Hey! New Fanfic. (My minds a Rollin!) and I think it's gonna be a one shot. I've been doing a lot of Ouran fanfics. IM GETTING REOBSESSED WITH IT FOR THE 7000th time. So here it is.

Haruhi's POV whole time

I'm better off alone.

The rain is pouring down. The constant tapping against the black pavement. Puddles forming everywhere. I'm running with my jacket over my soaked brown hair trying to make it to the Music room.

The constant beat of my feet hitting the pavement, calming to the sound of the pouring rain. I finally make it inside the school building and rush up the stairs of the building.

Thunder roars so close. I start to freeze. And tense. I try to get myself up and get to the music room. I hear footsteps coming from upstairs. I don't bother to look up.

Thunder roars again.

I tremble. My eyes tearing.

An arm wraps it's way around my waist.

"It's ok Haruhi. I promised you I'd always be here." a familiar voice whispers erotically into my ear.

I try to look up. I see wisps of blonde hair dangling in front of Blue-violet eyes.

Lightning strikes followed by a blow of roaring thunder.

I cling onto Tamaki, knocking him over. His body there on the floor, looking up at me. His smile calming. I lie my head onto his chest.

Thunder roars again, followed by trees swaying and hitting the windows of the school, lightning striking.

I cling to him.

Tears roll from my eyes onto Tamaki's shirt. He sits up, cradling my head into his chest. He looks down onto me.

My blurred vision, could only see the inching Tamaki. Our lips only millimeters away, noses touching.

"I love you, Haruhi."

He leans in and kisses me. My eyes blurry vision goes away, and I kiss him back. Lips to lips. Tongues exploring each other's mouths, the soothing warmth and chocolate flavor. I hear thunder and see flashes of light, but I'm too preoccupied to be scared. I sit up, and push Tamaki back down, I pressed on top, look at his eyes, sparkling, always irresistible to my delicate heart. I lean into kiss him.

"Who would've guessed?" Two very similar voices say in unison.

"Yay Haru-chan!" squeals the young sounding boy.

"If the king had been this entertaining, we would've been much richer." Kyouya states with mischief lingering in his passive voice.

"Yup." Mori says with no expression.

A heat runs across my face. I get off of Tamaki, as he sits up, he says.

"Well, Haruhi?"

I look confused.

A thunderbolt strikes. But I don't freeze or tremble. My eyes refill with tears as I lunge back onto Tamaki.

"Thank you senpai thank you!"

"Love did it, not me, sweet girl."

A blush red of a cherry tomato could not compare.

He kisses me once more.

My eyes slowly start to close.