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It was a normal day at the BuyMore, Morgan was off somewhere staring into a dishwasher, Jeff and Lester were in all likelihood in the break room scheming on ways to get Anna to show them her panties while she still had them on and Chuck was sitting at the Nerd Herd reception table, hand under his chin staring off into space and counting for the fourth time that morning the home theatres, T.V's and ovens, he was just about to get started on the toasters when Big Mike's voice boomed from his doorway

"Bartowski!" Chuck's head snapped up in the direction of Big Mike's door


"Get in here..." a few seconds later Chuck was in his office and receiving information on his next install

"...a lady just called, said she needs her Linux OS upgraded, you're going"

"But sir..."

"Is that a refusal I sense Bartowski?"

"...no sir, it's just that I've been going on installs since last week and I've cleared my logs, this week is supposed to be Jeff's week, so I was wondering maybe he could go"

"Bartowski, have I ever told you how I came to work at the BuyMore?"

"Yes sir" a lot

"And how long have I worked here at the BuyMore?"

"A long time sir" Chuck could already see where this conversation was going but it was too late, he had to let Big Mike finish

"And in all this time have I ever, EVER sent either Jeff or Lester out on home install, ever?"

"No sir"

"Exactly, so stop talking and go do your job"

"Yes sir" he left Big Mike's office but not before Lester and Jeff turned away from eaves dropping, realizing they were caught, they just stood there and stared at Chuck until he spoke


"Tough luck man"

"Yeah real tough"

"Guess we'll be seeing you in the slammer hammer"

"Yeah slammer hammer"

"Huh?" Chuck said

"Slammer hammer, you know workin'"

"Yeah workin'" Lester turned to Jeff

"Jefferson you don't have to repeat everything i say"

"Uh...ok? What do I say then?"

"I don't know, think of something, don't you have a brain" by now Chuck was walking away but they both didn't notice

"My mom always said beer was better than brains" Chuck heard the last part of Jeff's reply and smiled to himself, he got into his Nerdherder and drove the 15 minute drive to the address on his clipboard, when he got there he pressed the door bell and a man of about 45 opened the door, he was putting on a black turtle neck long sleeved shirt rolled up to his elbow, dark grey slacks and plain black shoes and he looked very intimidating and imposing, immediately Chuck set eyes on him he flashed.


He got back in one piece but was still jittery from the flash he had, he walked across the road to the OrangeOrange to go see Sarah, she had a long line of customers so he had to wait, while he was waiting, he texted Casey


P.S could you tell Morgan beef'n'gravy, he'll understand

Thanks, C*

he knew Casey'd berate him for the text, he'd already told Chuck if he needed to tell him something, to call but hey Chuck had to wait for Sarah to be done and had so much time to kill. After he sent the text he saw Casey leave the BuyMore and head over to the OrangeOrange, a few seconds later he was sitting across from him and screaming murder with his eyes

"Afternoon Casey..." he didn't answer, he just stared

"...how are you, good?"

"Why'd you do it?..."


"...the txt why'd you send it?" now Chuck was frantically praying Sarah's customers would leave because even though Casey wasn't allowed to kill him he was however free to break a few limbs, after all he only needed his eyes to flash


"...and the P.S, why in God's name would I talk to that hobbit sized furry creature you call a friend?"

"...uh..." just then Sarah called them from behind the counter

"Chuck, Casey come on"

"This isn't over Bartowski"

General Beckman was on screen 10 minutes later confirming the identity of the man Chuck flashed on, Ivan Hatuchovich, a Ukrainian arms dealer who dealt in modified and upgraded weaponry, at the mention and sight of said weapons Casey's attention was at full alert, the general continued

"Mr Ivan has been underground for a long time, we had him under surveillance but lost him 5 years ago, the fact that he is out now means something big is about to go down, Mr Bartowski, you say he's living in the 'burbs?..."

"Yes ma'am"

"...then this shouldn't be too hard..." she said more to herself than anyone else in the room

"...o.k. then we'll need eyes and ears on the inside, people who'll get close to the Hatuchovich's and try to find their contacts, this assignment may go on for a very long time, deep cover, so you all understand what's at stake"

"Yes ma'am" they all responded, and then Chuck said

"Ma'am seeing as I and Sarah will be..." she cut him off

"Oh no Mr Bartowski, you won't be accompanying Agent Walker as her companion this time..." at the sight of Chuck's fallen face Casey smirked

"...you've already made contact with them as the repair man, no, Agent Walker and Major Casey will be going on this assignment"

"WHAT?" Sarah and Casey said together.