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They all walked into the house, when they heard a scream from above. Ziva's eyes widened when she heard the scream and started running upstairs. However, she didn't see the hidden gunman, and he got in one shot before Tony, McGee, and Gibbs shot him down as they followed Ziva, confused.

When they got to the end of the hall Ziva flung open the door, training her gun on the man. "Drop the gun," she ordered¸ her voice deathly quiet. She ignored the confused men behind her, focusing on the girl held captive. "No! This bitch is going to get what she deserves!" The guy exclaimed. Ziva's eyes narrowed. "Drop it now or I will shoot," she threatened. The man just shook his head. Ziva shrugged and shot a perfect shot, making him stumble backwards, and let McGee cuff him.

Ignoring the guy, Ziva ran up to the girl. "Are you okay?" Ziva asked her. She put her hand where the bullet hit Ziva. "You idiot," she murmured. Ziva sighed. "I heard your voice. I needed to know…" Ziva's voice trailed off. "So you just ran? You never used to do stupid things," she said, scolding Ziva. Ziva quenched her lightly on the arm. The two girls stared at each other.

Then to the team's shock, Ziva started to tear up. "I thought you were dead," Ziva whispered. The girl started to cry too. "I am so sorry," she whispered back. "You could have given me a clue," Ziva told her. "I could not," she replied sadly. Gibbs, Tony, and McGee were watching from behind, holding onto the guy. "How did you…" Ziva said, knowing she knew what she meant. "Long story…" Ziva hissed as she shifted her hands. "Sorry," she murmured. "Well next time, do not scream!" Ziva snapped back.

To the team's surprise, her mouth twisted into a thoughtful smile. "Aw…" she murmured. "I thought you were dead," Ziva repeated, tears falling faster. "I missed you," She added. Her eyes started to tear up again. "I missed you too big sister," she whispered back. "You better not do this again," Ziva whispered. She nodded and the two girls hugged, feeling their tears.

They both hugged until they heard a cough. "Ziver, care to explain?" Gibbs asked. Ziva poked her little sister in the ribs. Gibbs coughed again. Ziva turned to face them. Gibbs, meet Tali David… my sister."