Alex is eight years old now it's been about a year since the incident.

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"ALEXANDRIA NO! YOU MUST DO IT WITH MORE GRACE" screamed Joan my dance instructor.

I just rolled my eyes and continued. "NO NO! WITH GRACE PRINCESS!"

I was about to give up when mom came into the room. "Alex, Michael will be arriving soon to practice do you have the steps down yet?"

Michael Lois. My most hated enemy. He acts like he's so much better than me. He even got Sam and Ethan to play a cruel prank on Eve and I.

I mean what did I ever do to him? Eve and I were just sitting under a tree reading when out of nowhere a bunch of water ballons filed with paint came hurling towards us. The paint took two weeks to comb out of my hair and my favorite book was ruined. So was the dress grandma and grandpa made me.

Eve and I were currently not talking to the boys and Michael was treated with the upmost hate filled hospitallity we could give. Everyone's father just said 'boys will be boys' but all the mom's were angry. Melissa Lois, Michael's mother, offered to get me a new dress but I had other plans. I shielded my eyes in the crook of my elbow and started pretending to sob. "But... but grandma made this dress with her own two hands and she said she couldn't wait till she got to see me wearing it. What will I tell her."

Mrs. Lois was furious with Michael so I guess Eve and I got our payback... a little. It still doesn't excuse the fact that my favorite book had been destroyed. Daddy had given it to me for my six birthday. He said that he had gotten it as a child and that it was one of his favorites. Now it was one of mine. It was called Night by Elie Wisele or something. Yes it was a farely commen book but this one was special. It was once Daddy's. So today I was planning something evil.

The Lois are big on winning... ok so is my family but still, and being beaten by a girl would absolutly destroy him... for now.

"Yes momma I got the steps down but Joan says I need to do it with more grace. Can you show me how it's suppost to look?" Momma smiled and said that she would love to... if she wasn't getting told the same thing during her classes.

"You both lack the grace needed for this dance. You should look like your gliding across the floor, not stomping around like a hooligan." Joan boldly announced.

I looked at Momma then back at Joan before I let out a smart comment. "You were hired by the Vladescu side of the family weren't you?"

Momma tried glareing at me but at the same time she was trying to hold in a giggle. Joan didn't look amused what so ever. She opened her mouth to say something when all of a sudden Michael and Mrs. Lois walked in.

"She probably was sweet pea. I know that the Vladescu are nothing if not perfectionists... no offence Anastatia."

"None taken" Momma said. Mrs. Lois nudged Michael who till now had been hiding behing her skirt. His shoulders slumped and he came out from behind her and walked over to me. He glared at me and jerked his hand out, but that glare quickly turned to surprise when I fell to the ground.

"What are you doing?" he questioned. At that seconded momma sighed because once again romainian was being spoken and she had no idea what we were saying... well I take that back she was getting better. She knew the language it was just that it took her a minute to translate it in her head.

I looked into his icy blue eyes and said in a fake fearful voice "I thought you were going to throw more ballons at me."

It was hard not laugh as his mom came up and popped him on the head. He didn't even rub his head or ask what he had done. He knew his mom was mad at him for that whole incident. He just slowly stuck his hand out for me again, which I gave him, and let him pull me to my feet. Then he placed a light kiss on the back of my hand. "Princess Vladescu."

"Prince Lois" we parted after that and it wasn't a moment too soon because Joan said we needed to get started because I had a lot of work to do. Michael snickered as we got into postion.

I glared at him and that when the music started. (A.N. If you watch the vampire diaries they are doing the old waltz from season 1 during the Ms. Mystic Falls Pagent. If you dont please go to youtube and type in Elena Damon dance)

"And begin" Joan said and with my head held high and a personal agenda to prove to Michael that he needs to be careful, I carefully stepped for and bowed slightly. We stepped back. "2...3" Michael and I stepped forward again with out left hands raised. We weren't touching but we held them there as we went around in a circle. (A.N. i suck at explaining it... sorry) We stepped back and repeated the move with our right hands, then both, finally we got to the waltz part. Once the dance was finished Joan started beaming " You did it Princess. That was fabulous." I nodded to her and smirked at Michael.

He was unamused. We practiced for a little while longer before our father's came in and said it was time for a break. Michael and I instanly broke apart and walked to our parents, but not before I challenged him. He just nodded to me and said that he would meet me at sunset by the stables.

That's right I challenged him to a race. Me on F.D. and him on a stallion named Maverik. Michael Lois was going down and I would make sure everyone knew that I beat him.

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To Be Continued


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