. Tony was busy making calls. Maybe Gibbs would want to go sparring with her, they might as well stay in shape while waiting for a case. She turned to the team leader and asked him if he wanted to join her in the gym.

"Good idea, Ziver." Ziva smiled at the nickname. Gibbs reached for his locker keys and made a few boxing moves at Tony to make clear where the two of them were going. Tony smiled brightly at the older man's antics before refocusing on the conversation he was having on the phone.

Gibbs felt warmth pooling in his belly at the sight of that smile and he had to remind himself of the fact that Ziva was watching them. He smiled at her and jerked his head in the direction of the lockers. They retrieved sweats and T-shirts and met each other back in the gym.

"Hey Abs! You needed me? Whose case is this?"

"Hey Timmie! I just thought, since you guys don't have a case, maybe you could help me some. This is Wilson's case, a petty officer's car exploded. Can you help me analyze all the evidence? There's a lot of shrapnel and I have to get that out of the way before I can even begin to think about running prints on the murder weapon for Balboa's case. Lots of cases, lots of evidence and no caffeine!"

It amazed McGee how much the Goth girl could say in one single breath. He grabbed her by the arms and stared at her, breathing in deeply and forcing her to take a breath too.

She willingly followed his example but it didn't seem to help much as she once again started pacing around the lab. Tim winced. This way, they were never going to get anything done.

"Okay Abs, I'll just go get you a Caf-Pow! and I'll be right back." He stumbled back when she gave him a bone-crushing hug and shooed him out of her lab, the anxiety now replaced with her usual drive and enthusiasm.

The line at the coffee shop had been crazy and after twenty minutes after waiting around, McGee was finally making his way back up to the bullpen. It seemed empty when he got there, but then he spotted Tony still sitting at his desk. Kelly, an attractive administrative worker, was standing front of his desk. Actually, she was leaning on it, providing the Senior Agent with a nice view into her cleavage.

McGee shook his head. DiNozzo working his magic. He decided to wait a few minutes before walking up to his desk, he wanted to see Tony seduced all of those women. When the Italian knew somebody else was watching, he boasted about his conquests but he didn't actually say how he'd gotten yet another woman's phone number.

McGee frowned when he watched how Tony accepted the bundle of papers Kelly held out to him and then proceeded to focus his attention on the papers instead of the breasts that Kelly was desperately trying to get him to notice. She ran a finger over his arm and smiled seductively, whispering something McGee couldn't pick up. DiNozzo nodded absentmindedly and quickly looked at the other pages. The Senior Agent looked up at Kelly.

McGee held his breath. Now he'd know why all of those women circled around Tony like bees around a honeycomb.

"Could you move please? You're standing in my light."

What? Had he heard that right?

Apparently Kelly was expecting something different too because she kept standing there for a moment, frowning. Tony handed the stack of papers back to her. "I can't help you with this, this is Balboa's case. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of work to do." He smiled apologetically and focused back on his computer screen as if the girl wasn't even standing there.

McGee and Kelly both stood there for a second, trying to figure out what had just happened. McGee's eyes followed the sad-looking woman as she was about to walk past him and into the elevator. He felt kinda bad for her, she had obviously been hoping for something more than the dismissal she'd gotten from Tony. Tim stopped her as she pressed the elevator button.

"Hey, don't feel bad, okay? I don't know what Tony's problem was but…"

Kelly rolled her eyes and interrupted him. "I have boobs, that's the problem."

McGee arched an eyebrow. "What? I don't really think that's a problem. Given how he looks at women…"

She interrupted him again. "Yeah, but does he look at them the way he looks at your boss?"

When Tim froze, she shook her head and walked into the opening elevator doors, leaving the Agent alone and confused.

Chaos reigned in McGee's head and he forced all the doubts down. This wasn't the time to second-guess his colleague, Abby was waiting for him. He walked further into the bullpen and picked up his laptop from his desk, trying not to drop the Caf-Pow! he was holding in his other hand. Tony smiled up at him and he forced a smile back before hurrying down to Abby's lab. He needed to think.

The two Agents were panting and circling around each other. Gibbs had forced her to the ground a few minutes ago and after a brief break, they were ready to start again. Ziva skillfully dodged Gibbs' fists and her own fists shot forward. She expected Gibbs to block her punch but instead her fist made contact with his nose and she heard a crunching sound.

"Oh my god! Gibbs, I'm so sorry!"

Gibbs winced as he gently touched his nose with his fingers. Then he smiled at a shocked Ziva.

"Good girl. And don't apologize, I wasn't paying enough attention so it's my own fault."

Ziva frowned. "Are you okay?"

"Sure, I'm gonna see Ducky."

"I'll come with you!"

"No it's okay, go take a shower and see if you can help DiNozzo."

The Israeli nodded confusedly and walked off.

Ziva was still frowning when she reached her desk. Tony arched an eyebrow.

"What's wrong Zee-vah? Where's Gibbs?"

She sat down slowly. "I think I broke his nose… he went down to see Ducky."

"What? I'm going down there."

"Yeah, I said that too but he didn't want me to come. Said I should go back and help you."

Tony gave her a few phone numbers of witnesses they had to check again and stared at his screen for a few seconds before he forced himself to get back to work.

When he'd read the same line for what felt like the hundredth time, he gave up and jumped up from his chair, nearly knocking it over in his haste to get to the elevator. He left Ziva wondering why he was so anxious to check up on Gibbs. Didn't her partner usually enjoy being the one in command when Gibbs wasn't around?

The doors to Autopsy swooshed opened and Ducky turned around to see who'd come in.

"Jethro! I didn't think you had a case at the moment?" Then, he got a better look at the team leader. "Dear lord, what happened to you?"

"Ziva happened", Gibbs grinned. "Just a sparring session that got out of hand. Think I broke my nose."

"Let me see." Ducky carefully felt Jethro's nose and sighed in relief. "I don't think it's fractured, maybe a minor crack in the bone but we can just let it heal like this."

Ducky walked to a cabinet next to his desk and took a little box of painkillers from it. He handed one to Gibbs and raised an eyebrow when the older man accepted and swallowed it without protest.

"Jethro, is everything alright?"

"Yeah, Duck. Just… a lot on my mind."

"Well, do try to keep your head out of the clouds, my dear friend. This could have been worse."

That made Gibbs realize something.

"Hey Duck? Can you do something for me?"

"Of course, what is it?"

"Can you change my next of kin without informing HR about the change? Just in case something worse happens."

"Who do you want me to write down, then?"


"Okay… I do not see why HR would make a problem out of that, but…" he stopped talking as the doors swooshed open again and Tony came in, half running. The doctor took in the younger man's worried expression and the way he anxiously looked around until he spotted Gibbs. He watched Tony as his worried eyes took in every inch of Gibbs' body, to see how badly he was hurt.

"I see. I will make sure of it." Ducky smirked at Gibbs, earning a small smile in return.

"Make sure of what? Are you okay… Boss?" Tony's gaze followed both men, trying to put a finger on what was causing the weird atmosphere in the room.

Gibbs reached out for Tony's hand and smiled when the younger man's eyes nearly fell out at the intimate gesture in public. "Ducky's gonna write you down as my next of kin."

Tony jerked his head around and he only had to take in the doctor's broad smile to know that the older man was aware of everything that was going on between him and Gibbs. He let out a relieved sigh and sagged against Gibbs.

"I'm so glad you're okay."

Gibbs reached out and stroked Tony's back for a moment.

"Well… I guess congratulations are in order. It was about time, too." Ducky smiled as the two Agents hurried out of his office.

"I didn't mean to…"

"It's okay, Duck knew from the moment I told him to put you down as my next of kin."

Tony nodded and kept quiet while they waited for the elevator. They were standing close to each other, enjoying the few moments of being alone for the first time that day. The elevator arrived and the doors had barely closed before Gibbs pushed the button that made the car come to a sudden halt.

The lights went down and Tony raised an eyebrow at the other man when he invaded his personal space.

"Don't you think it's time we let one of your fantasies come true?" Gibbs whispered as soon as he'd gotten close enough to reach the younger man's ear. Gibbs watched as Tony's eyes widened and he forced himself to nod.

Without wasting more time, Jethro undid his own belt, pulled down his zipper and took Tony's hand, laying it against the bulge in his pants.


The younger man moaned and dropped down on his knees without hesitation, tugged Jethro's pants down a bit and pulled his hard cock out of its confinement. He didn't waste any time and sucked in as much of Gibbs' hard length as he could. His head bobbed up and down as his lips worked over the large cock and he felt his own dick pressing hard against his zipper.

"God, Tony. So good." Gibbs breathed as his hand came to rest on the back of Tony's head. He wasn't going to last long. He started to move his hips along with Tony's movements and when the younger man sucked harder, Gibbs felt the release starting to build in his stomach. His fingers knotted in brown strands and he clenched his jaw to keep from screaming out when he tumbled over the edge and came in Tony's mouth. He shivered when he watched the man sitting on his knees swallow and lick the head of his cock clean.

Gibbs pulled Tony up until he was back on his feet, backed him up in a corner of the confined space and almost sent the button of his jeans flying when he hastily opened the younger man's pants. He took out the already leaking cock and began to stroke it in a fevered pace, watching as Tony clawed at the wall, desperately searching for support in the railing. Before long, Tony was gripping Gibbs' shoulders tightly, his eyes screwed shut as he came in the older man's handkerchief with a muffled cry. He sagged against Gibbs' chest and the two men waited for their breathing to slow down before restarting the elevator.

When they reached the bullpen, Ziva jumped up from her chair as soon as she saw Gibbs.

"Gibbs! Is it broken?"

"Relax, Ziver. It's okay."

Ziva glanced at Tony, as if her partner would dare to say otherwise. Tony seemed to notice and he laughed. "He just assaulted me, believe me, he's fine."

The corner of Gibbs' mouth twitched and Ziva glanced between the two of them.

The team leader ignored her and grabbed his desk phone.

"Abs, can you send McGee back up please?" he nodded at something the forensic scientist answered and hung up. Then he looked up at his other two Agents.

"Ziva, go home. No use sitting around and waiting for a case. Tomorrow back at 0800." the Israeli nodded and started packing up her things.

"Tony," Gibbs glanced at his lover. "You can go too as soon as you've finished your work on today's cold case."

The Senior Agent nodded absentmindedly and focused back on something he was reading on his screen.

McGee walked back into the bullpen and up to Gibbs' desk.

"You wanted to see me, Boss?"

Gibbs asked for today's paperwork and repeated the words he'd said to Ziva, sending the man home.

"Okay Boss, just gonna finish up here."

Gibbs nodded and stalked off to the elevator, calling "Coffee!" behind him.

McGee focused his attention on Tony, just in time to see the Italian's eyes follow their team leader until he disappeared between the closing elevator doors and then Tony smiled softly as he focused back on his paperwork.

"Oh my god!" McGee stuttered as he stared at Tony.

"What's wrong McGoo?" Tony asked without lifting his eyes from his desk.

"You... you have feelings for Gibbs." McGee forced the words over his lips, barely believing they were true.

Tony however, jerked his head towards his colleague so fast that he had to have a whiplash. This wasn't happening. Tony's shocked silence gave McGee all the confirmation he'd needed.

Tim was gaping at him now. "How long have you been... What is it that you are? Bi? Gay?"

"Shhh!" Tony hissed angrily. "Do you think this is an appropriate conversation to have in a public space affiliated with the Navy?"

McGee looked apologetically at Tony. "I'm sorry but this is a lot to take in."

Gibbs walked back into the bullpen to find the two Agents staring at each other. He raised an eyebrow at Tony but didn't get an explanation.

The Italian sighed and set to packing up his stuff to go home. "Go home, Tim." he said tiredly and was satisfied to see that McGee obeyed him without further comment.

As soon as the younger man had left, Tony exhaled hard and dropped his head, resting his chin on his chest. He closed his eyes for a moment. Somehow, without even having had a case, today had felt like the longest day ever.

Gibbs was patiently waiting for him to speak when he looked back up.

"He figured out I'm not really Tony the ladies man."

Gibbs sighed. "We can't keep this a secret, can we?"

Tony shrugged. He stood up and walked away from his desk, to Gibbs. He came to stand as close to the older man as he dared in the open bullpen. "Look." he whispered. "I love you, I have for so long. That's not gonna change. So if it depends on me, there's no chance I'm walking away from this."

He thought for a moment before looking back up at Gibbs. "But... I've been hiding for years. If we're really gonna do this, our friends have to know."

The silver-haired man smiled affectionately at Tony's words and glanced at his watch. "It's still pretty early. What do you say, invite everyone for take-out dinner?"

The whole team was sitting at Gibbs' table. Pizza had just arrived and Jethro smirked at Tony's hungry eyes.

"Hey…" he said softly, making Tony look up at him. He cupped the younger man's neck and drew him in for a soft kiss. His fingers stroked through Tony's hair and along his jaw line before he pulled back and looked at the rest of his colleagues. Duck was smiling softly and Abby was literally applauding. McGee and Ziva were both actively choking on their food.

"Questions?" Gibbs asked.

Tony burst out laughing. "Really Jeth. You're never gonna be a diplomat, are you?" He got a fond smile in return.

Then he noticed Abby's raised finger. "What's up, Abs?"

"I got a question." She said cheerfully. They didn't say anything so she saw that as a sign that she could ask. "Can you do that again?"

Gibbs shook his head. "Don't make me give you your first head slap, Abs."

The forensic scientist grinned broadly.

Tony knew she was okay with it, and Ducky was too. But Ziva and Tim were rather quiet. He looked at the both of them and saw they were both smirking.


"This actually explains a lot, Tony." Ziva smiled as she looked at McGee sitting next to her. Tim laughed and nodded.

"What? Explains what?" Tony was getting nervous, which was undoubtedly the purpose of Ziva and McGee's mysterious smiles.

"You're a really sucky ladies man, that's all." Tim shrugged, causing everyone at the table to laugh – except for Tony.

"I am not!" Tony muttered, which only made them laugh harder. Gibbs leaned in close to his ear.

"It's okay, just focus on what you're good at", he whispered and he stroked Tony's knee under the table for a moment.

Now they were all smiling.


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