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Ukyo stood behind the long grill preparing the next order of onomiyaki. It had been a busy morning; people came in and out, ordering this and that, these and those. People loved her food and she loved making it for them. Still, it was tiresome at times. Standing over that hot grill did get to be boring. Even so, this is what she loved to do, no matter what. Ukyo sighed. The rush of people had ended. Customers had dwindled as the day dragged on. By late afternoon only two remained; a young couple around the same age as her. The boy whispered something as the brunette giggled while proceeding to play with the boy's short black hair.(Ack, the pain of having to SEE something like that). Ukyo smiled at the pair. Young love. It was a beautiful thing. An image of Ranma's face suddenly appeared before her. Her eyes twinkled and she sighed again, a content sigh, one which released all the joy she held within at the thought of Ranma. She was lost in thought when the sudden smell of smoke caught her attention.

"Huh?" The smoke was coming from something under her. No, under her hands.

"EEP!" With lightning reflexes, Ukyo snatched the burning Onomiyaki off the grill and onto the nearest plate. Sudden cheering came from the couple, who had watched the spectacle with sheer amazement. Embarrassed, Ukyo began to blush furiously. The couple thanked her for the meal and show and left, promising to bring their friends the next time they came. All the while Ukyo smiled, not knowing what had actually happened. 'They think I put on a show for them...?'


Akane walked casually through the busy streets of her hometown. People were chatting about with friends and neighbors, purchasing gifts for relatives or just out having fun. It was a sunny day, though not too hot. A breeze came in, gently pushing Akane from behind. Her gray sweatshirt rustled with the breeze. A smile played her face as her soft hand reached out to pull back a few strands of hair. 'Days like this are great. Oh, it feels so good to be female again.'

"Ah, well I should be nearing Ukyo's onomiyaki restaurant. Now how many orders was I suppose to get?" Akane slid her hand to her black jean pant pocket and pulled out a torn sheet of notebook paper. Scribbled on it was the desired amount of food. "Okay, dad, Mr. Saotome and Ranma. Okay then." Her pace slowed to a stop as she was now standing in front of Ukyo's onomiyaki restaurant. She entered and was greeted unexpectedly by a bucket of cold water.


"GLARGH?!" was Akane's only reply.

"Huh? OH MY GOD! I'M SO SORRY ABOUT THAT! I WASN'T LOOKING!!" Ukyo stood with her left hand outstretched. In it's grasp, an empty bucket. "Here, come in. You can dry up here. Oh, I'm real sorry!" Before male Akane could respond, he was shoved into the restaurant, wet, dirty and confused.


Ranma ran though the streets in a hurry. His pigtail bobbled frivolously in the air behind him. The scenery passed him in flashes of color rather than the forms they truly were. He was hungry, which was the problem. Mr. Tendo had only asked his youngest daughter to bring back a few snacks, assuming that Kasumi would take care of dinner. Since Ranma, Mr. Saotome and her father had wanted take-out, Kasumi felt it better for them all to enjoy a fast food meal. After all, with the heaviest eaters of the family taken care of, making a small dinner for the females of the family seemed a bit of a waste. And so Ranma was sent to inform Akane of the change in plans.

"I hope Akane's still at Ucchan's. I did leave a bit later than she did..." With a boost of energy, Ranma speed to Ukyo's.

He nearly missed his destination. At the last second he had realized where he was and jerked his body back enough to a halt. His feet made a screeching sound as he stopped in front of his oldest friend's restaurant. He entered, while grinning.

"Hey Ucchan, is Akane still h-Kei?" He stopped his cheery greeting at the sight of Kei....wet and a bit surprised looking seated in one of the stools by Ukyo's grill.

"R-Ranma? W-what are you doing here?" He stammered.

"Me? I came by to tell Akane that there was a change in the order-what are you doing here?" He eyed Kei suspiciously.

"M-me? Nothing...I was just...looking for-Akane. Yeah, looking for Akane." He smiled broadly. A sweat drop appeared on his forehead, but it went unnoticed by Ranma.

"Huh, right. Well then, have you seen Akane around?"

"Er, no. No, I have not. I er-"

" Oooh, Ranma-honey! It's so nice of you to come by and visit!" Ranma was held in a tight hug by Ukyo, a hug showing no promise of letting go. She continued speaking, as well as hugging...or glomping. "Sorry Ran-chan, but I might have delayed his search. I kinda splashed him with water on accident when he was coming in. I was going to dump it outside, but I didn't see him coming in." Her hugging continued and Ranma began loosing breath. Kei watched without amusement. His left eye began to twitch and a vein popped on his temple.

"Ucchan...let go." The pressure around his neck began to give way. Soon, air was able to process itself through his trachea and lungs.

"Sorry Ranchan, but I just love it when you surprise visit me," she giggled out. Kei was now bubbling with fury. He decided enough was enough.

"You know what?! I think I'll go look for Akane somewhere else and leave you two lovebirds alone!" And with a huff, male Akane stormed out the door.

"What's up with Kei?" Asked a confused Ranma. The boy's behavior was very quizzical. He scratched his head in a puzzled manner and bagan pondering Kei's out storm.

"Can't you see Ranchan?" Ranma jerked his head to Ukyo's direction.


"He likes Akane!"

"WHAT?!?!" His eyes were bulging out of his head by now.

"Yeah, can't you see? He came by looking for her, probably because he was worried about her. Then he gets all worked up because you have me and are forced to marry Akane when he wants her. Looking at us hug probably made him feel worse about it. Don't worry, though. When we marry he can have Akane and evryone will be happy!"

"YAWHAT?! Ucchan, I don't think he likes Akane." Even though he said it to assure her, he was mostly trying to assure himself. 'If Kei does like Akane...then...she woulnd't like him, though. Feh, and it's not like I care about that kawaikune girl.' As he thought, he moved, almost unconsciously out of Ukyo's grasp, and out the door, to Kei.

"Ranma-honey?" Ukyo was left alone, alone and confused. (Isn't everyoe confused in this story?)


Kei stomped off in no certain direction. All he wanted to do was get away from Ranma as much as possible. 'Ranma, you jerk! I can't believe you'd let Ukyo hug you like that.' An image of Ukyo and Ranma hugging each other, lost in their romance, passed through his mind. 'You...you DUMMY!' As a reflex, he punched out at the brick wall beside him. The crater he left caused a few onlookers to stop dead in their tracks. He was still fuming when a sudden whiz of mahogany aimed right at him. Dodging it was easy for Kei since its movements were so slow. From behind the blurs was a familiar face.

"Kuno?! What do you want??" Kei was still dodging as he asked the attacking Kuno. There was an aim to his head, but he slid quickly to the side. The attacks continued, each missing their target.

"Stand still, you foul cur! I will rid you once and for all off of this planet so that my love and I can be in peace! Now prepare to die!" His attacks, though quicker, still failed to land a blow on Kei.

"Are you still going with that? Jeeze. I beat you already, Kuno. Just. Give. Up!" He had punched Kuno three times during this time. Each of his blows actually hit Kuno, who was sent flying off to the brick wall. Pain consumed his upper body but he staggered up, nonetheless. 'Oh man, I shouldn't use so much of my energy on him. I really could kill him.'

"Give. Me. THE PIGTAILED GIRL!!" He was charging now, charging straight at Kei. He neared, closer and closer. But before he could reach his opponent, a black mist began to envelope him. From the other side Kei had been watching Kuno run for him. He had been preparing himself for the attack when suddenly, a black mist surrounded him and the surroundings around him. Kei coughed, covering his mouth from the darkened air. Female laughter was soon heard. It lingered in the air, causing itself to frighten its victims more so than they already were.

"W-*cough* what's that?" A figure took shape within the mist. "Kuno? Is that you?" No, this shape was different from Kuno's. In fact, it was different from any male person. This shape had curves; it was a woman.

"Hohohohohohohoohoho! At last I found you, love!" The high pitched voice trailed just as the laugh did. The figure moved closer to Kei. "Come to me, dear." Closer, still until it was face to face. Kei's eye's widened in realization.

"K-KODACHI!?!" She in turn, blushed.

"You remembered my name, ooo, I'm so glad. Now, let us be off, my love. Finally, we can be alone without that little wench to pry you away from me." Kei was now aware of two slender hands around his waist. He shivered, as not liking to be touched by Kodachi, and hurriedly tried pulling himself away.

"EEE! Get away from me Kodachi!! I don't like you nor do I want to be touched by you. Now let go!"

"Never, I shall never let go! You are under the pigtailed one's control and I shall free you from it!" At this Kodachi began to hug harder while Kei screamed at the touch.

"YAAAAAAAAH!!" He tried hard to suppress the desire to kill Kodachi. Instead, he tried the only thing he could think up. Lying.

"Kodachi, I AM under her spell, but you have broken it. Find the pig-tailed girl now or else...I'll be lost forever..." It was hard for him to do, but what was harder was having to endure Kodachi's hug.

She let go immediately. "Of course! I shall find that tramp and destroy her! Wait for me, love." And just as she came with the darkened fog, she left with it, making another grand exit. Kei stood alone on the sidewalk. Pedestrians had seen the giant fog engulf both boys, and only both boys. They began clapping at the 'magic show' that the youngsters had performed. This act only confused Kei more. He bowed awkwardly and began walking away, stepping on the unconscious Kuno in the process. He trudged back to the Tendo home, trying to find a way to change back without anyone noticing. He was deep in thought when a sudden sugary sweet Chinese voice caught his attention.

"Nyhao, Kei!" She rushed over to him and proceeded to glomp the young boy, who had yet to take in his surroundings. He realized, a bit late, that Shampoo was holding on to his neck, her face dangerously close to his.

"GAAAAAH!" Kei tried pushing her off of him. He succeeded and backed away as much as possible. "S-Shampoo...whaddaya doing?!" He gasped.

"I hug husband. You is Shampoo's husband now." She smiled at him.


"Both is." Was her nonchalant reply. Kei pointed his index finger at her in an attempt to scold her, but was cut off.

"NEITHER OF YOU ARE SHAMPOO'S GROOMS FOR I, MOUSSE, AM HER GROOM TO BE!" He stood atop the wall Kei ha previously hit. His face held no emotion, except for the anger he felt toward this new foe. A scream escaped his lips and he jumped from the wall, landing perfectly onto the concrete ground. Well, it would have been perfect if only Mousse had not injured his legs when he landed. Visible shears of pain could be seen coming from his thighs and ankles. It was not long before he resumed his composure, though.

"I challenge you, KEI! Tomorrow, at the school playing field. I challenge you to match for Shampoo's love. If I win then I keep Shampoo and I loose than I keep Shamppo." His last statement earned him a hit over the head, courtesy of Shampoo. "Wahhh..so, what do you say?"

Kei pondered momentarily before answering, "That's okay, you can just keep Shampoo. Have fun with her." Turning on heels, Kei swirled around and began walking home. He raised one hand to ear level and waved, not looking back at the two.

"YOU JERK! TRYING TO MOCK ME, ARE YOU!?" Screamed Mousse at Kei's retreating form. "OH, I SEE HOW THIS IS! YOU'RE AFRAID OF ME, THAT'S IT!! YOU'RE AFRAID OF LOOSING TO ME, AREN'T YOU?!" This caught Kei's attention. His body froze with anger. Slowly, very slowly, his face turned and he gazed back at Mousse, giving the coldest look he possibly could.

"What did you say?" He questioned with gritted teeth.

"You heard me, you coward. You call yourself a man?" At this, Kei's expression dropped. Depression soon took over his angry features. Sighing sadly was all he could do. "Fight me then. Prove that you're worthy of being called a martial artist. Or is that too hard for you?" He began to fume again.

"Huh-huh. Don't worry, four eyes. I'll be there AND I'll beat your sorry hide. I'll show you whose a martial artist. So get ready." With that said, Kei marched away, angrier now than before. 'Oh, I'll get Mousse for that. I can't believe what he said to me. Feh, at least now I can test my strength out on someone.'

"KEEEEEEI!!" It was far too late. Shampoo had him in yet another one of her death locks she called a hug."I knew yous fight for Shampoo. I knew Kei love Shampoo!" She giggled and hugged harder.

"GET AWAYYYYYYYYYYY!! This isn't for you Shampoo, this is for me. Me and only me, do you understand??" Her smile indicated that she didn't. "Oh god, why me? Whyyyy me?"

"Hah, and how did I know I'd find you here, huh? Looking for Akane, a likely story." Kei searched for the source of the voice, though he knew already to whom it belonged to. 'There you are.' Ranma sat across the street from them on a curve of the street. His arms were crossed over his chest, a smug look on his face. 'I knew that guy didn't like Akane. How could he if he's over here with-Shampoo? And Mousse too?' "Flirting with Shampoo again, huh? And where's Akane then, buddy?"

"NOT. NOW. RANMA." It was happening again, his annoyance was taking over. His seethed with anger. It poured out of him like sweat. Any minute now he was going to snap.

"Ranma!! You is here too!" A flash, and soon Shampoo was gone from Kei and latched onto Ranma.

"Wow, Shampoo, let go." But she ignored his protests and only eased in closer to Ranma.

"Hah, look who's flirting now!" There was quite some anger in his voice. "I guess I'll leave you and your Shampoo alone for a while. Or would you rather go with Ukyo, hm?!" He began storming off again, this time it was for real.


"I'm off to find Akane, so goodbye." It was the only excuse he could think at the moment.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" By the time Shampoo knew what had happened, she was sitting on the concrete, by herself, while Ranma ran after Kei.



'Another great day being cursed. Wow, I really hate this-no, I just hate Ranma. Everything would be better if he were gone.' "RANMA, YOU JERK!" He hollered out to no one in particular. Unbeknownst to Kei though, that no one Kei spoke of was right behind him.

"Stupid me?!" Came a certain pigtailed boy's voice.

"Yes, stupid-huh?!?" He swirled around and came face to face with non other than-Ranma. "Wh-did you just hear me?"

"Yeah, I did. You know, it's weird how you and Akane sound a lot a like."

"W-we do??" He began to pick up his pace. Ranma followed suit.

"Uh yeah, you do. Both of you always yelling at me for one thing or another. She always nags me and yells at me and hits me and-"BAM. Ranma had received a direct hit from Kei. "WHAT DIDJA-"



"OH YEAH!? WANNA MAKE SOMETHING OF IT?!?" Both stood in ready position. Each was ready to fight, yet no one moved. Funny, they had had such fights before, only this time Akane was actually a male. Her body changed, yet her attitude did not. Even her male form she still got along with Ranma the way she always did, by fighting. He sighed heavily and lowered his guard. Ranma did likewise.

"I'm going home. I'll see you there."

"You're not going to go look for Akane?" His voice softend.

"No, I have a hunch she's back home already." He began his slow trod home.

"Wait up, Kei." Together, both boys walked down the street together, the silence between them being their only voices.


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