Hey guys I love the book "Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side" and I can't wait for the second book so to past the time I thought I would write a story about them. Ok so it's not the main characters POV but I thought it would be easier this way.

The Adventures of a Vladescu Princess


Antanasia pulled me in for a gentle kiss before she stared down at the red and black bundle in her arms. Down at our daughter, Alexandria. Alexandria Miheala Vladescu. (A.n. mee-hey-la. Remember it was Jessica's Mom's name. Her real mom) "Alex" Antanasia cooed at the bundle.

"Alex?" I stand up stare at her with curiosity. She smiled at me and nodded.

"A nickname. Like how Faith used to call you Luc" I nodded and looked down at 'Alex' as my wife called her. Her face was kind of red but I knew that she would grow paler as time went on, and I was kind of wondering what color her eyes would be. Black like mine or Brown like her mother's. I was hoping on the mother. "What color do you think her hair and eyes will be?" I shrugged and kept looking at her. My baby girl. My daughter… hmm I like the sound of that. "I hope she has your mom's eyes Lucius?"

I looked at Antanasia with curiosity but before I could ask she explained. "Your mother beautiful blue eyes remember?"

"Ahh. Yes I do." A little sneeze pulled us from the conversation and onto the baby. Her eyelids were fluttering, and I turned off the light so her night vision could enhance. The fire in the fireplace lit the room in a soft glow.

"Lucius look" I kept looking at Alexandria's eyes till she softly started opening them.

"Of course you're going to have your way Antanasia." My daughter's eyes were blue. Not as blue as my mother's but…

"Just wait. When a baby's born their eyes are always light blue. They'll darken."

AlexPOV (A.N. ok guys I know I made her smart but give me a break)

I started opening my eyes, which felt like they were glued shut. After many tries I succeeded. Everything was a little foggy but it cleared with a few blinks, and in place of the fog sat 2 beings.

One look like an angel. Her hair was pulled into messy bun. Sweat was stuck to her face and she had pretty brown eyes. The other looked way different. Black hair was thrown into a messy ponytail and he had onyx eyes. A scar ran under his chin that might make his scary but he looked like he wouldn't hurt me. I smiled and giggled. I reached out to touch one of them but he started backing away.

"Lucius what's wrong?" I heard the angel say. I started to cry as I reached for him. "See she wants you to hold her." The man still did not come forward. Now I was outright shrieking. The angel tried to calm me down but I still reached for the man.

After a half scared look he came over and lifted me from the angel's arms. He sat on the bed and put my head in the crook of his shoulder and patted my back. "Shh it's ok Alexandria." I slowly started to calm down. After I did I thought about how comfy his shoulder was and soon I was almost asleep. Almost being the operative word.

"See she likes you."

"I can't believe it but she does. Do you want her back?" At that I started to whimper. The angel laughed.

"I don't think she will be happy with me if I did… Does she… I mean… well… does she need blood?"

"We could if you want. It makes her stronger but she's a girl so I don't think she would like the taste very much." They chuckled at that. I started to drift off again and my last thought was 'I love these two very much.'


3 months later


"Alex say mama." The angel in front of me said. Well I found out that she wasn't an angel. She was my mommy. "Come on."

"Jessica she's only three months old give her time." Mama rose her head and looked past me.

"Mom! Dad!" She left me alone and rushed to hug her parents. I took this time to try crawling over to daddy, who was reading a book across the room. I made it to the chair before I heard "Lucius? Where's Alex?"

Daddy looked up from his book and searched the floors before he saw me by his feet. "I have not a clue dear" he smiled as he picked me up and set me in his knee, and started gently bouncing me up and down. I started giggling. Mama turned around and saw Daddy and I and let out a sigh of relief.

She came over and lifted me into the air and kissed my cheek. "Oh would you look at the black hair dear. Like her fathers." The strange, new people came up and snagged me from mommy.

"Uh mom there's one thing you should probably…" I let out a loud shriek and started flailing around. Daddy stood up and lifted me out of the woman's arms and put me in my "sweet spot" as momma called it. This means he put me in the crook of his neck. I breathed in his scent and started to calm down. "Sorry mom but Alexandria starts crying anytime someone of than Lucius and I hold her. It actually used to be just Lucius though." She giggled as if it was a joke. I did not find it funny. They were trying to take me away from mommy and daddy.

"Shh" Daddy cooed to me as we walked back to my blanket. I heard the strangers gasp as they saw my early dawn blue eyes. Toys were strung out all over it but he laid me down and handed me my stuffed wolf. And laid me down for a nap. I closed my eyes and started to dream.

(A little while later)

I felt someone pick me up and start patting my back. "Wake up little one" I looked into the eyes of the strange woman from earlier. "Are you hungry?" She held a bottle of green liquid. I let out a whimper and was about to start crying when she jammed the bottle in my mouth. The stuff tasted awful.

"Mom what is that?" The stranger looked at mommy.

"It is a vegan baby formula. You used to have it all the time when you first started living with us."

I saw Daddy lean close to mommy and whisper "No wonder she doesn't like it."

"I heard that Lucius." The stranger started bouncing up and down which started making me sick. I choked on the green fluid and the woman took the bottle away, that's when I started crying and reaching towards daddy.

He held a silver baby bottle in his hand but I knew the contents were red. And tasty.

The woman tried to get the bottle back in my mouth but I kept turning my head. "Here try this" Daddy said as he handed the woman the silver bottle. The woman set the other bottle down and raised the silver one. When I reached for it the woman stuck it in my mouth. Rich and cool liquid flooded my mouth as I greedily drank. (A.N. Can anyone guess what's in the bottle?)

The bottle was almost empty when mommy took it from the woman. "Here's the formula." The woman looked between the purple bottle mommy just handed her and the silver one Daddy had given her.

"Then what was in the … oh." I giggled a bit because Daddy was making weird faces at me. I tried to reach for him but the woman walked away from him. I started wiggling and whimpering.

"Mom maybe you should give her to…"

"Oh she's fine she just needs to be burped." She sat down in the chair was in earlier and started to pat my back. She wasn't hitting very hard, but it still hurt. This went on for a few minutes before she stopped. "Who's a good baby." She cooed at me and rubbed our noses together. I started whimpering again. "Oh don't cry baby." Now she was rocking me back and forth. I started to cry and she bounced me up and down. Then she reached into a strange bag and pulled out a small item… and stuck it in my mouth. "There. That's all you needed, a pacifier."

She continued bouncing me once again. The strange man then came up and asked to hold me. The woman handed me over without a fuss, but I was about to. Well I would as soon as I get this thing out of my mouth. I started looking around for mommy and daddy but they were gone. I wonder where… Oh no! Not the bottle with the green liquid. The man took the item out of my mouth and replaced it with the bottle.

I started to gag and choke. The man took out the bottle and started patting my back, but sadly I still spit it up. (A.N. Baby's don't throw up they spit up.) I heard a familiar chuckle come from the door. I looked and saw Daddy. I giggled and started clapping as he came closer.

The strange man wiped my face off and then bent down to clean up the mess on the floor. "Don't worry about it Mr. Packwood. I'll get someone to clean it up." Daddy said as he reached for me with one hand. "You two must be tired from the journey and from babysitting her." He started bouncing me gently. "Why don't we call it a night?" The strange man and woman both kissed me on the cheek and left. "Now it's just you and me." He finally showed his other hand.

In it was my silver bottle. "Hungry?"I giggled and clapped my hands together as we walked over to the bag the strange people had left and pulled out an old baby blanket. It was pink. I started squirming in his arm. He just chuckled and replaced the blanket and grabbed the fuzzy night-blue one I had and then we walked over to the window seat and sat down.

He wrapped me up in the blanket but instead of giving me the bottle he opened the window. "Can you hear them Alexandria? Can you hear the wolves sing?" There was a howling noise coming from the mountains. Daddy looked out for a minute more before he turned his attention to me and shuffled his hold on me till I was in the right position and then he gave me the bottle.

"Remind me to never let the Packwood's feed you again." He gave me a kiss and just looked down at me in awe.


Ok guys here's the first chapter… well the first 2 chapters. I got the inspiration from the story "The Adventures of Ethan Souza" so… have fun.

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