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Okies.. chapter 1

A loud scream echoed throughout the busy town in Japan. People stopped what they were doing and stared at the two teenagers that were running and screaming. A redheaded girl ran in front of a young male with a bandanna. It was a chase. The redhead ran with her arms waving frantically in front of her while the male ran with clenched fists right behind her.

"Ryoga come on! It's not my fault I landed on you. Your head is just too big!!! That ain't my fault either!! The young redhead was now jumping onto a nearby rooftop with the bandanna boy close behind.

"RRRR! RANMA I'LL KILL YOU!" yelled Ryoga at the top of his lungs. There was a fire burning in him, a fire full of hate towards Ranma. 'I'll kill him if it's the last thing I do! No way in nine hells can he do this to me!!' "RANMA! FEEL MY WRATH!!" Ryoga lunged at Ranma, but the female dodged . She turned around but tripped on a loose brick and fell towards the ground. Meanwhile, Ryoga plunged downward, right into a tub of cold water. The poor pig floated on the water, unconscious. Ranma on the other hand did not have such a nice landing. She hit the ground hard. Trying to get up only made the pain in her body worse. 'Damn! Now what?!' And idea hit her. She crouched on her hands and knees. All her weight rested on her legs and with her arms Ranma pushed herself up. But it was too quick a motion for Ranma lost her balance and fell back on something soft. It was a person.

"oh, I'm sorry." Embarrassment overwhelmed her pain letting Ranma remove herself from the body underneath. "Are you alright?" She stuck out her hand to help the stranger up. They grabbed and stood. Ranma looked the stranger over and realized it was a guy. He had short navy blue hair along with jet black eyes. His jeans were torn and moist. The black shirt had grass stains and the left sleeve was missing. He was tall and well built. 'Hm.. he must work out.'

"Are you okay Ranma?" asked a smooth male voice.

"Huh? How do you know my name?" questioned Ranma. 'How does this guy know my name? I'm positive we've never met.'

"Why you little-wait! Oh no!" 'Oh man I must still be in guy form! Damn!!' "Uhm.. I gottagobye!" And with that the stranger ran off leaving a confused Ranma behind.


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