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Being a trained singer, Rachel Berry had an impeccable hearing, so when someone decided to throw pebbles at her window in the middle of the night, it wasn't very strange that she heard it. It took only a few moments for her to get up from her bed and slowly walk to the opposite side of the room, where the window was. The darkness of her backyard didn't help at all when she tried to figure out who was outside, so she soon gave in and opened the window. The sleepy look on her face quickly turned to surprised when she saw none other than Santana Lopez standing there.

"Santana? What are you doing here? You are disturbing my beauty sleep-" She couldn't finish her sentence because the tall Latina interrupted her.

"Come on, Berry. I am taking you somewhere." She could see the hesitation of the diva, so she added "Give me a chance. It won't be bad." She promised, still patiently waiting for Rachel to come out.

"I can't." Rachel answered and stopped, only to see the saddened look on Santana's face before continuing "I don't know how to get out without my dads finding out." It was true. Rachel never went out after her curfew but Santana didn't want to give up that easily.

"You have to climb down that tree." She yelled in a whisper and rapidly added "But first put some more clothes on, you are going to freeze if you come out like that." With one look down, Rachel remembered that she was still in shorts and t-shirt that she used for sleeping, so she silently got some clothes from her closet and dressed herself as quickly as she could. After a couple of minutes, she was back by her window, trying to reach for the tree.

After getting on the tree, she quietly spoke to Santana "You better catch me if I fall." But she didn't. She was grateful for all the gymnastics training she had when she was younger. As soon as she reached the ground, Santana took her hand and led her to her car, where she opened the door for the smaller girl.

For the whole ride, Rachel didn't dare asking where she was being taken; terrified that it might be yet another way for Santana to humiliate her. It was true that Santana didn't treat the diva really good for the first two years of high school. She did exactly the opposite. But people change, was what Rachel thought when she noticed Santana puling over by some deserted football field where she could only see the light of a couple of candles.

Rachel was too stunned to move, so when Santana came to open the door, she was still in the same position as she was for the most of the ride. She slowly got out of the car, not saying anything but just following the cheerleader to what seemed was a set picnic from the distance.

"Do you like it?" Santana hopefully asked while sitting down on a blanket and indicating for Rachel to do the same.

"Um… yeah?" The diva more questioned, still surprised by the gesture. She spotted that there was a basket full of fruit near them, and it didn't go unnoticed by Santana.

"I didn't really know what you can eat, so I decided to bring just some fruit." She stopped for a while before continuing "Maybe I will get another chance some other time?"

Even though she would never admit it, Santana was scared of the answer that Rachel hesitated to give her but was relieved when a maybe came out of the smaller girl's mouth. A smile slowly spread on Santana's face. Untypical, Rachel noted, maybe she is serious. But even if they talked calmly for another hour and a half, the diva still doubted Santana's intentions. She still thought it may be all a big joke or a plan to break her heart and the Latina knew it.

She knew that it would be hard, winning over Rachel's heart, because of all the years of harassing her at school and also because Finn just broke up with and she was still feeling vulnerable.

"I'm sorry I had to wake you up. I just wanted to do this tonight; to wish you happy birthday before everyone else." She announced with a smirk on her face. She knew very well the date and Rachel's birthday, the tiny brunette was really surprised by now.

"Selfish, don't you think?" Rachel questioned, grinning at the Latina who just nodded. "Well, now that you did, wonderfully, might I add, could we just… talk?"

"Of course." Santana replied, never taking the smile off of her face.

They approached the front door of the Berry household, which Rachel said she has to come in there, because she doesn't "want to endure the pain of climbing a tree again.", so when they came to say their goodbyes, the look on Santana's face fell as quickly as it lit up earlier that night.

The silence was slowly becoming uncomfortable, so it wasn't long before the taller girl spoke "I had a great time and I would like to repeat it some time soon… That is, if you want that." She rapidly corrected herself, which was soon to be proven as unnecessary.

"I would love that." Rachel answered, without a trace of hesitation that was visible all night.

The next moment was extremely awkward for both girls and Santana's mind quickly searched for things to do. She wasn't really sure if the kiss would be okay but was slightly surprised when Rachel kissed her back.

That was the first step towards the great relationship.

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