004 Love Story

Blessing Sanctuary


I decided to write a 004 story too. Since he is German, which I love about him, I made my OC Irish. Too much Irish? Get over it. Haha! Now, this one is for my pleasure, the 002 story is for my friend, Kaida, who fell for 002 right away. I might have this slow cause I got the 002 story planned out, but this one I'm still trying to straighten out to mind f*** you all! MUWAHAHA! Oh, and happy St. Patrick's Day!


Dublin, Ireland

"Hang on a little longer, darling." Said a gypsy women holding precious cargo in her arms. Her dark brown waved shoulder length hair and face hidden under a cloak and hood. Her cargo hid underneath a cloak as well, tightly nit to stay warm from the winter cold. "Mammy…" She whispered. "I'm so cold…" The woman held her cargo tightly and rubbed it. The cargo was her precious daughter, Amelia Liam. The mother's bright glowing orange eyes scanned the corner around a church. She didn't see anyone, only the white snow on the ground and the new snow flakes just landing on top. She scurried past the side of the building hoping to reach the front doors for sanctuary. "There!" She ran over but she saw darks shadows approaching. She turned and saw more coming. The shadows surrounded her. One of the shadows reveled themselves, they dressed properly and looked to be scary. "Gypsy, this is yer last chance." He called with a thick Irish accent. She tightly hugged her daughter, backing onto the steps of the church. "Mammy?" She gently shushed her. "Quiet, darling." "If you turn yourself over, we will let you live in prison." She glared him. "I'd rather die than surrender to the likes of you!" She yelled with her own light accent. The man smirked. "So be it." With a snap of his fingers, the shadows of his men slowly approached her. She ran up to the doors and banged on them with her fist. "Sanctuary!" She cried. "Please bless us sanctuary!" She turned, her back against the doors, as the men held their weapons of guns to her. She thought of one last plan. She reached into the pouch of her belt around her waist, she took a small hand full of blue powder. She raised her arms yelling, "God of the heavens! Bless us with freedom!" She threw the powder down, created blue smoke to cover her body. The men backed up, as the leader gasped. "Witchcraft!" He cried. "Search for her and bring her to me dead!"

The mother gasped and panted as she ran down the cold stone street. "Mammy…" She turned at a quick ally hearing hard footsteps. She looked around the corner, seeing men running down the street. She hid in the shadows, until they finally faded away down the cobble stone street. She sighed, but heard coughing. She lightly unwrapped her daughter's face, seeing she was turning pale. She shivered as her blue eyes showed she was weak. "Darling Amelia, we're almost free from here. You must stay awake." She coughed again, and breathed weakly. "Mammy… I'm so tired… Can I sleep?" She asked, with a raspy voice. Tears beckoned in the mother's eyes. "No, you must stay awake. Stay awake!" She coughed again and started closing her eyes. "Mammy… I'm going to nap for a bit…" She closed her eyes, her head turned to the side, and her body was light and limp. The mother's tears fell from her eyes, streaking down her cheeks. "Amelia, please wake up darlin'." But nothing. She gasped, not believing what fate as become of her precious daughter. "No…" She hugged her tightly, as the hood fell from her head. "Please, bring sanctuary…" She prayed.

"Sanctuary you pray for…" She turned sharply, hearing a man's voice. "Sanctuary you shall receive." Believing it was the man again, it wasn't. It was two men in dark outfits. She got up, but fell back into the snow, feeling weak herself. "We shall bless you with sanctuary." She didn't know who they were, but it was better than death or prison. She gave her daughter one last hug before laying her onto the snow, wrapping her body with her own cloak. She kissed her cheek and whispered, "You are free my darlin', now I shall be." She got up, with the help of the men and walked to an old fashioned vehicle, helping her in. Sitting in between the men, she had to ask. "Where shall this sanctuary be?" Before getting an answer, she felt a cloth roughly shoved into her face. She squealed as one man held her down, the other having the chemical filled cloth in her face. She felt tired, her orange eyes was blackened from her closing eye lids. "Sanctuary…