*This is a Road to Avonlea fan fiction. It is a month or so after Felicity and Gus get married and Felix is not going off to join the Navy or the Army. I do not own any of the characters, they belong to L.m. Montgomery and Sullivan Entertainment. Enjoy!*

Clive Pettibone banged on the front door of King Farm. It was late at night, and aside from Danial,

(who was already resting in the land of dreams) the Kings were about to get ready for bed. They had

been sitting in the parlor, when Clive knocked loudly on their door, as if to waken the dead. Upstairs

Danial started crying, and as Janet ran up to get him to go back to sleep, Alec went to answer the door

with Felix right behind him. "Clive," he said "what are you doing here so late?" "Is Izzy here?" Clive asked jumping right to the chase. "No, she's not here. Why? Is something wrong?" Alec asked, noticing

Clive was looking pale. "Izzy left the house hours ago and she hasn't come back yet. Murial and I are worried sick about her." Clive replied distraughtly. "Did she say where she was going?" Felix asked worriedly.

"No...she just said she was going for a walk, and she would be back soon."

"Don't worry, we'll help you look for her." Alec said just as Janet came back downstairs. "What's wrong?" she asked when she saw their anxious faces.

"Izzy is missing," Alec said "and we are going to round up some more men, and look for her."

Alec and Felix grabbed their coats, and their lanterns and were off. The threesome soon got a search team together, and divided up to cover more ground. It had now started snowing, and the wind blew fiercely, taking with it the shouts of the men, calling out to the lost Izzy.

After searching for an hour or so, they had no luck. Izzy was nowhere to be found. They had looked at the beach, the lighthouse, the schoolroom,... practically everywhere. They were now searching different parts of the forest. Felix kept worrying, imagining all that could have happened to her. "She has to alright," he would whisper to himself, "she has to be." The wind was not as strong as it was before, but the snow was falling harder and faster.


Izzy was a prisoner of her own mind. She was somewhere in the woods, it was dark, and she kept hearing voices. Voices that called to her, that told her terrible things she did not wish to hear. The voices terrified her and she could not get them to go away. She sat down against a tree, tears running down her flushed cheeks. She felt so feverish that she thought surly she must be boiling on the inside.


"Izzy!" Felix called for the hundredth time that night. He was just inside the woods, about a mile away from old Mr. Abraham's house. Mr. Abraham had passed away years ago, and his house had remained unoccupied.


Izzy was now seeing visions, horrible visions that she could not escape. The town of Avonlea was on fire, people she loved unknowingly walked into the flames. She felt like she was going to die. The vision changed over and over growing more unbearable every time. She tried to scream but could not. Then she saw the worst thing ... the love of her life, Felix King was killed before her very eyes. It was then that she found her voice. "FELIX!" she screamed.


Felix heard this scream of terror and knew it was Izzy. He ran off toward the sound and called out "Izzy! Izzy where are you?" He heard another scream and before long, from the light from his lantern, he found her. She was sitting in the snow, her head in her hands weeping uncontrollably. "Izzy," he said kneeling down next to her, "Iz what happened? Are you alright?" She seemed to cry harder, then loudly she said "He's gone, he's gone!" then softly "Felix is... dead."

Felix was alarmed and confused. "I'm not dead Iz, look I'm right here." He tried to get her to look at him, but had no success. She continued to cry hysterically. What was wrong with her? "Izzy," he said putting his arm around her, trying his best to comfort this frightened creature. But it was no use, it was as if she could not hear him, or sense him. What should he do? With this heavy snow it could easily become a blizzard. She must be cold he thought. After all, she was just wearing an old shawl. He took off his coat and draped it around her shoulders. She coughed suddenly, then gasping before she fainted.

Felix tried to get her to wake up but couldn't. Felix was so worried. He lifted her into his arms, and started to head out of the woods. Unfortunately, as Felix feared, it soon became a blizzard. Mr. Abraham's house was not far away, and Felix prayed he could get them there safely.

…... to be continued