004 Love Story

Blessing Sanctuary

Chapter Fourteen

"No… No… Stop….STOOOO!" 00's scream become powerful, the glass broke into a million pieces, gaining Curstarnzo's attention. "What the- ARGH!" He grabbed his head; the scream was too much for his ears to take. The dome soon started to short circuit and then broke apart, freeing the cyborgs. 004, 002, 009, and 008 sat up, seeing 00 still screaming. Immediately, 004 ran to 00. He kneeled to 00, putting his hands on her shoulder. He saw her eyes were glowing orange more than ever, tears streaked down her cheeks. It was as if she wasn't there. "00! 00! Stop its 004!" But she didn't listen. 004 shook her, tried to get through to her. Only one option came to mind and even he didn't think it wound work. His face got close to her face, as he pressed his lips against her own, stopping her from screaming.

00 continued to sleep, 004 stayed by her side. He had his leg crossed over the other and arms crossed over his chest. He kept staring at her sleeping state, wanting those eyes to wake up. Hearing the door open, he looked up seeing Gilmore and 002 come in. "Is she still sleeping? Gilmore asked, 004 nodded. "Well, I don't blame her." Said 002, as Gilmore walked over to examine 00. "She did let out a powerful scream back there." He leaned against the wall, and suddenly grinned at 004. "No internal or external damage has been done. Her brain waves are normal and stable. She should wake up tomorrow morning." 004 nodded and noticed 002's grin, he raised a brow. "What?" 002 shook his head. "Oh, nothing. Nothing at all, lover boy." 004 stood and glared. "What was that?" 002's grin widened. Gilmore looked over his shoulder. "If you two are going to fight, don't do it here." He scolded. "Sorry Professor." Said 004. He and 002 left the room and into the town of Dublin.

Night fell, as the pubs soon became full. They found a non-crowded one and entered, sitting at the booth in the back. 004 ordered a mug of beer, 002 just ordered a small glass of beer. He wasn't one to drink alcohol like 004. "Alright, should we wait 'til your drunk to talk or is now good?" 002 asked, as 004 hadn't noticed he was gulping down his mug of beer. He put the mug down and sighed. "What's on your mind, friend?" 004 slightly glared him. "To be honest, Jet, my heart is split in two." 002 raised a brow. "What do you mean?" "I mean," He sighed. "My heart belonged to Hilda before Black Ghost came. But, I could be falling for Aslynn." 002 grinned. "Was that kiss a hint or were you curious?" 004 glared hi, 002 leaned back in his seat. "Sorry." He mumbled, 004 sighed. "To be honest, I was a tad envious. The other night when you and her talked." 002 raised his brows in surprise. "Really?" He nodded. "Hearing her say your name instead of mine boiled me up. Why not my name instead of yours, I kept wondering." 002 scoffed and looked around the pub. "Ever thought it was because you never told her your name, Albert?" 004 was about to rebuttal, but 002 was right. "Right."

On the Dolphin in the sick bay, Gilmore kept checking 00's brain waves. Seeing them stable was a good sign. Gilmore rubbed his eyes, he felt tired from today's events. Leaving the lights on, he left and retired to bed. He knew 004 would be back and stay here so she would be fine.

004 had a second mug of beer, not drunk of course. Being more machine than human, as others claim, he can't get drunk easily like 007. They talked more about 004's situation, as 002 wanted to clear things. "004, I don't know why your so envious. We see each other only has friends. I love her as a sister, not as a girlfriend or anything." 004 looked at him. "As a sister, that's all?" He nodded, leaning back and resting his arm on the back of the booth chair. "I swear, besides, she was 27 or so when taken. 18 and 27, 9 year difference." He laughed, 004 looked down at the table.. "Sorry for accusing you of anything." 002 shrugged with a smile. "Hey, you don't think straight when you're in love." 004 looked up at 002's words. "In love." "Which reminds me, what's she gonna say about the kiss?" 002 asked, hands behind his head. "That's if she remembers. She might not, fainting like that." 004 responded, leaning back as well, propping one leg on his knee. 002 glanced around the pub again. "Alright, say she remembers." 004 looked to the ceiling. "Then I'll talk to her and tell her why I did it." "And she doesn't remember?" 004 thought for a minute. 002 waited for an answer, he sipped o his now warm alcohol. "She's bound to ask anyway." Was 004's response and only one.

They decided to return to the Dolphin, 002 called it a night. 002 never really got a straight answer, but didn't egg 004 on about it. 004 sat by 00, who would sleep until morn. "She sure can sleep." He said, smiling at her figure. He pulled the necklace out from around his neck. The lightly bent old engagement ring shined in the light. 004 gently held it in his hands, as he stared down at it. "Hilda, would you want e to love again?"

Not expecting an answer for his question, he got comfortable in his chair and went to sleep. The ring laid in his hand.