Unexpected chapter! :D


Alyssa arrived at the front door only ten minutes later, and she broke it down herself this time without the security lawn gnomes even able to comprehend what just happened. Zim's 'parents' welcomed her at the front door. "Hello little booooyy." Said the mom.

"My you look like a stud!" The 'dad' said. Alyssa glared and shoved her into the wall, and shoved the dad onto the floor. Its entire arm snapped off. "Oh how embarrassing!~" Then it wheeled off. Gir was watching tv digging into some pizza. Alyssa stomped past the SIR unit and went down the toilet angrily.

"Goddammit Alice..." Eddy, Ed, and Dib came in next, pissed that Alyssa would handle all of it without even thinking straight. Double D trembled as he saw the malfunctioning robots. Who knew what they were capable of? Dib flushed himself, but Ed shoved himself with Dib. Eddy looked around for another way in along with Double D, who was hoping there was some water he could drink.


Dib found Alyssa, standing there with eyes wide and jaw nearly hitting the ground. Her face horrified. "Is something wro- Holy..." In front of them, Zim and Alice were kissing. Alyssa fainted from shock, and when her head hit the ground, the noise made Allice and Zim part and look.

"Oh no..." Alice said.

"Alice! Are you insane!" Dib yelled. zim pulled out a ray gun and was about to shoot when Alice put a hand on his.

"Don't. He's a big headed idiot." She said with a small smirk. Zim snickered. Alyssa got back up and

"What the hell Alice! You were kissing someone outside of your own species!" Alyssa yelled.

"And for have never having a female friend, he's not bad." Alice said with a small sigh. Her friend's eye twitched with irritation.

"Are you insane? And what about Eddy, hm? I thought you liked him more than... than... that insect!"

"For your information, Zim isn't an insect of any kind! He's much more evolved than us, not having to drink water and stuff." Alyssa facepalmed. Dib and Zim argued as well, but when they looked over to the girls, they were practically at each others throats, screaming at the top of their lungs. The elevator opened to show Eddy and Double D, crammed together with Ed. They all popped out in an instant and Gir stood on them, an enchilada in his mouth. "He loves me way more than Eddy will ever care to!"

"ZIM IS A FUCKING IRKEN! HE CAN'T LOVE!" Alyssa yelled. Dib smirked, looking at Zim.


"What is going on?" Double D asked.

"Yor friend fell for an alien invader!" Dib said.

"Wait... which one?" Double D asked, worried. Eddy didn't seem worried.

"The one with the black hair." Eddy's eyes widened. Alyssa pulled out a sword and Alice held up an Irken ray gun. They held them at each other, so furious at each other that they could have killed each other from pure rage, not even caring about their long term friendship. Suddenly afraid, Double D jumped out in front of them, knowing that they wouldn't attack with him in the way.

"Girls! Please, stop this fighting and tell me what is the matter!" Alyssa pointed straight at Alice, disgusted.

"My so called best friend was kissing an IRKEN!" Everyone but Alice and Zim gasped.

"Alice! How could you!" Double D asked. Eddy seemed just as horrified, and glared hard at Zim. Zim just looked at him smugly.

"Alice, I know you have a thing for short, arrogant types. But this is going a little too far!" Alyssa said. Alice glared at her.

"Like you're one to talk! You had a crush on him too, on Courage the cowardly dog, GIR, Robot Jones, Spyro, Shadow the Hedgehog, EVEN ON-" SMACK! Alyssa struck Alice across the face angrily.

"You swore you'd never mention any of those!" Alyssa screamed, fighting tears. Zim was getting more and more attracted to Alice's harsh tone and coldness. Eddy was ready to spring, as well as Double D. Both girls were beyond help now. Alice had tears falling down her face as she felt the stinging pain on her cheek.

"You... BITCH!" Alice grabbed hold of Alyssa's hair, and Alyssa punched her in the chest. She countered by biting her arm and struck her across the face. Double D and Eddy joined in, trying to pull them apart.

"Alyssa! Alice! Stop this madness at once!" Double D cried out. Eddy pushed Alice away, beyond upset.

"What the hell are you thinking? HE'S NOT EVEN HUMAN!" Eddy screamed. Alice smirked.

"Are you jealous eddy?"

"Maybe! But HIM? REALLY?" He asked, screaming at her face.

"Maybe I like him more than you!" Alice said.

"Wait... you like me?" Eddy asked.

"Not anymore Eddy." He looked at her with wide eyes, and jaw hitting the ground.